Battle Of Tsingyan

(01/03/10 11:56:48) SpardaTalespinner: "Love that is not madness is not love." - Peleps Calderon Barca, Imperial Poet
(01/03/10 12:01:33) SpardaTalespinner: Tsingyan Outpost: A small trading, feeding and farming village on the verge of the Marukan Alliance, a mere week's travel from the Gray River and the harlot that lies between it's legs, Nexus. There are many reasons to go to The Nexus, least of all is to go right past it on to other places like legendary Great Forks, the city of temples, or shining Lookshy, a place of wonder
(01/03/10 12:03:17) SpardaTalespinner: and Dragon-graced miracles only rivaled by the Blessed Isle itself. But such things are only fancies now, to those who have found themselves nestled in the little farming community, resting or reeding their steeds or buying and selling to continue their journey. It is a quiet day under a clouded sky, but still the locals work to plant rice, only pausing to enjoy the periodic breezes that
(01/03/10 12:04:09) SpardaTalespinner: blow over the steppes. It is a place of muddied feet and beaten brows, and it is where you all find yourselves, a pause on whatever journeys your Exaltations have called you to, or that you have bent your Exaltation towards…
(01/03/10 12:07:23) SpardaTalespinner: Currently there seems to be an issue on the Highroad leaving the city, so there are more mortal merchants loitering here than normal. Of course such an obstacle poses little problem to anyone who can pick their cart up over their heads and leap off~. In any case, some Imperial soldiers are similarly loitering about as they organize the work crew to clear the blockage from the road and fill
(01/03/10 12:08:04) SpardaTalespinner: in potholes. These things happen when alchemists overturn their carts trying to get to their destination in time to take advantage of a particularly good opportunity.
(01/03/10 12:09:11) *Auspicious_Lion** loves villages! He was born in one, and they're full of hearty, good-natured folk. Except for those ones that are secretly Yozi cults. Those suck. But either way, villages are always a good place for heroes! They either need one, or if they're one of those Yozi cults, need to be stopped by one! And that's why he's not bothered by the delay here very much.
(01/03/10 12:10:14) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler moved about the mortal merchants, a thin wooden stick tapping along the ground in front of him. Normally he would be using his Golden Staff that was wrapped in deer leather on his back, but the squish under his feet gave sign of mud which would only dirty his staff. And the sound of clinking iron plates and snippets of Realm language signified Imperial grunts. Would be best that…
(01/03/10 12:10:16) Kindler_The_Hermit: …he didn't anger the guards, even if there were no scalheaded.
(01/03/10 12:10:55) *Iselsi_Yumita** sighs. Yet another village out the back of beyond. At least the Imperial troops held hope that there was some civilisation here.
(01/03/10 12:11:06) *Auspicious_Lion** was hitching a ride on one of the merchant wagons in exchange for smacking around whatever bandits might try something. Now he's helping! And since there's apparently some Imperial soldiers here, he's shown enough discretion to keep his artifacts stowed, currently wearing his mortal gear, and a headband over the brand of heroism on his brow.
(01/03/10 12:11:20) Jacob_Goldforge: Sitting on top of a caravan cart was a mountain of a man, looking out over the cluttered road with a dull, clotted blood red eye. Playing the part of the caravan's guard, he was also the owner and operator. This holdup was costing him money and the fustration was reflected in the chimney smoke flare from his pipe, clenched between his teeth.
(01/03/10 12:11:23) Auspicious_Lion: *helping clear the road
(01/03/10 12:11:23) Kindler_The_Hermit: Mostly, he was attempting to find a place he could offload a small pushcart of Purity Crystals. Truthfully they were large clumps of low-grade salt that he managed to pick up at a dime to the dollar from a Priest passing to Sijan, but people these days will buy anything if you tell them it'll hold off evil spirits.
(01/03/10 12:11:33) *Silver_Wind** is grateful that, still being so close to hte Marukan, there was a stable of suitable quality for her to put Kheervis. While the delay from fleeing from her home was annoying, it was not unappreciated so she could catch up on some needed caring for the Finest.
(01/03/10 12:16:18) *Jacob_Goldforge** takes along draw from a pipe and blows a black cloud into the sky before standing up and cracking his back in one slow arch, palms arcing towards the sun.
(01/03/10 12:16:43) Kindler_The_Hermit: Cerano was perched on top of the wrapped staff on his back, looking about from his perch. Every so often it'd give a small screech to let him know when to stop or when to turn. His greyed-over eyes were open and unused.
