Emily Eirian Trismegistus Pendragon

Name: Emily Eirian Trismegistus Pendragon
Age: 13
Grade: H2
Class: C
Likes: Being Right, Learning new Magic, Shiny/Expensive Objects, Afternoon Tea
Dislikes: Being rushed, People who abuse their power over others, Being left alone
Romantic Interests: Pretty shallow. Ultimately, she’s likely to really form feelings for someone who can challenge her and even more so for someone who actually understands her (beware the TsunTsun, though.)
Favorite Subject: Evocation, Dark Magic Defense
Worst Subject: (Comparatively) PE
Dream for the Future: Become someone who can protect humanity from the dangers it cannot understand or confront.

Brawn: 5
— Endurance: 8
Precision: 7
Knowledge: 10
— History: 13
— Arcana: 15 (Expertise)
Sense: 8
— Perception: 11

Indomitable - Magic
Remove all mind-affecting effects from you and all allies in sight. (This works for psychic, intimidation, fear, mind-control… anything that affects the minds of the characters.)

We’re Just Good At This Stuff

Trained in the History skill.
Family Education
You gain the Freaky Knowledge utility talent.
Born with the Blood of Dragons
You cannot be harmed by any naturally occurring heat, including natural fire and lava (though magical fire blasts and similar can still harm them in combat). You can also safely create puffs of flame at will. These puffs of flame are identical to a torch in many respects and are capable of burning objects and lighting fires outside of combat just as a torch might. Puffs of flame are ordinary fire, they extinguish quickly without tinder.
Light and Flame – At Will
Preparation Time - 6 Seconds
You can turn a flame into either a burst of blinding fireworks (blinding all creatures that see it within 120-ft of the fire source) or a thick cloud of smoke (extending 20 feet in all directions from the fire source and lasting 18 seconds).
Best of the Breed
You gain an additional 2 attribute points at creation.

Utility Talents
Freaky Knowledge

The Association of Magecraft and Sorcery and Magical Lineages. Gain a +5 bonus to skill checks involving these specific areas of interest.
Sweet and Elite
You’re the type of person everyone should know. You're marginally famous, and get special consideration at fancy restaurants, parties and shows
Eyes of the Dragon
You can see in the dark.
True Sight - 1/Day
Preparation Time: Instantaneous
For the next 5 seconds you see the world around you as it really is, stripped of all magical disguises or illusions.
Magical Tricks – At Will
Preparation Time: 6 Seconds
You perform a minor magical trick, such as one of the following effects. The Perception DC to see through any of the alterations is 20 + Your Level. Magical Tricks cannot duplicate the effects of any other utility talent.
Some spellcasters move beyond the memorization of a small selection of spells and minor magical tricks. These mages aspire to a deeper understanding of magic. It is said such mages can improvise unique magical effects through the use of their skill at Arcana - limited only by their skill and imagination. Become Sorcerer Supreme.

Special Move
Erupting Blaze

8: Deal 1d8 damage to target creature and each creature adjacent to the target.
10: Deal 2d8 damage to target creature and that creature is blinded until the end of your next turn.
12: Deal 2d10 damage to up to six creatures and 1d10 damage to yourself.

Combat Talents
[+3] Stiff Upper Lip - Standard Utility
You may make a saving throw.
[+3] Blood of the Dragon - Standard Utility
You gain regeneration 2 (save ends)
[+1] A Single Spark - Standard Attack
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature and each creature adjacent to the target.
[-2] Ignition - Standard Attack
Target takes ongoing 1d10 damage (save ends).
[-2] Scales of the Dragon- Interrupt Utility
Trigger - You would take damage from an attack
Effect - You take half that damage instead.
[-3] Furious Rage - Standard Attack
Deal 2d10 damage to target creature. If you are bloodied, you 3d12 damage instead.
[-6] The Dragon Rises - Interrupt Utility
Trigger - You fall unconscious
Effect - At the beginning of your next turn, if you are still alive, you regain 2d8 hit points and may take an extra standard action.
[-9] Roar of the Sun - Standard Attack
Deal 3d8 damage to up to six enemies.

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