Cody Esmund Obyri

Name: Cody Esmund (Not his original name, but he forgets his original name and how old he is each time he goes to sleep.)
Alias: Obyri

Experience Points:
Plot Points: 1


Solo: d10
Buddy: d6
Team: d8

Distinctions (d4+1PP or d8)

Older Than He Looks
Great Big Softy
Bloodsucking Creature of the Night

Power Sets

Nocturnal Hunter: Physical attributes of being a Vampire.

Strength: d8
Durability: d8
Reflexes: d8
Leaping: d8
Speed: d8
Senses: d8

SFX: Dangerous: Add a d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up Stress inflicted by +1.
SFX: Invulnerable: Spend 1 PP: Ignore Physical Stress/Trauma/Complications unless caused by Vampire Weaknesses.
Limit: Answerable to God: When presented with signs of faith: give 1pp and shutdown the Nocturnal Hunter powerset, with a roll against the Doom Pool recovering.
Limit: Solar Hate: Existing Physical Stress is advanced +1 step as long as he is exposed to natural sunlight or appropriate mystical sunlight.

Blood King: Mystical attributes of being a Vampire.

Sorcery Novice: d6
Mystic Resistance: d6
Psychic Resistance: d6
Teleportation: d8
Blood Control: d8
Transformation (Bat, Wolf, Mist): d10

SFX: Area Attack: Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.
SFX: Unleashed: Step up or double any Blood King power for one action. Failure adds your power die to the doom pool.
Limit: Growing Dread: Both 1s and 2s count as opportunities when using a powerset power.
Limit: Scarlet Hunger: Shutdown Blood King powerset for 1 PP, recover by feeding on the blood of the living, dealing at least 1 step of physical stress.


Mystic Expert
Combat Expert
Acrobatic Expert
Covert Master
Menace Expert


Awakened Vampire
`Still getting adjusted to a world he sees as needing his strength, Cody offers support to other superheroes and attempts to be a symbol of protection to humankind, even when they would rather see him as a symbol of terror.

1XP: When you intervene personally and save a life, friend or foe.
3XP: When you convince a human to trust you regardless of supernature.

Hopeless Romantic
Perhaps motivated by those silly vampire romance novels, movies and TV shows, Cody's once-quelled desire for love and friendship has resurfaced in this modern age. Part of him yearns for a little affection in his unlife.

1XP: When you have a scene of meaningful romantic interaction with another person.
3XP: When you refuse to fight or cannot fight because of an obligation or danger to a loved one.





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