Bolt From The Blue

Name: Bolt from the Blue
Caste: Journey-caste Sidereal
Motivation: Reestablish a lost planet's connection with the GCM.
Intimacies: +Grand Celestial Mountain (Awe) +Sidereals (Respect) +Solars (Respect and interest) +Travel (Driving Force) +Riches (Money makes the universe swirl), -His Own Appearance (Thinks he's plain), -Putting Down Roots(Doesn't want to be tied down), -That Man (Suspicion), -Abyssals (Scary!)

DV: 5 PDV: 8 (With Broken Zen and power armor) MDV: 6
Soak: 11L/13B Hardness: 5L/5B
Broken Zen attack: 17 dice, 16L/2 Damage, Rate 3, Speed 5
Holistic Bullet attack: 11 dice, 8L damage, Rate 3, Range 25, Speed 5


STR: 4
DEX: 5
STA: 4

CHA: 3
MAN: 1
APP: 3

PER: 4
INT: 2
WIT: 4


*Athletics: 4
*Awareness: 3
Bureaucracy: 2
Craft: 2 (Fate, Fire, Earth)
Dodge: 2
*Drive: 3
Firearms: 3
*Investigation: 3
Integrity: 2
Linguistics: 2 (Old Realm, High Realm, Riverspeak)
Lore: 3
Martial Arts: 2
*Melee: 4
Occult: 2
Performance: 2
*Resistance: 3
*Sail: 3
Socialize: 1
*Survival: 2
Stealth: 1


Lore (Navigation): 2
Sail (Frigates): 2
Melee (Autoklaves): 2
Firearms (Holdout Weapons): 2


Salary: 2 (Bolt is well paid for a dangerous job, trailblazing new canals and connecting lost worlds to the GCM.)

Savant: 1 (Bolt can access a bit of information based on essence technology and ancient lore thanks to his connection to the GCM.)

Backing (Grand Celestial Mountain): 3 (Bolt is itinerant but he is still a fully-ranked Sidereal and has full access to the GCM because of it, more than that he has friends and coworkers in the network he can contact for information.)

Manse: 3 (Stone of Resilient Bamboo: Lethal soak with full stamina, heals 1 lethal or bashing per hour, parries lethal attacks unarmed. Bolt has a networked manse on his home planet of Zelix, nestled in the central empire. He only tends to go there in person to use the gate, or because he has emerged there from a gate. He much more often interacts with the intellect that governs the place and uses the hearthstone as a terminal to the GCM.)

Artifact: 4 (Advanced Gunzosha Commando Armor) (Given to Bolt by his superiors in the GCM from the panoply left behind by his predecessor, this suit of powered armor is just like the normal mass-produced models but has had several areas reinforced or outright replaced with auspicious joints and plates of starmetal, making it more comfortable, discreet, maneuverable and removing the need to repair and upkeep it. It just always seems to work when you need it! His previous incarnation called the armor )

Artifact: 3 (Autoklave) (Broken Zen, A Starmetal Autoklave. Sleek and double-edged, this starmetal variant isn't as blocky and heavy as models made of other materials. Bolt commissioned it in the GCM back when he began his work on the frontier and it hasn't failed him yet, a trusty ally in dangerous places. He's more proud of the sword than his armor as he asked for the design himself.)


Someone Else's Destiny
Shield of Destiny
Water and Fire Treaty
Ox-Body Technique x2
Stone-Skipping Spirit
Mirror-Shattering Method
Burn Life
First Melee Excellency
Harmony of Blows
Impeding the Flow
Holistic Bullet Methodology
First Lore Excellency


The Comet: 2
The Captain: 3
The Musician: 2


Essence: 3

Personal: 13/13
Peripheral: 22/22
Committed: 12 Peripheral

Compassion: 3
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 2
Valor: 2

Willpower: 7


-0 [] [] []
-1 [] []
-2 [] []
-4 [] []
Inc []


Advanced Gunzosha Commando Armor: +9L/+9B Soak, 5L/5B Hardness, Mobility -1, Fatigue 1. Subsystems offer +2 to Awareness rolls, no penalties for working in darkness. +2 to all attacks, +1 PDV. +4 to Stealth rolls. Double ground speed. +2 to Strength for feats of strength and damage for attacks. Regen 1 level of bashing per action, or all bashing after a minute out of combat. +2 to Resistance rolls. No Upkeep required. Attune 5m.

