Name: Foehn Wind

Caste: Slayer

Motivation: Connect himself with a Creation-concerning cause and provide it a major contribution.

Urge: (Ophidian) Exemplify a stereotypical and hypocritical standard of "Goodness."

Anima: Lapping waves, fresh salt air and a viridian sun slowly cresting over an acidic emerald shoreline.

Intimacies: +Isidoros (Love and Fear), +Malfeas (Love and Fear), +Mr.Teeth (Faithful Friend), -Gangbangers (Kill 'em), -The Wicked (I say they're wicked, time to punish them!), +Kids (Protective), +The Homeless (Charity), +Solars (We're the same thing, right?), +Innocent Folks (I mean they're probably not totally innocent but they're not going around killing and stealing), +Cops (They're trying their best!), 3 more

Mr.Teeth Attack: 15 dice, 12L/3 raw damage
Kick Attack: 15 dice, 15B/3 raw damage
Soak: 9L/9B (Natural)
Hardness: 9L/9B (Natural)
DDV: 6 PDV: 8 (Melee) 6 (MA) MDV: 9

XP: (700)


STR: 5
DEX: 2
STA: 5

CHA: 4
MAN: 1
APP: 4

PER: 2
INT: 2
WIT: 2


*Athletics: 5
Awareness: 3
Dodge: 2
Drive: 2
*Firearms: 3
*Integrity: 5
Linguistics: 3 (Meruvian (Native), Old Realm, Formal Meruvian, Tengenese)
Lore: 1
*Martial Arts: 5
*Melee: 5
Occult: 1
Performance: 3
*Presence: 4
*Resistance: 4
Sail: 2
Socialize: 2
*Survival: 3
Stealth: 2
*War: 2


Performance (Dance): 2
Melee (Mr.Teeth): 2
Presence (Making Demands): 2
Survival (Tracking Down): 2
Socialize (Friendly Banter): 2
Linguistics (Blogging): 2
Martial Arts (Kicking!): 2


Cult (Avatar of Malfeas): 2

Backing (Malfeas): 1

Influence (Malfeas): 1

Influence (Meruvian Police): 2

Backing (Vigilante Fans): 3

Contacts: 3 (Police, Homeless Folks, School Kids)

Resources: 1

Artifact (Demon Autoklave "Mr. Teeth"): 4

Artifact (Demon-Graft God-Kicking Boot Tattoos "Hell on Bare Feet"): 3


Favored Yozi: Malfeas, Isidoros

First Malfeas Excellency x4
Effortless Malfean Dominance
Hardened Devil Body x2
Scar-Writ Saga Shield x3
By Pain Reforged: 1 lhl
Viridian Legend Exoskeleton: 3m, 1wp
Pathetic Distraction Rebuke: 3m
Nightmare Fugue Vigilance
By Agony Empowered
Impervious Primacy Mantle: 4m/scene
Crowned With Fury
Insignificant Embers Intuition: -
Green-Sun Nimbus Flare: 3m
Wrath-Stoked Bonfire Soul

Isidoros Charms

Stampede-Surge Might x2: 1m
Brutal Ascendency x2
A World of Glass
Self-Proclaimed Primacy
Riotous Valor Aggravation: 4m/scene


Essence: 4

Personal: 21/21
Peripheral: 33/33
Commited: 16 Peripheral

Compassion: 3
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 2
Valor: 4

Willpower: 8 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []


-0 []
-1 [] []
-2 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
-4 [] [] [] []
Inc []


Mr. Teeth (Demonic Autoklave): Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +7L/3, Defense +4, Rate 3, Minimum Str 2, Attune 8, Tags O
Hell on Bare Feet (Demongrafted Foot Tattoos): Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +10B/3, Defense 0, Rate 3, Attune 8, Tags N, P, O


