Erevan E'Mora'E


Name Erevan Keahi E'Mora'E Player PoutInvictus
Race Half-Elf Country Avercus/EQ
Alignment Chaotic Good Background Folk Hero
Class Paladin Level 9
Experience 48,000/64,000

Core Statistics

Ability Ability Score Ability Bonus Save Proficiency
Strength 16 (19) +3 (+4) No
Dexterity 10 +0 No
Constitution 14 +2 No
Intelligence 8 -1 No
Wisdom 12 +1 Yes
Charisma 20 +5 Yes
HP 89
AC 21
Proficiency +4
Initiative +0


Race Half-Elf Subrace N/A
Ability Score Bonus +2 Cha, +1 Str, +1 Con
Languages Common, Elvish, Sylvan
Racial Property Darkvision 60'
Racial Property Fey Ancestry: Advantage vs. Charm, cannot be put to sleep by magic.
Racial Property Skill Versatility: 2 bonus skill proficiencies, chosen from any list.


Background Folk Hero
Bonus Skills Animal Handling, Survival
Bonus Tools Brewer
Bonus Languages None
Benefit Rustic Hospitality: Can find a place to rest and/or hide among commoner communities.
Ideal Respect: People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Bond A proud noble once gave me a horrible beating, and I will take my revenge on any bully I encounter.
Trait I judge others by their actions, not their words.
Trait Thinking is for other people. I prefer action.
Flaw The people who knew me when I was young know my shameful secret, so I can never go home again.


Class Paladin Level 9 Hit Die d10
Class Archetype Oath of Devotion
Weapon Proficiencies Simple weapons, martial weapons
Armor Proficiencies All armor, shields
Skill Proficiencies Athletics, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies None
Save Proficiencies Wisdom, Charisma
Class Feature Divine Sense: 1 + Cha mod per day, sense the presence (within 60') and type of celestials, fiends, undead, or voidlings.
Class Feature Lay on Hands: Can heal up to 45 HP each day, or cure a single disease or poison.
Class Feature Fighting Style: Dueling: When wielding a weapon in one hand and no other weapons, gain +2 to damage.
Class Feature Spellcasting: Access to Paladin spells.
Class Feature Divine Smite: When successfully striking a creature with a melee attack, can expend one paladin spell slot to deal extra radiant damage to the target. +2d8 damage for a level 1 spell slot, extra +1d8 for each level higher, up to +5d8. Extra +1d8 if target is undead or a fiend.
Class Feature Divine Health: Immune to Disease
Class Feature Sacred Oath: Devotion: Oath Spells, Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon, Turn the Unholy, Aura of Devotion
Class Feature Extra Strike: Attack twice when using the Attack action.
Class Feature Aura of Protection: Whenever he or a friendly creature within 10 feet of him must make a saving throw, he or they gain a bonus to the save equal to his Cha mod (+5)
Class Feature Aura of Devotion: Erevan and anyone within 10' of him cannot be charmed so long as he is conscious.


Skill Ability Bonus Proficient
Athletics Strength +7 (+8) Yes
Acrobatics Dexterity +0 No
Sleight of Hand Dexterity +0 No
Stealth Dexterity +0 No
Arcana Intelligence -1 No
History Intelligence -1 No
Investigation Intelligence -1 No
Nature Intelligence -1 No
Religion Intelligence -1 No
Animal Handling Wisdom +5 Yes
Insight Wisdom +5 Yes
Medicine Wisdom +1 No
Perception Wisdom +1 No
Survival Wisdom +5 Yes
Deception Charisma +5 No
Intimidation Charisma +9 Yes
Performance Charisma +5 No
Persuasion Charisma +9 Yes


Feat Name Ability Score Bonus Effect
Charger N/A Time spent being a Sapphire game Blitzer has started to pay off. When Dashing, can use a bonus action to make a melee attack or to shove. If moving at least 10 feet in a straight line before taking the action, gain a +5 to damage if attacking, +5 feet if shoving.


Item Weight Properties/Description
Longsword 3 lbs. 1d8 slashing damage, Versatile (1d10)
Javelin x5 10 lbs. (2 per javelin) 1d6 piercing damage, Thrown (range 30/120)
Chainmail 55 lbs. AC 16, req. Str 13, Stealth disadvantage
Shield +2 6 lbs. AC +4
Brewer's supplies 9 lbs. Add proficiency bonus when performing brewing.
A pyramid of sticky black incense that smells very bad N/A Ominous!
Explorer's pack 58 lbs. Includes backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days' rations, waterskin, 50' hempen rope
Shovel 5 lbs. Digs and stuff!
Iron Pot 10 lbs. Cooks and stuff!
Common Clothes 3 lbs. Helps to not be naked
Holy Symbol Weightless Arm tattoo
Cloak of Protection +1 to AC, Saving Throws
Gauntlets of Ogre Power Sets Str to 19
Potion of Healing (x5) Heals 2d4+2 HP
Potion of Climbing Gain climbing speed equal to walking speed for 1 hour. Advantage on Athletics checks to climb.
Net Weight 159 lbs.
Carrying Capacity 240 lbs.
Gold 5000 gold


