Dr Maxwell Peregrine

Name: Dr. Maxwell Peregrine
Background: Original Space Colonist
Faction: Argonauts
Morph: Menton
Gender Identity: Masculine Form/Feminine Sex Characteristics
Actual Age: 60
Morph Age: 22


Motivations: +Techno-progressivism, +Morphological Freedom +Reclaimation

Armor: 6 Energy/ 7 Kinetic (16/17 against heat and fire. 9/9 with active Smartskin. 19/19 against heat and fire with active smartskin)

Weapons: Agonizer: –5 AP, 2d10 damage, 11 Average DV, SA, 50 shots. (Moderate) (Smartlinked, +10 to Attack Tests, camera, fire around corners without penalty. Arm Slide (Low) Attack Test: 70

(Character Traits)


Initiative: 60

Lucidity: 40

Trauma Threshold: 8

Insanity Rating: 80

Moxie: 2


Speed: 1

Durability: 35

Wound Threshold: 7 (Can ignore 1 level of wounds as well as up to -30 penalty of wound modifiers.)

Death Rating: 48

Damage Bonus 1


Cognition: 30 (Base: 20, Morph +10)

Coordination: 20 (Base: 15, Morph +5)

Intuition: 20 (Base: 15, Morph +5)

Reflexes: 10 (Base: 10)

Savvy: 20 (Base: 20)

Somatics: 10 (Base: 10)

Willpower: 20 (Base: 15, Morph +5)


Psi Defense: +10 against defense tests vs. Psi.

Common Sense: Once per session can receive advice from the GM.

Right At Home: Automatically sleeves into Mentons.

Fast Learner: Learns skills in half the time.

First Impressions: +10 to social skill tests when first meeting someone.


-Active Skills-

Animal Handling SAV
Beam Weapons COO: 60 (+40 skillsoft)
Deception SAV 40
Fray REF: 70 (+40 Skillsoft)
Free Fall REF: 40
Hardware: Implants COG 70
Interfacing COG: 40
Kinesics SAV 40
Medicine: Biosculpting COG: 70
Medicine: Nanomedicine COG: 70
Medicine: Trauma Surgery COG: 70
Medicine: Implant Surgery COG: 70
Networking: Autonomists SAV: 50
Networking: Scientists SAV: 60
Perception INT: 50
Persuasion SAV: 40
Pilot: Spacecraft REF: 40
Programming COG* 60
Protocol SAV 40
Psychosurgery INT 50
Research COG: 30


Academics: Biology COG: 70
Academics: Biochem COG: 70
Academics: Astrobiology COG: 60
Academics: Botany COG: 50
Academics: Genetics COG: 70
Academics: Nanotechnology COG: 70
Academics: Zoology COG: 50 (+20 Skillsoft)
Interest: Morph Design COG 70
Interest: Reclaimer Blogs COG 40
Language: English INT 90
Language: Mandarin INT 40
Profession: Lab Technician COG 60


@-Rep: 70 (Philanthropist Cortical and post-fall Infomorph Re-Instantiator)
R-Rep: 70 (Famous Implant and Biomorph Designer as well as Psi-Phenomena researcher.)
F-Rep: 50 (Notable Biosculptor)


Cred: 50


Trivial: 50
Low: 250
Moderate: 1000
High: 5000
Expensive: 20000

Microwave Agonizer: Small-sized, semi auto. Average DV 11. Causes -20 to tests on targets and targets must back away from the beam on their next turn or make a WILL roll. Pain tolerance makes the penalty -10 and WILLx2. Synths and Paint Tolerance 2 are immune to this effect. Also deals damage on Roast Mode: –5 aP, 2d10 damage, 11 Average DV, SA, 50 shots. (Moderate) (Smartlinked, +10 to Attack Tests, camera, fire around corners without penalty. (Moderate) Arm Slide (Low) )

Smartvac Clothing: Smartmaterial clothing providing 2 energy/4 kinetic armor value. Can become a Light Vacsuit in 2 turns, offering 5/5 armor, 3 hours of air and autorepair of breaches less than 20 damage. (Moderate) (Self-Healing provides constant effects of repair spray. (Moderate) Fireproofing adds + 2/0 armor and +10 armor against heat and fire attacks. (Trivial) Lotus-Coating provides +30 defense against liquid-based attacks. (Trivial) )

Smart Skin: Provides 3 energy/2 kinetic armor without armor penalty. Takes a full turn to activate/deactivate. Can be worn with other armor without penalty. (Low)