Artifact (Mr. Teeth): A Ligier-forged gift carried from Hell itself to Foehn, Mr. Teeth is either a demon posing as a sword or a sword with a oddly cheerful demeanor and biomechanical appearance. Mr, Teeth has a tendency to burble happily when it senses battle is near and its rotors spin as if trying to talk every now and then. Despite being trapped in the form of a blade it seems constantly delighted, happily assisting its master with any carnage he happens to wish for. It looks like a slickly designed red autoklave with black metal accents and an elongated trapezoid body. The black metal teeth of the sword are shaped like straight fangs. Every now and then a port near the top of the blade opens up to reveal a curiously expressive red eye that looks about with interest at its surroundings. How much of the blade is organic under the slickly technological chassis is unclear.

Mr.Teeth has two useful abilities beyond being a cool autoklave. First, it can demateralize and rematerialize instantly at the cost of 2 motes from its user. While dematerialized it can float and follow its user as fast as his wielder can move, always ready at hand. While material, though, it is as stationary as any other weapon. Second, it can reflexively pull 3 motes and 1 willpower from its wielder in order to remove the unexpected quality from an unexpected attack (it pulls the motes necessary to materialize as well if necessary.)

Mr. Teeth has drawbacks as well, though. First, it does not possess the three mote attack enhancing property of normal autoklaves (it's not vicious enough to spin up its chain that fast), though it possesses all other qualities of an autoklave. Second, Mr. Teeth is jealous of other weapons. It doesn't become upset if its wielder makes grapples or kicking attacks, but if its attuned wielder tries to wield another weapon in their hands, either in a free hand or while Mr. Teeth is dematerialized, then Mr. Teeth will pull the motes necessary to materialize from their wielder and appear in the hand holding the offending implement, disarming them automatically in the process. Mr. Teeth also resists being de-attuned from its wielder, drawing motes and pursuing them in a dematerialized state if separated while materialized. It can always unfailingly find its attuned wielder.

Artifact (Hell on Bare Feet): A second gift from Hell from Hrotsvitha, soul of Isidoros. This artifact takes the form of a set of inky black tattoos that extend from Foehn's knees to the soles of his feet, looking like dark curving brushstrokes, painted seemingly at random and with little finesse but a sort of attractive wild abandon. They look like bodypaint to the unenlightened but give off the essence signature of a Hellish artifact to essence sight. They are imbued with the strength of Isidoros as well as his casual disregard for the laws of physics upon his person. They are permanently grafted to his skin and cannot be disarmed or de-attuned save through amputation.

Hell on Bare Feet halves the damage from falling before factoring in Hardness and Soak, double feats of strength for jumping purposes and use Strength instead of Dexterity for movement and dashing.

Cult, Backing, Influence (Malfeas): Foehn is bound up with the essence of Malfeas and so what he does glorifies the demon emperor and vice versa. Malfeas' demons and souls recognize Foehn as an inheritor of their father's power and Foehn reaps some of the rewards for Malfeas' great deal of received prayer.

Influence (Police): Though he's a vigilante and so technically a criminal, most cops are aware of Foehn and his blog and tend to look the other way or swiftly 'lose pursuit' of him. He also gets fed emails or phonecalls about possible issues the police are aware of but lack evidence to act on.

Backing (Vigilante Fans): Foehn maintains a blog all about his vigilante adventures and good works called Winds of Change. He's also noted on several wikis and other blogs and so he has a sizeable fan following of people that are willing to help him and donate money to the cause.

Contacts: Foehn, through little work of his own, has made friends with several folks who can throw him scraps of information that can lead him in the right direction on the street. A police Sergeant, a wise and wordly homeless lady and a young thuggish college kid are among them.

Resources: The little money that Foehn pulls in from his day job, toting baggage at a local hotel.


One's first impression of Foehn tends to be 'dumb, blonde pretty boy.' This impression is absolutely correct. Foehn has golden hair and lightly tanned skin that is a match for any magazine model as well as a powerful and well defined muscular physique. His good traits are weighted in by his weaknesses, however. He is strong but clumsy and lacking grace, slightly oblivious, not too sharp and is an absolutely terrible liar. His attempts at lying are so bad they tend to circle around into him telling the truth he was attempting to avoid.