"Broken Zen" Autoklave: Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +10L/2, Defense +2, Rate 3, Min str 2, Cost 3, Attune 7, Tags: O. Has no penalty for trying to maim a target. For 3 motes when making an attack in step 1, can make the rotors spin harder: Attacks that deal 2 or more damage worsen wound penalties by 1 for the scene for the target.


(You are BOLT FROM THE BLUE. You are a JOURNEYS CASTE SIDEREAL which suits you just fine because you SELDOM STAY IN ONE PLACE. Though you have a great admiration for the GRAND CELESTIAL MOUNTAIN you have no desire to work there because you are a COMPULSIVE TRAVELER. You still have a great deal of interest in BEING USEFUL to your fellow Sidereals and so are a GREAT TRAILBLAZER. You LACK SELF CONFIDENCE and are somewhat AWKWARD but nonetheless people tend to find it CHARMING IF TIRESOME. You are, however, a TERRIBLE LIAR and when you have to bend the truth things tend to BECOME DISASTEROUS. When you feel under-prepared you become EXTREMELY NERVOUS so you go to great lengths to remain ARMED AND SUPPLIED. You are QUITE ATTRACTIVE and WELL BUILT but your lack of personal image means that you DO NOT BELIEVE THIS IS SO. You are chasing after THAT MAN because you are such a fast agent of the GCN and he is an ANOMALY IN THE NETWORK. You do not yet know what this means. )

Bolt from the Blue was born on an innocuous inner world planet called Zelix, primarily an agricultural world though with the strong technological infrastructure common to worlds that were populated during the high first age. As is typical of Sidereal Exaltations Bolt's ascendance was calculated and taken into account long before he ever Exalted and he was taken from his family and brought into the Grand Celestial Mountain so that he could begin his extensive training early.

Growing up surrounded by spirits and machine gods and powerful elder Exalts who spent all their time in this fantastical place away from reality was more than a little overwhelming for young Bolt. Knowing his own background made it feel difficult for him to fit in, he always felt a little too simple and a little too plain for such an amazing place. He had nothing but awe and wonder for the GCM and the idea of serving it being his life was exciting! He grew up knowing the rare privilege of being trained by his own predecessor, a man who swiftly became like a grandfather to him. When he died Bolt was devastated, and more than that he suddenly had to BECOME him. This only contributed to his self-esteem complex further, being thrust into the shoes of a great man.

After his Exaltation, however, things in the GCM seemed less fantastic and more stifling by the day. He, however, had luckily Exalted as a Chosen of Journeys. As a Journeys his role was to facilitate interstellar travel by monitoring the canal system the GCM managed and ensure the good fortune of important voyages. More than that, he was to be a trailblazer and travel and map new canals and bring back connection to the Grand Celestial Mountain for those planets that had been lost to the empire during the Rebellion of the Yozis.

Wanderlust was a powerful driving force in the boy and his superiors flagged him for itinerant duty. Unlike other Sidereals in the frontier Bolt is still in the employ of the GCM and answers to their wishes through his connection via hearthstone. His primary goal is the direct facilitation of safe travel for civilized vessels in the Frontier. By 'direct facilitation' of course, one refers to blowing up any problem vessels along the way. His combat training and experience is quite extensive as he is not only expected but eager to land on strange alien planets in order to trailblaze and rediscover lost manses for reactivation.

His current goals are twofold. First, he is pursuing his personal career goal of bringing an entire planet back online to the GCM all by himself. Such a task would be a great boost to his confidence! Second is a goal his superiors have given him… The investigation of a force in the Frontier known only as That Man.

That Man remains a great mystery to the Sidereals. He appears to be some form of moving anomaly in the network, not merely not showing up like the Abyssals and other creatures that exist outside of the bounds of the system of Fate, but actively warping and fraying the Grand Celestial Mountain's complex chaos computations wherever he goes, altering or destroying the effects of Sidereal Astrology. It's as if his very passage interferes with, or transcends, the normal bounds of destiny. If this is true then he could be a massive danger to the galaxy. The rumors of great battles erupting wherever That Man seems to go only compound the interest that the Sidereals have in apprehending this man. It is Bolt from the Blue's job to investigate and determine the cause of the distortion and level of threat that That Man presents. Bolt is apprehensive at best, the idea of facing someone who can fray the very fabric of virtual space is daunting.

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