Cassiel Weiss

Class: Paladin
Description: Cassiel is a large man, well over six feet in height. His body shows the requirements of bearing under the heavy arms and armor he carries as a matter of course. Not that one would know it from how he moves while lifting its massive weight, as he is astonishingly strong. Cassiel has bright blue eyes, pale skin, and the white hair that gave his family its name and which he keeps cropped close for wearing under a helmet. His grin is infectious, and he is gifted with an easy manner that earns him many friends…as long as they do not stand against him on the battlefield.

Level: 1

Str 18 +3
Int 9
Dex 9
Wis 13 +1
Con 13 +1
Cha 16 +2

HP 7
AC 6
Petrification& Paralysis: 13+
Poison and Death: 12+
Blast & Breath: 14+
Staffs & Wands: 14+
Spells: 15+

Zweihander: +3 1d10+4
Silver Dagger: +3 1d4+3

Divine Blessing: +2 to all Saving Throws (Included Above)
Theology: Formal Religious Education. Other faiths on 11+

Class Abilities
Aura of Protection: +1 AC and +1 to Saving Throws vs Evil creatures/effects
Sanctified Body: Immune to all diseases
Detect Evil: At will by concentration, out to 60’
Lay on Hands: 2 hp 1/day

Gear (9 stone)
Plate Armor
Silver Dagger
Holy Symbol
Tunic and Pants (Armiger)
Boots, Low
2 weeks Iron Rations
50’ Rope
6 Torches
Flint and Tinder
13 gp, 4 sp

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