Excellion The Perfect Son

Name: Excellion, The Perfect Son

Experience Points:
Plot Points: 1


Solo: d6
Buddy: d10
Team: d8

Distinctions (d4+1PP or d8)

The Perfect Son
Dreams of Electric Sheep
Fully Functional and Anatomically Correct

Power Sets

Mechanical Angel

Attack (Plasma Bolts): d10
Flight (Plasma Wings): d10
Superhuman Strength: d10
Superhuman Durability: d10

SFX: Area Attack (Plasma Diffusion Wave)
SFX: HALO System: Spend 1 PP to apply Superhuman Durability to Buddy or Teammates for their next reaction against physical harm.
Limit: Electromagnetically Disturbed: When acted on by electromagnetic or magnetism control (but not electrical energy blasts), gain 1 pp and shutdown this powerset.
Limit: Conscious Activation: A machine in shutdown can't run programs.
Limit: A Broken Toy: Does not heal from physical stress naturally without a Tech or Science Expert or higher to help.

Binary Soul

Cybernetic Senses (Sensor suite, Wi-Fi, telescopic vision, directional sound amplification): d8
Technopathy: d8
Psychic Resistance: d12

SFX: Firewall: Spend 1 PP, repel a single hacking or counter-electronic attack.
Limit: Plague of 1s and 0s: Gain 1 PP, Lose Firewall SFX and add Technopathy die to doom pool whenever Excellion's parents get technologically involved.
Limit: Conscious Activation: A machine in shutdown can't run programs.


Athletics Expert
Science Expert


Prometheus, My Father
Built by a brilliant scientist to replace the child he and his wife could never have, Excellion was supposed to be the perfect golden boy they'd dreamed off. Too gold for them, their villanous ways and the disdain they had for everything but him and each other drove him away. They want him back, if this version of him won't be the son they need then wiping his hard drive should do the trick.

1XP: When a quirk of being a robot becomes a learning experience or point of struggle.
3XP: When Excellion's origins and synthetic nature cause him to lose trust and become suspect.
10XP: When reclaimed by his parents.

Heart of Gold Fusion
"My heart's a tiny fusion reactor that burns for you!" Excellion tries really hard to be a real boy, sometimes too hard, and though it sometimes makes him cry he knows the tears aren't saline, but alkaline.

1XP: When he connects emotionally to someone else.
3XP: When his inability to lie gets the better of him.
10XP: When he learns that how he was born is nowhere near as important as the fact that he was.





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