Flicker In The Wind


Every town has its heroes, that's a fact. Some towns need them more than others, and when it's time to step up some people will be fearless in protecting their homes. Tier 1 hunter game.


Pevely, Missouri. A small town where the winters are icy cold and the summers are dry and hot and where the tallest building is a church steeple. It's hard to think of a more small-town America town. It's mostly white in demographic and situated along the highway, dotting the landscape with a line of other small towns. It seems just like any other podunk in Missouri. So… why is it that such strange things always seem to happen there?


  • The neighboorhood kids all have a legend about a strange group that meets in the forest on every new moon. Some say they're members of the town who are in a secret cult, others say they never recognize any of the figures they see.
  • Everyone knows about the old Stevens place. You know, about how Mr. Stevens let that stranger into his home and the guy was a maniac who killed them all? Well it's been on TV a bunch of times on those ghost shows and even though they never find anything on camera… People swear they hear stuff from the house.
  • Speaking of strangers, a man in a long black coat is recurring in the town's history. Every now and then a girl will elope with a mysterious stranger everyone knows only as a man in a long black coat. It can't always be the same guy, right? I mean the stories go back to the 1880s…
  • Why have cats been disappearing from the neighborhood recently?
  • Probably just racist old lady talk but people swear that asian couple that moved in and run the local drug store are up to no good somehow.
  • Some of the local teens have 'gone goth' and do stupid stuff in the graveyard at night. Old man Willoughs hasn't been able to chase them off yet.
  • There's a local folk belief that you have to spit twice before crossing any of the small rivers that crisscross through the woods outside town.
  • There's a cave system under the town! There's nothing useful in there apparently but there's an entrance to it in the woods. Kids use it as a makeout spot.


Butcher Pete - Lutheran Family Man with something in his head. Played by Raiden.
Jeff - A young wanderer with a broad grin and fire in his eyes. Played by Greenling
Sarah Jennings - 911 Dispatcher who wants to be a doctor someday. Played by QuicksilverFox85
Vanessa Elliot - Unemployed, looking for a fresh start! Played by Jaito
Caroline van de Coif - A housewife with a lifetime membership with the NRA. Played by PeleCindertind

Supporting Cast

Pete's Kids

Al: Convenience store guy and amateur barista. He loves him some coffee and pie.

Suzie: Suzie "Suzy Q" Quincy, local gossip and Caroline's good friend. Writes a strange little gossip column in the local paper. "Suzy's Qs and As."

Violet Renaude: Daughter to Jed and Bree Renaude, a fiery young redhead who is as flirtacious as she is popular. Has dreams of being taken away from her one-horse town. …Well, at least before she was found dead in Nessa and Jeff's hotel room.

Teri: Local wierd hippie lady and owner of the Bed of Flowers motel.

Rules of the House

Smalltime Big Damn Heroes: You might start as regular mortal hunters but there are avenues to power, on your sheets include a Conspiracy Hooks section and hooks, or merely wishes, to the conspiracy (or conspiracies) you might want to have power from. This doesn't exactly mean you'll be JOINING said conspiracy…

A little more Apt: Everyone gets 1 additional attribute point and 2 additional skill points to place anywhere. (The two for one rule still applies for reaching level 5.)

Needful Things: Even if you don't have Resources you should have SOMETHING. Everyone can start with something Resources 2 and up to 3 things Resources 1.


Combat Hacks

Aggravated Called Shots: Called shots (-5 Penalty) to the head or heart are aggravated with any weapon, barring supernatural abilities.

Aggravated Disfigurement: Agg damage in excess of your Stamina forces a Strength+Stamina roll. Failure indicates some sort of debilitating disfigurement that can cause a penalty for an indeterminate amount of time. Will, however, result in experience.

Automatic Damage: Do not add a weapon's damage bonus to your attack pool, instead just roll the attack pool and if you hit you automatically deal the weapon's damage + any bonus successes.

Automagic Damage: Supernatural attacks use the number of dots in the ruling supernatural ability as the damage rating when dealing damage as per Automatic Damage. You still roll those dice as well, though.

Bone Breakage: Exceptional successes with armed or unarmed melee attacks or firearms attacks mean that a bone has broken.

Dangerous Explosives: Explosives deal 1.5X the damage bonus automatically.

Ricochet: When a firearms attack misses, on a roll of a 1 on an ST d10 roll the bullet can ricochet to hit something random in the area.

Shooting through cover: Subtract the durability of any cover you're taking behind from any attempted firearms attacks against you.

Stun: Any combat round you take damage higher than your stamina you must roll Stamina+Resolve and gain at least 1 success or take -3 to your actions for one turn.


Sway: Expanded social combat. As you succeed on social rolls you build up Sway which you can then spend on social effects. The weakest sway is Casual Sway which is made through casual contact. Intimate Sway is next and happens when you work up enough Casual Sway to become closer to someone. Unnatural Sway is the strongest and can only be created through supernatural powers. Casual sway wears off at one point per day and Intimate Sway goes away at one point per week. To make intimate sway you must accrue twice your target's willpower in casual sway over extended actions ranging from days to minutes. You can spend Sway to make people do what you want them do within reason of the type of Sway. Casual Sway might get someone to slip some information or lend you a few bucks but it won't get the killer to drop the gun. Intimate Sway will, though. Unnatural Sway will do all that and more.

Declaration: You can fill in undefined or vague details of the chronicle by making observations and inductions. Once per story you may roll Wits or Intelligence + a skill and fill in one major fact per success related to the topic you're inducting about.

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