Edward Stagg
Name Edward Stagg Player Raiden
Virtue Justice Vice Pride
Concept Bounty Hunter Chronicle Truck Stop


Mental Physical Social
Intelligence OO Strength OOO Presence OO
Wits OOO Dexterity OOO Manipulation O
Resolve OO Stamina OO Composure OOO


Mental Physical Social
Academics Athletics Animal Ken
Computer Brawl O Empathy O
Crafts Drive (Motorcycles) OOO Expression
Investigation OO Firearms (Shotguns) OOO Intimidate ("Ever see yer skull from the inside?") OOO
Medicine O Larceny Persuasion O
Occult O Stealth O Streetwise OO
Politics Survival O Socialize
Science Weaponry OO Subterfuge


Name Value Benefit Drawback
Resource OOO Resource 3 None
Meditative Mind O Ignore all penalties to Wits+Composure roll to meditate None
Fast Reflexes O +1 Initiative None
Fleet of Foot O +1 Speed None
Allies (Police) O 1 dot worth of favor in police force None

Melee Equipment

Name Damage Size Durability Cost Notes
Telescopic Baton 3(B) 2/J 3 O Collapses to size 1/S

Ranged Equipment

Name ~ Damage Ranges Capacity Strength Size Cost
Generic Pump-Action Shotgun 4 (9 again) 20/40/80 8+1 3 3 OO
.357 Magnum 3 30/60/120 6 2 1/S OO


Name Defense Rating Strength Defense Penalty Speed Penalty Cost
Bulletproof Vest 2 general/3 ballistic 1 -1 0 OOO


Name Durability Size Structure Acceleration Safe Speed Max Speed Handling Occupants Cost
Cruiser Motorcycle 2 7 9 22 (30 mph/turn) 103 (70 mph) 176 (120 mph) 4 1+1 OO


Name Effect
Slug (Shotgun) Default Ammo
Buckshot (Shotgun) +1 Damage at close range, at medium to long rang suffers only half normal range penalties
Breaching (Shotgun) Short range, shell does bashing damage, no effect at middle or long
Flamethrower (Shotgun) 2L base damage, +2L bonus fire damage
Flare (Shotgun) 1L base damage, +3L bonus chemical fire damage, seen up to 10 miles away on dark nights
Riot Control (Shotgun) Bashing instead of lethal damage unless aimed at target's head, beanbags
Superior Survival Kit sleeping bag, canteen, flashlight, glowstick, compass, rope, four-person all-season tent, solar blanket, heat pads, Swiss Army knife, book on survival, first aid kit, sewing kit, bungee cables, portable fishing rod, camp machete, emergency poncho, food and water for one for a week. +3 bonus to all Survival-based rolls and any Stamina+Resolve rolls made to resist harm from exposure.
Camouflage +1 to Wits+Stealth while moving, +2 while staying still
Handcuffs Durability 3, Size 1, Structure 4, Cost O, breaking requires extended Strength + Stamina roll made with -4 penalty
Black Cat (Sherry) It is a cat. She does cat things.


Health [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Willpower [] [] [] [] []
Morality 7
Derangements N/A
Size 5
Speed 12
Defense 4 general/5 ballistic
Armor -
Initiative 7



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