Emory Levinquick Stoles


Name: Emory Stoles
Alias: Levinquick
Metatype: Human

Total Karma: 37
Current Karma:

Magical Tradition: Chaos Magic


Metatype: D (Human, 3 bonus points)
Attributes: A (24)
Magic/Resonance: B (Magician)
Skills: C (28/2)
Resources: E (6000)


Bod: 3
Agi: 4
Rea: 3
Str: 2
Cha: 6
Int: 6
Log: 3
Wil: 6

Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Edge: 2

Physical Condition: 10 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Stun Condition: 11 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Overflow: 4 [] [] [] []

Physical Limit: 4
Mental Limit: 6
Social Limit: 8

Initiative: 9 + 1d6
Astral Initiative: 12 + 2d6



Astral Chameleon: 10 (It's super difficult to trace Emory's movements through the astral. He's like a shadow when you look through mage's eyes.)

Spirit Mentor (Crow): 5 (Wise-talking, light-hearted and mischievous, yet knowing and in touch with his dark side.)


Spirit Bane: 7 (Guidance Spirits hate him, thanks to the stain of chaos and crow on his aura.)
Distinctive Style: 5 (Friendly crows follow him around, land on his shoulders and sit on buildings he's inside of. They often try to groom and nuzzle against his head, mussing his hair like ruffled feathers.)



Athletics Group: 2

Spellcasting: 4
Counterspelling: 4
Con: 4 (+2 from crow spirit mentor, total of 6)
Automatics: 3
Negotiation: 4
Etiquette: 3
Palming: 3
Sneaking: 2
Intimidation: 2
Animal Handling: 2
Assensing: 4
Perception: 3

Knowledges 18

English: N
Sperethiel: 2
Chinese: 3
Fashion: 3
Club Music: 2
Paranormal Creatures: 3
Mystical Phenomena: 3
Wizgangs: 2


Nuyen: 870
Lifestyle: Low (2000 Nuyen)


SCK Model 100: 5 (7), 8P, —, SA / BF, (1), 30 (c), 6R, 875 Nuyen (Internal Smartgun, Folding Stock)

Lined Coat: 9 Armor, Avail 4, 900 Nuyen

Renraku Sensei: Rating 3 Commlink, Sim Module, 1100 Nuyen

Glasses (Capacity 4): Imagelink (1), Vision Magnification (1), 675



Lightning Bolt



Add 2 dice to all casting dice pools due to Crow spirit mentor.

Ice Sheet
Magic Fingers
Mana Bind


Information Broker/Fixer Frederic Culverin: 4 Loyalty/4 Connections (Information broker extraordinaire, always has his ear to the ground.)
Sorcery Shop Owner Pylea Meija: 4 Loyalty/3 Connections (A real cool old sorceress!)


When asked, Emory will happily tell you all about his past.

Emory was born into a wealthy Aztechnology corporate family. Sister, mother and father. On the surface they were a loyal corp unit, children educated to join when they got old enough, parents exemplars of corporate efficiency and ethics. In truth, however, they were actually underground revolutionaries, selling information to fixers for shadowrunners, leaking security info and telling them how best to hit their own shipments and warehouses. This went on until one day they were finally caught, leaving the Stoles family no choice but to wipe their own SINs and put themselves on the run. In time the Stoles children split up from their parents and then from each other for safety's sake, leaving them all afloat as Runners trying to get by and hopefully one day meet up again.

This is what Emory will tell you. This is a lie.

Emory Stoles is as fake a name as any street moniker could be. He picked it because it sounded like a rich person's name. People who used to be rich were something, had something, had something to retake. Emory was actually nothing. Had nothing. Would die nothing.

Emory doesn't remember his childhood or having a past before the age of 10. It was then he remembers living in the facility. Just the facility, he had no other name for it. Him and half a dozen other children, watched day and night by men and women with fake smiles and sharp needles. He remembers the treats and toys and trid shows when he was good and the blank room for three days at a time when he was bad. Over time the other children stopped coming around. 5 left, then 4. Soon it was just Emory, or Subject L4 as he was known then.

They kept saying he was a success waiting to happen. L4 was going to prove everything they said. He never understood what they were doing to him or why. Procedures happened under anesthesia. He suffered frequent blackouts and loss of memory, a resource he scarcely had to begin with. Tests seemed inscrutable and frustrating, the scientists asking him to do things he didn't understand how to process involving tasks he couldn't perform. It never made sense until it finally happened. Another horrible screaming set of tests, a chamber arcing power around him and then he was suddenly taking it into him and where there was pain there was now enlightenment.

These people had been trying to turn him into a mage. They had succeeded.

The scientists had a field day with him then, forcing him to use his new powers to do anything they could think of, anything he ended up being capable of. He could sense auras and reach into the astral plane on instinct. They sat him down and forced him to learn spells then practice them just to see if he could, so they could examine the results and see if he reacted to channeling mana the same way a natural mage did. They often said that, reminding him offhandedly that he was an artificial mage, their creation, their knock-off of Awakened reality.

When Emory was 14 the facility was breached. A group of shadowrunners infiltrated, were caught and then things got loud. Very loud. Spirits were summoned, heavy weapons were brought around. He could taste the mana in the air as the shadowrunner mage cast spells at the security outside his room. The door came unhinged and he slipped out with no one the wiser. As he walked out of the facility he looked back to see it burning, a fiery black of concrete just sitting in a desert he could never remember seeing under a sky that seemed alien to him after so long seeing only a white sterile ceiling.

As far as L4, as Emory, knew, the facility was destroyed completely. Their computers were on a closed network, so all the research that went into creating him surely disappeared along with him, fading like the prints of his bare feet in the desert dust under the night wind.

Emory knows he would have died in the desert on his own, but as fortune would have it he wasn't alone. Big black birds became his friends, bringing him things, metahuman things, to help him survive from bottles of water to bags of chips to hats and shoes. He dreamed of dancing under the moon with crows circling him as he spun. He awoke to realize that he hadn't been dreaming, he'd been dancing true and nested with his new brothers and sisters to show for it. Eventually he learned to listen to the crows, really listen, and knew that he had been chosen by Crow. The big C Crow. An outsider? A manufactured mage? Someone without a home or family or memory, only the future to look to? That was Crow's kind of person, someone He wanted to care for and protect.

Crow's guidance led Emory to Phoenix, where he got himself on his feet. His power was undeniable, an extremely skilled mage even at so young an age. Many shadowrunners start out younger in any case… SINless and homeless, needing money to live there was nowhere else for him to turn. Emory was taken in by a fixer by the name of Culverin who helped set him up with his first jobs, his first runner teams. Emory has been bounding forward through life ever since, taking on anything that comes his way and trying to climb up to living the good life, like the kind he made up in his head to hide what he truly is.

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