Core Techne

Techne and Strata

A techne is a mote of excellence, it's anything that you can do that makes you special and unique. Techne are born from magic, from luck, from muscle or from mastery of strategy and thought.

Strata are the divisions of different techne, separated by theme and general use and source of power.

Types of Techne

Techne: Full special techniques, they are the core powers of the game and allow you to do things that you cannot do without them. Battle techne are usable in combat. World techne are ways of interacting with the environment or other people without using the combat system.

Evolutions: The advancements of a techne to a more powerful form. Rather than building large lists of many redundant techne, most will simply advance in power.

Chains: Purchasable connections between two or more techne, allowing you to use them one after another as long as the previous techne successfully activates. Usually includes some sort of energy refund. You must have all of the techne that resolve in the chain before you can buy the chain.

Features: A constant effect, a new feature costs nothing to use, simply adding new capabilities to the character.

Anatomy of a techne

When you read a techne, they are written the following way:

-Name: What the techne is called in the system. You can rename it based on the character that possesses it.
-Martial or Esoteric: Is the techne a martial techne, based on muscle, luck and skill or an Esoteric techne based on magic, thought or planning?
-Action Type: The speed of the techne, is it a move or act?
-Cost: How much charge does the techne cost?
-Targeting and Range: How many targets can the techne affect and how far away can you use it from?
-Effect: How the techne is used and what the techne actually does when it is successful.

Techne List

Warjack Strata

Warjack Techne are versatile and focused on aggression and emotion. They deal damage and manipulate the morale of ally and enemy alike, encompassing the abilities of both soldier and officer. On the battlefield Warjack techne are terrifyingly damaging and straightforward, off of it the Warjack is a presence that inspires awe and terror.

Warjack techne are exclusively martial and deal kinetic or mental damage.

Myrmidon Strata

When no survivors are expected, the myrmidon still stands. Myrmidon techne are almost all purely defensive and reactionary. The myrmidon does not charge into battle, they stand still and pity the foe who charges into them. They are immovable, mind and body, they are not manipulated and they do not shift from their position until they are all that stands.

Myrmidon techne are exclusively martial and deal kinetic damage, though some techne deal damage based on an attack the myrmidon was hit with.

Hunter Strata

The hunter cannot be stopped, the hunter cannot be evaded, the hunter cannot be faced for they deal death from a distance. The hunter is a master of ranged weaponry and investigation, marking, finding and taking out their targets with extreme prejudice. Their perception is next to none.

Hunter techne are exclusively martial and deal kinetic and air damage. Some hunter techne provide healing.

Prowler Strata

Whether the silent blade in the night or the backstreet ruffian in to pick a pocket or two, the prowler techne take advantage of stealth, surprise and dirty tricks to get ahead. They use the shadows to their advantage and gladly lie, cheat and steal to get their way. Prowler techne are for those who don't care how things get done, as long as they do.

Prowlers use both martial and esoteric techne and deal kinetic, shadow and toxic damage.

Mendicant Strata

Whether you're the biggest, baddest thug around or a solemn, wandering martial artist, the Mendicant is a weapon. Mendicant techne capitalize on being unarmed and combine martial and esoteric arts into a potent toolset. They care not for weaponry or armor, the mendicant becomes what they need to succeed through training and true grit.

Mendicants use both martial and esoteric techne and deal Kinetic, Flame and Immaculate damage. Some mendicant techne provide healing.

Etherist Strata

The etherist commands powerful, beautiful things. Specifically, etherists use esoteric techne that give them a wide variety of energy types to play with, allowing them to capitalize on enemy weaknesses. Etherists take magic for granted, using it in many innovative ways to get what they want.

Etherist Techne are exclusively Esoteric. They deal almost all damage types, with some techne that let you choose the type you inflict.

Darkweaver Strata

Darkweavers are masters of fear, curses and the powers of the shadow. Some have given in to the temptations of the dark, some wield the dark against itself, others realize that this is a silly distinction and that a useful tool is a useful tool. Darkweaver Techne are excellent at setting the enemy up to be destroyed thoroughly by one's allies or by other darkweaver techne.

Darkweaver Techne are exclusively esoteric. They deal mostly shadow damage, with some frost and immaculate mixed in.

Convoker Strata

The heart of the community, the light in the dark and the soothing hand. Convokers stand in the center of the action, on the battlefield, on the stage, in the churches, wherever their word can be heard and taken into one's heart. Their techne bring light and healing, their words bring joy to the righteous and shame to the wicked. Convokers are best when they can heal and support their allies but are not afraid to walk up and smite those who deserve pain quite directly.

Convoker Techne are both esoteric and martial. They deal light and mind damage. Most convoker techne have healing properties.

Mentalist Strata

Pull back the curtain and look into the audience's face and you'll see your own reflected. The mentalist knows that the theater of the mind is where the action truly happens and they are more than happy to direct. Mentalist techne destroy enemy buff and manipulate the actions of others through potent illusions and impossibly persuasive orders, sometimes trading out the mentalist's turn for an opponent or ally's entirely. Some mentalists say the best of their number do not even move during combat, they stand placidly and allow their vision to unfold around them.

Mentalist techne are exclusively esoteric. They deal mind damage, or whatever damage the enemy you are controlling might deal.

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