(01/03/10 12:16:49) SpardaTalespinner: The commander of the soldiers coordinating the cleanup, and obviously unhappy to be out here aiding the bumpkins, is one of those "young buck out to prove himself" types, probably with some patrician family back home he was disappointing constantly. He's addressing the caravaneers. "I'm sorry for the delay, clearing the wreckage was simple enough, it's filling in the potholes…
(01/03/10 12:17:41) SpardaTalespinner: …that is taking so much time. We thank you for your patience and remind you that The Empire looks after it's own." He says in a way that says he's rehearsed it a thousand times.
(01/03/10 12:18:10) *Silver_Wind** looked out after finishing the necessary chores and saw that the caravan she had noticed earlier was still there. She marches up and asks around to a few people who eventually point her to a mountain of a man with a pipe in his mouth
(01/03/10 12:18:16) Silver_Wind: "Excuse me sir?"
(01/03/10 12:18:47) *Jacob_Goldforge** swivels a blood red eye towards the woman before the head and the body swivel with it.
(01/03/10 12:18:57) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah, whatchez want?"
(01/03/10 12:19:10) *Jacob_Goldforge** has the ugly smoke filled accent of someone who grew up with the nexus in his throat.
(01/03/10 12:19:31) Silver_Wind: "I just wanted to be sure you are the man that is currently operating this caravan? I have been pointed to you by your subordinates.
(01/03/10 12:19:36) *Iselsi_Yumita** marches up to the Imperial commander. "You. Which is the best inn here?"
(01/03/10 12:20:21) Jacob_Goldforge: "I own everything innit, including the pay chits. Which means I could be considered the guy runnin it. Why?"
(01/03/10 12:20:54) *Jacob_Goldforge** turns full and crouches on the edge of the caravan runner board
(01/03/10 12:21:42) Silver_Wind: "Because my name is Silver Wind, and I'm looking for a group to travel with. I am a Horse Lord from the Marukan, and would be quite helpful in caring for your horses. Not to mention I am a fair business woman and would not be adverse to helping you in deal making."
(01/03/10 12:21:56) *Silver_Wind** gives a small bow after her introduction
(01/03/10 12:22:07) SpardaTalespinner: "Yeah, which is the best inn here?" Yumita, your hanger-on pops up near you, the mischeivous scamp a bit too close to you as always. Your ward's name is Akaya, a curly-haired young scamp of a lad with a penchant for getting himself into trouble but a lovable, if bratty, personality besides. He says he's 19 but he never acts his age. The commander kind of splutters. "I bet your pardon?"
(01/03/10 12:23:34) *Iselsi_Yumita** turns cool. "Why are you obstructing an Imperial agent in the performance of her duties?"
(01/03/10 12:23:41) Jacob_Goldforge: "Bad news is we already made the deals. Good news is the guy who did know about horses died of dysentery on the trip back from Gem. Where yez lookin t'go Horse Lord?"
(01/03/10 12:24:40) *Jacob_Goldforge** eyes the pair playing with the Imperials. Oh, this was going to be a laugh and a half.
(01/03/10 12:24:41) Silver_Wind: A glint appears in Silver Wind's eye. "For now, wherever you are heading. And I think you find me useful in any future deal making you are party to. I can provide my own horse, naturally."
(01/03/10 12:25:06) SpardaTalespinner: "An Imperia- I've never heard of you, and I am not a tour guide! Go ask one of the locals and stop obstructing the duties of an Imperial Commander!"
(01/03/10 12:25:29) Iselsi_Yumita: "Fine. Name and rank, please."
(01/03/10 12:25:57) Jacob_Goldforge: "You show me proof yez know what yez say you do and I can sign a pay contract few the last leg here and any I run in the future. Horses get ugly in the desert we dun found out."
(01/03/10 12:26:15) *Jacob_Goldforge** nods towards the caravan and the multitude of pack animals harnessed to it.
(01/03/10 12:26:50) Silver_Wind: A mischevous grin plays across Silver Wind's face. "And what exactly is the challenge? Unharnessing horses?"
(01/03/10 12:27:42) Jacob_Goldforge: "No. I got two with a limp and a third that's been plain -mean- since we got out of the south. You fix the limps, you got a job til Nexus at the least. You fix the mean one I'll sign yez for the next caravan I run."
(01/03/10 12:27:46) SpardaTalespinner: That makes him sweat a bit and Akaya snickers. "Buh, well, Threaden Vasz, a Scalelord of the southwestern border legions, 32nd legion to be exact." He stands at attention. "What about your name and rank? Hmmm?"
(01/03/10 12:28:10) *Jacob_Goldforge** 's grin went from simple city-boy to mercurial business, turning on a dime.
