Belfire Joysword

Name: Belfire Joysword
Race: Half-Elf
Level: 1
Class: Psionicist
Kit: Swashbuckler
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Str: 14 (Weight allowance 55, press 170, Open doors 8, Bend bars/Gates 7%)
Dex: 12
Con: 14 (System shock 88%, Res survival 92%)
Int: 15 (2 languages: Common, Elven)
Wis: 16 (Bonus spells: 2x 1st, 1x 2nd, +1 saves vs magic)
Cha: 16 (+1 Loyalty, +2 reaction)

HP: 6
AC: 4
Touch AC: 8

MAC: 8

THAC0: 10
MTHAC0: 10

PSP: 20/20

Paralysis/Poison/Death 13
Rod/Staff/Wand 15
Petrification/Polymorph 12
Breath weapon 16
Spell 14 (-1 from Wisdom. 12 against Charm/Enchantments/Illusions)



Short Sword


Mental Armor

Racial Features

Sword Bonus: +1 bonus to Longsword and Shortsword attacks. (5)
Survivor: 1/day can cast either Invisibility, silence 15' Radius or Know Alignment. At level 9 can cast each once per day. (10)
Urban Sense: 40% + 5% per level chance of being able to answer any question about Sigil or any of the gate-towns. (5)
Life Protection Bonus: +1 to saves vs death magic and life-draining attacks. (5)

Class Features

Psionicists gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws vs. enchantment/charm/Illusion spells. This is in addition to any magicaldefense adjustments for high Wisdom scores. the PsionicistSaving Throw table lists saving throws for this character class.

hand crossbow,dagger, dart, dirk, knife, scourge, sickle, and short sword.
Psionicists can only use the following types of armor:padded, leather, studded leather, and hide. They may also carry small shields

Psionic Attack and Defense Modes


Ego Whip: 4 PSPs for 1d6 Psi damage (Closed) or 1d4 rounds dazed (-5 to all rolls, cannot cast spells higher than level 3)


Mind Blank: 3 PSPs.

Psionic Powers

Primary Discipline: Telepathy

Mindlink (Science)
Posthypnotic Suggestion (Devotion)
ESP (Devotion)
Invisibility (Devotion)


66 GP
5 SP

Sling: 1d4+1 damage, 50/100/200 yds, B
35 Sling Bullets
Short Sword: 1d6 damage, 3 lbs,
Studded Leather Armor: -3 AC. Bonus -2 AC v. slashing, -1 ac vs piercing. 25 lbs.
Small Shield: -1 ac to 2 attacks per round, 5 lbs

Power Descriptions

Mind Blank (MBk)
This defense hides the mind from psionic attack, forming a
vast featureless area that makes it harder to target the closed
mind. Mind blank protects best against id insinuation, while
mind thrust easily slices through the defensive fog. It costs 3
PSPs per round to use this defense.

(telepathic devotion)
MAC: 6
PSP cost: 6+/3+
Ranee: Unlimited
Areiof Effect: Individual
Prerequisite: None
This power only works on an open mind. Extrasensory
perception (ESP) allows the user to read someone else's
mind. The user can perceive surface or active thoughts. He
can't use ESP to explore a target's memories or to delve
into his subconscious. Most intelligent creatures tend to
think in words, so language can be a barrier to understanding.
Unintelligent creatures think in pictures. Magical
thought, such as when a wizard casts a spell, is unintelligible
to this power. However, the user can recognize such
thoughts as part of the spellcasting process. The PSP cost is
shown below.
Target's Level PSP cost
1-5 levels or HD 6/3
6-10 levels or HD 714
11-15 levels or HD 8/4
16-20 levels or HD 9/5
2 1 + levels or HD 11/6

(telepathic devotion)
MAC: 6
PSP cost: 3+/2+
Range: 100 yards
Area of Effect: Individual
Prerequisite: Mindlink
This power only can be used on open minds. It differs
significantly from the spell invi.ibi/ity. This is a delusion that
affects specific minds, not an illusion that affects eveyone;
the only real change occurs in those whose minds were
opened. Thus, the user each mind he wants to
deceive, for only to these minds will he appear invisible. He
can see himself, and so can anyone whose mind wasn't
opened. Only beings within 100 yards can be affected by
this power.
The user must make a separate MTHACO roll for each
delusion and pay a separate PSP cost for each. A delusion is
defined as one invisible character as perceived by one other
being. The user can make anyone who is human size or
smaller invisible with this power, not just himself. Note that
this power affects vision only; observers may still be able to
hear or smell "invisible" characters. PSP costs are as follows.
Target's Level PSP cost
1-5 levels or HD 3/2
6-10 levels or HD 412
11-15 levels or HD 5/3
16-20 levels or HD 6/3
2 1 + levels or HD 8/4

Psychic Crush (PsC)
Like a terrible mental weight, this
attack seeks to crush a defender's
mind. For every 8 PSPs put into the
attack (declared after a successful
attack roll is made), the attacker rolls 1d10 he defender loses that many PSPs-or &s his mind opened
to further psionic contact if no PSPs remain. A failed attack
costs 4 PSPs. Psychic crush has a range of 50 yards.
If used against an open mind, psychic crush causes ld6
points of physical damage (hit point loss) for every 8 PSPs
put into the attack. Although no psionic defenses remain,
the attacker must roll the defender's MAC to successfully hit
(with a +2 bonus to the attack roll).

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