Enginseer First Class Simia Luxatio


Tech-Priest Enginseer Simia Luxatio – 1st Arcturus “Void Stalkers”

Personal Details
Demeanor: Talkative
Age: 35
Colouration: Pale skin, Black hair, Red eyes.
Quirks: Mechanical!

Starting Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Knowledge, Strength, Tech, Toughness, Weapon Skill, Willpower
Experience: 250/475 (250 – Servo-Arm, 100 - Trade (Armourer), 100 - Intelligence +5) (25 left)
Wounds: 7/12
Armor Points: 6 (All Locations)
Fate Points: 2

- Weapon Skill (4)0
- Ballistic Skill (4)0
- Strength (3)0
- Toughness (3)5
- Agility (3)0
- Intelligence (5)0
- Perception (2)3
- Willpower (3)0
- Fellowship (2)0

- Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech)
- Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Guard, War) (+10%)
- Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
- Forbidden Lore (Archeotech)
- Operate (Aeronautica)
- Tech-Use
- Trade (Armourer)

- Bred For War
- Catfall
- Hatred (Traitors)
- Mechadendrite Use (Weapon, Utility)
- Nerves of Steel
- Servo-Arm
- Street Fighting
- Technical Knock
- Unshakeable Faith
- Weapon Training (Las, Power)

- Mechanicus Implants

- Good-craftsmanship Mind Impulse Unit (MIU)
- Good-craftsmanship Utility Mechadendrite
- Good-craftsmanship Manipulator Mechadendrite
- Good-craftsmanship Subskin Armor (AP 2, all points)

- Good-craftsmanship Mono-knife: 5m, 1d5+3 R, Pen 2, Mono, +5 to WS Tests
- Good-craftsmanship Utility Mechadendrite: 1d5+3 R, Pen 2, Mono, Defensive, +5 to WS Tests
- Good-craftsmanship Manipulator Mechadendrite: 1d10+2 I, Pen 0, +5 to WS Tests
- Common-craftsmanship Arcturus-pattern Lascarbine: 50m, S/3/-, 1d10+2 E, Pen 0, Clip 60, Rld Half, Reliable, Front Mount Grip (+5 to BS Tests)
- Frag Grenades: SB(2)x3 (6), S/-/-, 2d10 X, Pen 0, Clip 1, Blast(3), Ogryn-Proof
- Smoke Grenades: SB(2)x3 (6), S/-/-, Smoke (6)

GearCarrying Capacity 36 kg (Currently carrying 17 kg)
- Common-craftsmanship Arcturus-pattern Lascarbine /w 6 charge packs (2.5 kg)
- 3 Frag Grenades (0.5 kg x3)
- 3 Smoke Grenades (0.5 kg x3)
- Full set of Common-craftsmanship Flak Armor (AP 4, all points, 5.5 kg)
- One void mask (0.5 kg)
- One set of Good-craftsmanship photo-contacts. (0.5 kg)
- One grapnel /w line. (2 kg)
- One combi-tool.
- One communications microbead.
- One chrono-unit.
- One set of ID holotags
- Sling bag, containing: One set of basic tools, One combi-tool, One mess kit and canteen, One blanket and sleeping bag, One set of poor weather gear, Sacred unguents, Dataslate, One rechargeable lamp, One grooming kit, One Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, 9 weeks’ rations, 1 week’s Recaf ration

- Depending on Deployment: One grav-chute (15 kg) OR Archeotech Void Suit (5 kg)

Personal Dossier


Service Record – Simia Luxatio

Age: 28
Rank: Tech-Priest Enginseer – Adepto Munitorum/Imperial Guard (current). Formerly Enginseer Tertius – Station Nero Rho. (13 years).
Security Level: Gamma - Initiated of the Third Mysteries.

