Cody Esmund

Name: Cody Esmund
Player: Sparda219
Concept: Lucky Little Teen
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Virtue: Hope (Optimism)
Vice: Sloth (Cowardice)
XP: 1 (8)


Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 2

Presence: 3
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 2


Academics: 1
Computer: 1
Occult: 1
Politics: 1

Athletics: 1
Brawl: 2
Firearms: 1
Stealth: 1
Weaponry: 2

Animal Ken:
Empathy: 2 (Being Lied To)
Expression: 2
Intimidation: 1
Persuasion: 2 (Adult Men)
Socialize: 2
Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 1 (Lying)


Herd: 1 (Frat Boys)
Mentor: 3 (D-Roy)
Striking Looks: 2
Haven (Size): 1


Young (He looks in his mid-teens, this causes complications.)

Defense: 3
Health: 7
Speed: 11
Vitae: 9/10

Willpower: 4 [] [] [] []

Blood Potency: 1

Morality: 7


Majesty: 3

1: Awe (9 dice)
2: Revelations (9 vs. Composure + BP)
3: Entrancement (9 vs. Composure + BP)

Dominate: 1

1: Command (7 dice - Resolve + BP)


Cody looks like a scene kid. He had a stupid haircut the night he died, all black and shaggy and hanging down in his face, which means he has to cut it every night or else be cursed with the horribly hipster do for all eternity. He had pale skin before he was turned and now he's pretty much marble white with big dark eyes and a skinny body that now totally masks just how powerful he is since being Embraced. His usual attire consists of skinny jeans, converse sneakers, a tight red t-shirt and a thin striped black and white hoodie.


Before his embrace Cody was almost embarassingly stereotypical. He had martial arts growing up, he was a B student, he was short and plain, he fell into the hipster scene and started dressing the part and acting ironic. His parents were divorced, he lived with his mom and he had a clique of friends in school. His older sister lives with their father and he sees both of them every now and then since they don't exactly live far away. He was the typical teenager living in his own dramatic little macrocosm.

Dying put things into perspective for him.

One night he was hit by a car since he was wearing all black on a dark street. BAM. Hit and run. The drunk chicks who hit him never got caught for it, thankfully there was a mysterious stranger to help him out… Said stranger picked him up, took him into his place and BIT HIM ON THE NECK. Surprisingly it helped, he woke up sucking on this dude's wrist and suddenly he was all better. Well, still dead, but at least moving around.

Said dude was D-Roy, a ganger looking punk who was actually a Daeva vampire of 10 years death experience. He turned Cody, told him he did it because it didn't seem fair a kid had to die so early and then calmly explained that he could never go to school or see his parents or friends ever again. He had to be dead to them. Well… That was fuckin' cheery.

Cody's been dead a week now and he's really, really not sure about this whole thing. Can he really never see his friends again? I mean scene kids stay up late! Right?

'On D-Roy:' D-Roy is Korean and a total hard, self-styled gangsta. He's pretty built and well rounded as far as fighting skills go but like most Daeva he's especially good when dominating his social scene. He's busy a lot making up for his inability to appear during the day by hosting and participating in street races with his own souped up ride and has a lot of contacts in the wealthy gangsta counterculture. It's easy enough for him to keep a steady diet by banging and fanging his fangirls in his car. He's a pretty soulful dude with a heart of gold though and his humanity is stable and high.


D-Roy's Knife: 1(L) 1/S
D-Roy's Jacket: 1/0 Armor


- Cody and D-Roy have probably drunk from each other enough to be under vinculum to each other. But not strange for a Sire and Childe.




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