Eclaire Regenbogen

Eclaire will be your best friend, if you let her. Daughter of a half-sylph witch and Pegasus (not a pegasus, the Pegasus from Greek Mythology), Eclaire is… a bit special. Though a bit dim, Eclaire makes up for it with a huge heart and boundless determination and cheer. Just don't make her mad.

Age: 14
Grade: H1
Class: C
Likes: Cold showers, thunderstorms, horses, energy drinks, kung-fu movies.
Dislikes: Bullies, jerks, math, the color pink, tight clothes.
Romantic Interests: "Someone who can fly with me… and can keep up! >:D"
Favorite Subject: Flying, PE
Worst Subject: Math, History
Dream for the Future: "Uh… I dunno. Haven't really thought about it…"

Racial Traits (Mutt: Human/Sylph/Pegasus mix)
Naturally Talented (Gain an additional Utility Talent)
Best of the Breed (+2 Attribute Points)
It's Almost Like Flying (As the Talent)
Weather-Crafter (As the Talent, uses Athletics)
Specialist (Attributes Start at 3, 16 points to spend)

Virtue: Tenacity
Magic: 1

Utility Talents
Virtue of Tenacity (Magic. Recharge all uses of 2 X/Day talents)
Flight School
Cloud Chaser (Fly with good Maneuverability)
Fast As Lightning (1/Day. Move at 30mps for 2 seconds. Spend MP to go 60Mps)
Physical Prowess (2/Day. Roll 3d10 instead of 1d20 for Acrobatics or Athletics)
Awesomeness (1/Day INT. Reroll a natural 1 with a +5 bonus)
Quick Weather-Crafting (Use Weather Crafting in 30 seconds)

Brawn 9
Precision 9
Knowledge 3
Sense 9

Training: Acrobatics, Persuasion
Expertise: Athletics

Combat Talents
Critical: Form of the Juggernaught
[+2] Arcing Bolt - 1d6 damage to up to three targets

[+1] Flashing Blade - 1d8 damage to target, 6+ blinds creature until the end of your next turn

[+3] Standing Tall - Gain Regeneration 2 (Save Ends)

[+2] "Get Back Up!" - You regain 1d12+3 HP

[+1] Gather Energy - Take 2 standard actions next turn.

[-9] Triad Thunder - 3d12 to single target and 1d12 to all adjacent enemies

[-17] Arc-en-Ciel - Deal 7d12 damage to a single target, or 3d12 to up to 6

[-7] Zeus Zanber - Summon a sword of lightning. Replace talent set with the following.
Raw Plasma - Target suffers 5 ongoing damage when special moves are triggered (Save ends)
[+3] Thunderstrike - 1d10 damage to target
[+1] Coiling Sparks - deal 1d8 damage and that much ongoing damage (save ends)
[-1] Thunder Rage - Up to six targets suffer 5 ongoing damage (save ends)
[-2] Plasma Zanber - Deal 2d10 damage to up to six enemies
[-4] Indignation - 4d8 damage, next single target attack can hit 4 targets. Zeus Zanber dispelled.

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