He dresses casually but with a breath of style, favoring the shirts, button-ups and shorts popular on coastal Meruvia. He generally never wears shoes (they'd be destroyed fairly quickly anyway). He never has the occasion to wear formal clothes but he might be found in the uniform for his job as a bellhop at a local hotel.

When going incognito he generally has a hoodie and baseball cap on and shoes to slip into in his bag he carries with him.

Foehn's personality is, generally, kind, brave and true. He is a loyal friend and ally and hates to see the innocent suffer at the hands of the weak. However he seldom has ambivalent feelings towards anyone or anything, he cares deeply and hates with a firey passion. This translates into combat where he either restrains himself and fights with as little magic as possible, using his kick attacks to subdue or otherwise goes all-out, bringing Malfeas' rage into every swing and crying for vengeance, bringing death and punishment to the wicked.


Foehn's life has always been unremarkable. He grew up in a small apartment with his homemaker mom, hardworking mechanic dad, little sister and older brother. He excelled at sports but did poorly in academics his whole school career and when it came down to it he didn't want to be a sportsman and so while he accepted a sports scholarship to college he didn't really take advantage of it, whiling away his days partying and making friends instead of seriously studying, leading to him eventually dropping out. He picked up a job at a hotel as a bellhop and has been stuck there for the past year, in an apparently dead-end job with no college diploma. His parents are disappointed but not scornful of him and his siblings are still close to him. He lives in a little apartment by himself where he occasionally holds weekend parties. His life was quiet and boring.

On the surface.

That was the face that Foehn showed everyone. Though he's by no means a master of deception he managed to keep certain night-time activities out of his parent's sight by dint of being the sort who stayed out late with friends a lot. Starting in high school, though, Foehn was essentially leading a double life. He spent each evening prowling the streets and alleys on the lookout for the crime that was a plague on his city, something that had pulled at his heartstrings all the time. It never motivated him to become a policeman because if the cops were effective there would be less crime in the first place. Instead Foehn wielded a lead pipe like a knight's sword and played the part of the vigilante, saving ladies from being mugged and raped, protecting the homeless from being harassed and generally watching out for his fellow man with a righteous serving of beatings. He got good at it, too. Very good. Too good.

Foehn's confidence grew until he got himself in the middle of a situation he couldn't get out of, a gangbang he thought he could break up. He was wrong, knives and guns were pulled and his lead pipe was just about useless in the face of the ensuing onslaught. The gangers had fun torturing the would-be hero rather than dispatching him quickly and that is what cost them their lives. Foehn didn't cry or beg, he only roared for vengeance and his resolve drew a Solar exaltation to him, one that was tainted with the touch of one who knew and craved for vengeance quite firmly… He stood from his beating, a child of the Demon Emperor, and slaughtered every ganger in his path on his way out.

Since then, Foehn has maintained his double life flawlessly, his Malfeas and Isidoros charms rendering him stubborn, indomitable and tireless. He doesn't feel the strain of fighting at night and working during the day, always bright-eyed, smiling and ready. Between jobs he keeps a blog that documents his vigilante adventures through words, pictures and videos of himself using his powers. His good looks, heroic demeanor and incredible prowess have earned him a large cult following on the net, he even has a "Friendly Fighter Foehn" meme made after him. His blog has inspired many other blogs like it, normal people arming themselves and organizing neighborhood watches and vigilante justice groups, fighting crime where a corrupt system lets it flourish. (This might be aided by Foehn's charms, he doesn't realize that he uses Crowned With Fury and Self-Proclaimed Primacy when he writes his blog entries.)

He has been seeking more than what he has, though. Putting down mortal criminals has become too easy and has had too little impact, he wants more but has no idea how to seek more out! He needs guidance and direction now for what feels like limitless power and fury.

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