(01/03/10 12:29:06) *Iselsi_Yumita** raises an eyebrow. "You seem to be under the impression that agents of the Eye have to answer your questions. I suggest you correct that immediately."
(01/03/10 12:29:15) *Silver_Wind** snorts at the task before her. "Simple enough."
(01/03/10 12:30:42) SpardaTalespinner: The man turns white as a sheet and sweats arrowheads. He raises a shaky hand to point to a tall wood and rice-paper sturcture on the west edge of town. "The Goldenrod, there, fine tea house and inn."
(01/03/10 12:31:44) *Silver_Wind** walks up to the two horses showing obvious signs of trouble with their legs. Looking them over with an expert eye and magical assistance for a moment, she quickly finds the problems with both animals. (Using Master Horseman Eye, 1m each)
(01/03/10 12:31:47) Iselsi_Yumita: "Good lad." She turns on a heel and strides off.
(01/03/10 12:33:17) *Jacob_Goldforge** continues to eye Yumita and company from the back. Anyone that gives the Imperials a reason to change their pants warranted watching.
(01/03/10 12:33:19) *Auspicious_Lion** is still helping because his player has ADD and can't fucking pay attention GOD
(01/03/10 12:33:19) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler: A young woman with pigtails and a kerchief over her head picks up her skirts and dashes over to you. Of course you can only hear the footfalls of a dainty female unless you do that thing where Cerano shares his eyesight with you. "Oh my! Hello, hello sir? Are these purity crystals?" She asks with all the expertise of an amateur occultist.
(01/03/10 12:35:59) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler turns his head to her general direction. He could almost smile. But she was young. Bouncy voice that wavered in the throat. Anxious about discussing the crystals. She wanted to prove she knew what she was talking about. Time to play with that.
(01/03/10 12:36:34) SpardaTalespinner: Scalelord Vasz goes back to his troops, ordering them about more harshly than before to kind of cure the wound his ego just took. This includes Lion by proxy as he's on the crew. "Faster! Get that earth packed, I want the EARTH DRAGON to approve of this road! Hup hup!"
(01/03/10 12:37:03) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Purity Crystals? Young woman, to say these are mere Purity Crystals would be like saying the Elemental Dragons are lizards. But I suppose, yes, they could be called such." His face stayed blank.
(01/03/10 12:37:26) *Iselsi_Yumita** enters the Goldenrod, taking a table with her back to a wall. This conveniently gives her a good view out the window.
(01/03/10 12:38:17) SpardaTalespinner: She lets out a gasp and you hear her shuffle a bit before she picks one up to examine it. "R-really? Are they very special? I've been having some awful problems lately and I think it's a bad spirit doing them and I'd give anything for things to improve!"
(01/03/10 12:39:00) *Silver_Wind** shakes her head at the conditions of the two horses before her. She was almost appaled at the way these two animals had been treated. One had a sprained leg and needed to be off it for a good two weeks. The otherone had a thrown shoe, and she looked at the buildup of detrius in its hoof.
(01/03/10 12:39:05) *Auspicious_Lion** keeps working diligently, feeling rather smug about being able to walk around in front of Imperial legionnaires unnoticed. It's a good thing he was clever enough to hide his caste mark. Nobody's gonna suspect a thing! With that, he picks up another 500-pound slab of rubble and hauls it aside.
(01/03/10 12:39:14) SpardaTalespinner: Akaya takes a seat at the table and promptly orders some expensive sake.
(01/03/10 12:39:26) Iselsi_Yumita: "Ahem."
(01/03/10 12:39:33) Kindler_The_Hermit: With a flick of his wrist his wooden stick clicked on the bottom of the salt clump, knocking it into the air from her hands. With a deftness unusual to one of his…handicap, he plucked the crystal from the air. His face stayed blank. "Please. Refrain from touching the merchandise."
(01/03/10 12:40:15) SpardaTalespinner: "Eh?" Akaya perks and looks at Yumita. "What? This sounds great! We can share it."
(01/03/10 12:40:25) Silver_Wind: She turned to Jacob. "This is unacceptable. The brown one has a sprained leg and needs to be off for a couple of weeks, not to mention a splint. And I take it you have proper shoeing tools, yes? The black one needs it hoove cleaned out and a new horseshoe."
(01/03/10 12:40:45) Iselsi_Yumita: "It's a bit early for sake. Tea will be fine."
(01/03/10 12:41:39) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler: The girl squeaks and apparently keeps her hands to herself. "Oh, uh, right, well they certainly FEEL very official! How much are you asking for?