School Name Components Range Duration Effect
Level 1 Prepared: 9 Slots: 4
Evocation Cure Wounds V, S Touch Instantaneous Touched creature regains 1d8 + spellcasting mod HP. No effect on undead or constructs.
Abjuration Shield of Faith V, S, M (a small parchment with a bit of holy text written on it) 60 feet Concentration, up to 10 minutes One creature gains +2 to AC for duration.
Enchantment Bless V, S, M (sprinkling of holy water 30 feet Concentration, up to 1 minute Bless up to 3 creatures within range. They gain +d4 to any attack or save made before the spell ends.
Evocation Thunderous Smite V Self Concentration, up to 1 minute The next time a target is hit with a weapon attack before the spell ends, the weapon booms with thunder that is audible within 300 feet, dealing +2d6 thunder damage and if it is a creature, it must succeed on a Strength save or be pushed 10 feet away from the caster and knocked prone.
Abjuration Protection from Evil and Good (Oath) V, S, M (holy water or powdered silver and iron, which the spell consumes) Touch Concentration, up to 10 minutes One willing creature cannot be charmed, frightened, or possessed by aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. Attacks made against the creature by such entities suffer disadvantage. If the creature was previously charmed, frightened, or possessed, they get advantage on any new saving throw against the effect.
Abjuration Sanctuary (Oath) V, S, M (a small silver mirror) 30 feet 1 minute Ward a creature within range against attack. Until the spell ends, anyone who tries to attack the warded creature must pass a Wisdom save or else must choose a new target or lose their attack or spell. Does not protect against area of effects and the spell is ended if the warded creature launches their own attack.
Level 2 Prepared: 9 Slots: 3
Evocation Branding Smite V Self Concentration, up to 1 minute The next time a creature is hit with a weapon attack before the spell ends, the weapon gleams with astral radiance, dealing +2d6 radiant damage, which becomes visible if invisible, sheds dim light in a 5-foot radius and cannot become invisible until the spell ends.
Transmutation Magic Weapon V, S Touch Concentration, up to 1 hour Touched nonmagical weapon becomes a magic weapon with +1 to hit and damage until spell ends.
Abjuration Lesser Restoration (Oath) V, S Touch Instantaneous Touch a creature and end either one disease or one condition (blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned) affecting it.
Enchantment Zone of Truth (Oath) V, S 60 feet 10 minutes Create a magical zone that guards against deception in a 15 foot radius sphere centered on a point within range. Until the spell ends, a creature that enters for the first time or starts its turn there must make a Charisma save, being unable to speak a deliberate lie if it fails. The caster knows whether the creature failed or passed the save. Affected creature is aware of spell.
Level 3 Prepared: 9 Slots: 2
Abjuration Beacon of Hope (Oath) V, S 30 feet Concentration, up to 1 minute Choose any number of creatures within range. For the duration, each target has advantage on Wisdom saving throws and death saving throws, and regains the maximum number of hit points possible from any healing.
Abjuration Dispel Magic (Oath) V, S 120 feet Instantaneous Choose one creature, object, or magical effect within range. Any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target ends.
Evocation Blinding Smite V Self Bonus Action The next time a creature is hit with a weapon attack before the spell ends, the weapon flares with bright light, and the attack deals an extra 3d8 radiant damage to the target. Additionally, the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be blinded until the spell ends. A creature blinded by this spell makes another Constitution saving throw at the end of each of its turns. On a successful save, it is no longer blinded.
Evocation Crusader's Mantle V Self Concentration, up to 1 minute Holy power radiates from Erevan in an aura with a 30-foot radius, awakening boldness in friendly creatures. Until the spell ends, the aura moves with him, centered on him. While in the aura, each nonhostile creature in the aura (including him) deals an extra 1d4 radiant damage when it hits with a weapon attack.
Evocation Aura of Vitality V Self (30-foot radius) Concentration, up to 1 minute Healing energy radiates from Erevan in an aura with a 30-foot radius. Until the spell ends, the aura moves with Erevan, centered on him. He can use a bonus action to cause one creature in the aura (including him) to regain 2d6 hit points.
Save DC 17
Spell Attack +9

Quick Combat Reference

HP (89 /89) STR Save +5 (+10) INT Save +0 (+5)
AC 21 DEX Save +1 (+6) WIS Save +6 (+11)
Initiative +0 CON Save +3 (+8) CHA Save +9 (+14)
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
Longsword +8 1d8+6
Javelin +8 1d6+6
Spell Save DC 17
Spell Attack +9


Erevan's physique screams Sapphire. Having a mother from Avercus meant many hours spent doing physical chores and being taught how to fight even if he never could get the hang of life among his mother's people. Still, built like a seafaring warrior but gaining a noble bearing and air of confidence from his high elf rather has resulted in a young half-elf man who holds his own when entering a room and cuts an intimidating figure in battle, even if he tries to avoid solving problems with violence. Keeping his hair short so it doesn't get caught on his armor and highlighting it with dark green to emulate the high elven war hero he chose his name after, none can say Erevan does not make an impression or fail to inspire confidence. He has a sleeve tattoo on his right arm, a multi-forked lightning bolt etched in the scarring style. He is unaware of its power. Finally, he has tanned skin and sea green eyes.


Born of a father from the Eternal Queendom who is a sage and a mother from the nation of Avercus who is a marine, Erevan has struggled his entire life to impress them, believing himself a failure even though his parents have always been proud of him. He rose to fame upon saving an elven community from a great flood, wading into the rising waters to save what survivors remained even at the cost of his own home and most of his possessions, which were destroyed due to being abandoned in favor of mounting a rescue. He fell to a status of shame among his father's elven community at a very young age when he got into an altercation with one of his cousins, who happened to be among the nobility. A half-elf does not have much clout among the Eternal Queendom, and this got him banished from that particular city. (Although he has since reconciled with his cousin, the law is the law and others nobles still don't like him.)

Exiled from his father's city and unable to return to his destroyed house among his human peers, he is most concerned with the lack of correspondence from both his parents and seeks to discover their whereabouts.

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