Service History: Born on Station Nero Rho, year M#@$@ERROR – parents unknown. Childhood that of ‘duct rat’ (individual’s own words) – scavenger and petty criminal on station lower decks. Tentatively adopted by aged scavenger - name unknown. Scavenger died age nine, pressed into work at ten years old with recidivist gang, discovered natural inclination towards Mechanicus mysteries in repair and care of gang weaponry. Fifteen years of age, gang wiped out by station Arbites – in part due to Luxatio willing to exchange information for connection with on-station Mechanicus. (Unusually, Arbites in charge of case willing to entertain deal – even more unusually, deal taken.)

Entered into service with Station Nero Rho Adeptus Mechanicus at fifteen years of age. Passed initiate tests – noted particular devotion to faith from Magos Quinn. Swift advancement over following years, notable achievement of Enginseer Tertius rank at twenty-five; unprecedented in station history (not unprecedented elsewhere). Following three years advancement stalled – cited reasons by superiors including ‘overemphasis on fleshly concerns’, ‘lack of required skill for Enginseer Secundus or Primus advancements’, ‘insolence’, ‘overenthusiasm unbecoming’. Seconded to Imperial Guard 1st Arcturian Regiment “Void Stalkers” at twenty-eight following Incident [REDACTED] by authorization of Magoses Quinn and Tarsus. Initiate Niket advanced to Enginseer Tertius.

Psychological Profile: Enginseer Simia Luxiato has demonstrated consistent mental actions in accordance with most tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus – proper devotion to the Omnissiah, consistent and proper forms of address and action towards machine spirits, proper displays and remembrances of faith and procedures. However, there are several minor ‘quirks’ of note that any superior officer should be aware of.

First, Enginseer Luxatio has a marked propensity for verbiage over and above most tech-priests of his status; far over and above. Whether in professions of Omnissian faith, stories of his past, or simple explanations of current events or heard stories. Correlates with tendency to over-excitement and ‘chattiness’ -quote from [REDACTED]: “Can someone get this bloody cogboy to stop talking already?!”

Second, [+AUTHORIZATION ACCEPTED+] Enginseer Luxatio has demonstrated a disturbing interest in classified archeotech and mysteries beyond initiation level, albeit within proscribed levels. Luxatio has not yet attempted to reach for knowledge truly past his authorization, but it is believed should said knowledge be placed within his grasp, he may examine it. Fortunately, it is believed said desire stems from his devotion to the Omnissiah, and not from heretical beliefs.

Third, Enginseer Luxatio has displayed a minor disturbing propensity for imbuing machine spirits with ‘personal touches’; either the granting of names or the viewing of perceived ‘personality quirks’. Thus far this has not interfered with his or other Enginseer’s works.

Concluding Remarks: Luxatio, despite certain questionable personality quirks, has not displayed any tendencies towards heretical behavior or beliefs that may compromise the fabric of the Guard and it’s mission before the Emperor. Seconding to the Imperial Guard has been accepted.


1. What is your full name? Simia Luxatio! I took the name from the combi-tool I’ve had since I was small. I think it’s in High Gothic, if that helps.

2. Where and when were you born? By the Emperor and the Omnissiah’s grace, I was born on Station Nero Rho, floating in the outer rim of the Arcturian system. Would that I could place a direct date, but we had no chronopieces in the lower scrub decks – though if I was to make a particular wager I may state that it was sometime around…no, more like…give me a moment [several minutes of unintelligible murmuring in Binary].

3. Who were your parents? Oh, next question? Oh, ah…well, my parents kind of chucked me into a garbage bin where I was found by an old scavenger, so I can’t be overly precise – but the old scavenger did teach me about the Emperor and about how to field-strip a broken servitor in under thirty seconds. Does he count?

4. Do you have any siblings? What were they like? My siblings are all the glorious machine spirits who serve the Imperium every day with the hard work and proper devotion that the Adeptus Mechanicus can give to them. My brothers and sisters of the machine. Did I ever tell you about the time I heard a vox-corder bleep just as I referred to it as such? It was such a warming feeling that I’ve never [answer cut off here].