Desktop Cornucopia Machine (Expensive)

Standard Muse: Muses are digital entities that have been designed as personal assistants and lifelong companions for transhumans (see AIs and Muses, p. 264). INT 20. Skills: Academics: Psychology 60, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40, Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research 30, Perception 30, Academics: Xenolinguistics 40, Academics: Xeno-archeology 40, Profession: Appraisal 40, Language: Japanese 40. [High] Colette is the epitome of a warm, mature personal aide and friend. Her voice is warm and husky and her avatar is of a business minded young lady with long black hair, a fine pantsuit, spectacles and a knowing smile. She addresses Max with a casual familiarity and keeps him abreast of his finances, current events, tutors him in Japanese and monitors Xeno-interest threads for curiosity's sake.

Skillsoft: Beam Weapons 40 (High)
Skillsoft: Fray 40 (High)
Skillsoft: Zoology 20 (High)


Type: Menton
Gender: Masculine (Feminine Sex)
Age: 26

-Aptitude Bonuses-

Aptitude Max: 30
Speed Mod: 0

Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7

+10 COG
+5 COO
+5 INT
+5 Will

-Positive & Negative Traits / Advantages & Disadvantages-

Hyper Linguist: +10 to interpret unknown languages, 1/3 time and XP needed to learn any language.

Eidetic Memory: Much like a computer, the character has perfect memory recall. They can remember anything they have sensed, often even from a single glance.

Math Boost: +30 to any rolls involving complex calculations.

Rapid Healer: Halves healing times.

-Implants / Enhancements / Customizations-

Biotech Implants

Echolocation: Blindsight out to 20 meters in air, 100 in water. (low)

Enhanced Sight: +20 to perception tests involving vision. (low)

Adrenal Boost: Ignores -10 modifier from 1 wound and boosts Ref by +10 when active. Endocrine control means it can be activated and deactivated at will. (high)

Bioweave Armor (Light): Provides armor of 2 energy/3 kinetic without changing appearance, texture or sensitivity of skin. Can be worn with all other armor without penalty. (low)

Circadian Regulation: Can operate normally under only 2 hours of sleep per 24. Can operate for 44 hours with only 4 hours of sleep at will. (Moderate)

Clean Metabolism: Immune to infections, cavities, bad breath, no bad odors, etc. Generally stays clean. (Moderate)

Endocrine Control: This augmentation modifies the morph’s endocrine system, giving the character control over their hormone output. This allows the character to completely control their appetite and emotions and to regulate pain. They receive a +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation, such as the Drive Emotion sleight. This augmentation also allows character to lie with perfect conviction and to completely fool all methods of lie detection that do not rely on the target’s neural output; apply a +20 modifer to Deception Tests. It also allows the character to remain awake for 48 hours without penalty, but after this time the character begins experiencing normal fatigue. Finally, the ability to regulate pain reception allows the character to ignore the –10 modifier from 1 wound. [High]

Enhanced Respiration: By boosting both lung efficiency and the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, the character can live comfortably in both high and low pressure environments, from 0.2 atmospheres to 5 atmospheres, with no dizziness or need for gradual decompression. In addition, the character can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes when performing minimal activity or for up to 10 minutes while performing highly strenuous activity. [Low]

Temperature Tolerance: The morph’s temperature regulation and circulation are both substantially enhanced allowing the character to survive in temperatures as low as –30 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius without discomfort or ill effects. [Low]

Toxin Filters: Total immunity to any biological or chemical toxicity. Does not protect against concentrated acid or nanotech attacks. (Moderate)

Cyberware Implants

Multitasking: Can sustain multiple simultaneous short-term mental forks for a maximum of 4 hours each. They can only perform purely mental or on-line interactions. Offers 2 additional complex actions per action phase for mental or on-line actions. (High)

Medichines: Ignores the effects of 1 wound, prevents diseases, drugs and toxins from doing more than half duration or minor harm, puts character in medical stasis if sustaining more than 5 wounds at once, or 6 in an hour. (low)

Skillware: Allows installation of skillsofts, can handle 100 points of skillsofts at a time. (High)

Nanophages: Provides immunity against nanodrugs and nanotoxins. Can be commanded to stand down. (moderate)

Skinlink: Creates a wired connection with any touched device or person. (Moderate)

Wrist-Mounted Tools: Produces tools, fiberoptics and claw weapons. Grants +20 to repair, modify, lockpicking, disarming and first aid rolls. (Moderate)

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