Name: Cerano
Race: Hawk
Breed: Supernatural
Age: ~2000-3000 years old

Appearance: Cerano is a proud hawk of fine make and form. While slightly larger than the average hawk, its dark brown feathers bleed almost to crimson in color. Its wings, however, are of such a steely silver color that they glint like the edge of a blade in the sunlight.


Strength 2
Dexterity 5
Stamina 2

Perception 4
Intelligence 3
Wits 3


Athletics 5
Awareness 3
Martial Arts 3
Dodge 5
Integrity 2
Investigation 2
Presence 1
Resistance 2
Stealth 3
Survival 3


* Claw
o Speed 6, Accuracy 8, Damage 2L, Rate 2

* Blade Dive
o Speed 4, Accuracy 10, Damage 5L, Rate 1

Willpower 4

Health Levels

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ]
-2 [ ] [ ]
Inc [ ]

Soak: 1L/3B

Dodge DV: 5

In the First Age, there was a Solar Eclipse who went by the name Resting Lion. He was powerful, wise, and benevolent. He specialized in brokering deals between groups and other supernaturals, and was well-skilled in the lore of love. He never found any of the other Exalted to be worthy of his love, though often found himself to be fascinated by one mortal woman or another. He never had more than one wife at a time, unlike many of his fellow Exalted, though since they were mortals they never lived longer than a blip in his lifetime. But no matter how short the time, he loved them all. His wives bore him many children, though as it happened they were all daughters. He used this to his advantage, marrying off his daughters to strengthen political bonds or heal broken ties. There was one wife however, Marigold was her name. She bore him a son. His one and only son in his entire Exalted life.

He named him Cerano.

Resting Lion loved all of his children equally, but Cerano held a special place in the old Exalted's heart. He was sent to the best schools and was given the best of everything. When the boy showed an interest in forging at a young age, Lion supported him by building the best workshop a Godblooded man could have capability of using. Over the years Cerano's skills in forging grew and grew, until on Resting Lion's 506th birthday, the young man was able to present his father with a blade he had spent 10 years making. It was a Perfect Slashing Sword made from the finest steel alloys and adamant. Resting Lion loved the gift so much, he forsook his armory of Daiklaves and Artifact Weaponry in favor of his son's mundane blade. He maintained the edge so well that it remained keen enough to slice a feather in midair even years later, when Resting Lion's son died. The old Exalted wept for the death of his son, and spent a year in seclusion for a proper mourning. The day after a year passed, he left his estate with a motivation in his heart. Rumors say he spent the next six months entering the deep Wylds in an attempt to find a Raksha Noble to parley with. Others say he entered Malfeas and spoke with Ligier himself. Regardless, when Resting Lion returned from his journeys his favored blade was missing from his hip, and instead a bird of prestige and nobility sat upon his shoulder. Its eyes were sharp, and its wings glinted like the edge of a blade when in flight. Its intent was to watch over Resting Lion and all his future incarnations, just as any loyal weapon should.

He named him Cerano.

Familiar Abilities

* Provides 5 personal Essence when in contact with Kindler
* Can communicate to Kindler through noises, facial expressions, body movements, and a mental conference.
* Kindler can use one of Ceranos' senses whenever they are within 100 yards of each other.
* Is capable of using 1 mote from the personal essence bank it holds for Kindler to turn its wings as sharp as a blade, allowing it to dive and slash.

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