5. Where do you live now? And with whom? Describe the people/places. Oh, I don’t really have a standard home anymore. What was the saying in the schola…home is where you hang your hard hat, as it were. I suppose technically I live on Arcturus Station, or I would between campaigns, but the life of a Guardsman is all duty! One must travel the stars, bringing the light of the Emperor, discovering the ancient secrets and gifts of the Omnissiah and returning them to the fold, do-err, what? Oh, more specific? Ah. Uh…I suppose it’s the Black Dirk now – a Sword-class frigate ship. Which, I should observe, has been in dire need of refitting on the lower decks for some time now – have you heard those screeches? Those poor machine spirits; I do what I can for them, but honestly [answer cut off here].

6. What is your occupation? Tech-Priest Enginseer to the Imperial Guard and the 1st Arcturian Regiment! Servant of the Omnissiah! Glorious a-what was that? Oh, sorry.

7. Write a full physical description of yourself. Well…ah…mostly metal, actually. Sort of. You see, in the schola we are taught that the enhancements the Omnissiah have granted us underneath the red robes of service can’t exactly be revealed to the incompe-errr-uninitiated. I have been told that I’m, what was it…’built like a Leman Russ’, though that may be the enhanceme-errr-you didn’t hear that. I think they meant I’m kind of short, stocky, and broad-shouldered…wait, I can describe my head, though! Well, sort of. Half of it’s kind of covered. Usually. Or most of it if the void mask’s on. Which it usually is. I’m told my eyes are kind of blue, if that helps? And I have a solid chin. It didn’t used to be solid, but when I was granted the subdermal arm-ohhhhh please tell me you didn’t record that!

8. To which social class do you belong? Among the Adeptus Mechanicus? I think that’s redacted…uh…

9. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses? Most certainly not! My body is a prime specimen thanks to the magnificent blessings of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Omnissiah! Although I admit my fleshy parts can get a bit itchy sometimes…well, and a bit bleedy sometimes…oh, and they have this most frustrating habit of occasionally feeling pain. Do those count?

10. Are you right or left handed? Oh, I’m right-handed; though once I replace my arms with proper bionic pieces, that shouldn’t be a matter anymore. At least I don’t think so. Hm. I’ll have to double-check that – does anyone know if bionic arms still keep you a righty or a lefty? I mean, I’ll probably still use my right hand to work my combi-tool, but that’s more from habit and good programming than anything el-what? Oh, sorry.

11. What does your voice sound like? Eh? Uh…well, one of the other troopers called it ‘deep’ and another ‘kind of metallic’. The rebreather also has a habit of pushing out air sometimes if I take a deep breath while I’m talking, so there is that.

12. What words or phrases do you use frequently? [Question has been skipped for the benefit of reducing interview time. And preserving the interviewer’s sanity.]

13. What do you have in your pocket? What DON’T I have! One moment…[sounds of rustling, then clanking] Sacred unguents, multi-tool, parts, parts, more parts, ration bars, more ration bars, dataslate, additional bolts, incense, more bolts, more parts…huh, how’d this gelt get here? Uh, more sacred unguents, spare wrench, another ration bar, some more bolts, backup spanner, chrono-unit [answer cut off here].

14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics. [Question skipped due to previous display qualifying for explanation.]

15. How would you describe your childhood in a word? Yes, just a word. Uh…harsh, I guess.

16. What is your earliest memory? Looking at the old scavenger who found me’s teeth. They were HUGE. And ugly. Then his bionic arm. Man, was that shiny – I thought it was a giant toy. Then it was all cold and metallic and AWESOME. Wait, was this one of those one-word questions?

17. How much schooling have you had? Conventional? None. School of hard knocks? Plenty of it – growing up as a duct rat gives you a solid grounding in what’ll let you live and what’ll kill you quick, and how to talk your way into friends or into trouble right-quick. Then there’s the initiation rites of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but I can’t talk about those. I did have a lot of them…it, schooling, that is…uh…well, I had a lot of both. If that helps.

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