(01/03/10 12:42:16) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Now then. I'll have you know these are not just any Purity Crystal you can buy from a curio shop and hang in your window sill. Each one is perfectly formed and designed to a very specific breach of the supernal world. Ghosts, demons, gods, Fae. If there's a creature, I have a crystal for it." More like a crystal for any potato, egg, or dried meat, but that's besides the point.
(01/03/10 12:43:24) Kindler_The_Hermit: "But I can tell you are very distraught. Spirits do have such poor manners. Normally, crystals of this magnitude would go 4 for a talent. But for you…well, I'm sure we can come to a deal." Cerano clicked its beak on its perch.
(01/03/10 12:43:42) Jacob_Goldforge: "Lady, I'm a blacksmith. Course I have shoein tools. As fer the legs, I told yez the horsemaster is dead. Which is why m'so glad yer passin muster so far. I kin clear out the shoe. Yez'll havta treat the brown un. Still got ole Bitch t'deal with after that though."
(01/03/10 12:44:16) SpardaTalespinner: Lion, the workers are starting to distance themselves from you, one of the soldiers in particular is starting to look… awfully uncomfortable. "You there… Are you Blessed by the Dragons or something? How did you lift that with a build like yours?"
(01/03/10 12:44:18) *Jacob_Goldforge** hopped down off the caravan with oiled restraint before heading to the back of the caravan and rummageing in the goods for the aforementioned smithing tools.
(01/03/10 12:45:33) Silver_Wind: "I'll handle that, trust me," she says following the giant man. "Which one is it? And since you're smithing already, can you get me two long metal rods with a hing roughly 16 inches from the bottom?"
(01/03/10 12:46:07) SpardaTalespinner: The girl sounds quite pleased. "Really? You would make such a deal with little old me? Oh sir! Thank you sir!" Aaaaaaand she's hugging you. "I'm sure we could discuss ways to lower the price further, wouldn't you say?" Her voice is suggestive and utterly unpracticed with innuendo.
(01/03/10 12:47:20) Jacob_Goldforge: "I c'n make em for yez if it came t'that. But yeah, I got sommat that'd fit that description."
(01/03/10 12:48:17) Silver_Wind: "It would allow you to use the horse to some extant while the injury is healing. The sprain is already a few weeks old, if you had taken it off the caravan immediatly it would only need it for a couple of days."
(01/03/10 12:48:19) *Jacob_Goldforge** clanks further in the caravan wagons, eventually coming out with a shoe, several nails, a large claw hammer, and the rods of metal. Jacob was very large, and all these things looked very small in his grip and the haze of smoke surrounding him and his pipe
(01/03/10 12:48:37) *Silver_Wind** is obviosly beginning to chide the blacksmith for his lack of horsecaring techniques
(01/03/10 12:48:46) Jacob_Goldforge: "I told yez the horsemaster was dead. Lucky we didn't -eat- it at one point in the damn journey."
(01/03/10 12:48:52) Kindler_The_Hermit: His blind eyes stay looking in the distance as his hand presses against her forehead and pushes her back firmly. "I do not keep my wallet in my pocket. If you're interested in business, then we'll trade. If not, then you would have better luck with the Imperial Soldiers to the side. I'm sure they've missed the touch of a hyper young woman."
(01/03/10 12:49:18) *Silver_Wind** jaw drops. "Eat it? Oh gods, you're a Nexian aren't you?"
(01/03/10 12:49:28) *Jacob_Goldforge** tossed the rods over to Silver before turning his eyes and the claw hammer to the horse. It does -not- look happy at this turn of events. The man grins.
(01/03/10 12:49:49) Silver_Wind: "Wait! Wait. I'll do it."
(01/03/10 12:50:01) *Auspicious_Lion** is pretty muscular, but lifting stuff nearly three times your weight is a bit suspicious. He stops, and looks at the soldier. He just gives the soldier a grin. "Shucks, naw. I had to do a lot of heavy lifting back at my father's farm. The land was rocky and the animals were stubborn, so I got a lot of practice learning to make the most of what I've got."
(01/03/10 12:50:01) *Silver_Wind** steps in front of the blacksmith
(01/03/10 12:50:08) Auspicious_Lion: "Gotta lift with more than your arms is all!"
(01/03/10 12:50:15) Jacob_Goldforge: "What gave it away, the pipe or the speak?"
(01/03/10 12:50:25) *Jacob_Goldforge** hands the clawhammer, nails, and shoe over to Silverwind as well.
(01/03/10 12:52:29) *Silver_Wind** takes all the materials and quickly sets about to the task, speaking soothing sounds to both horses as she quickly and expertly cleans and horseshoes the black and splints the brown one in a scant few minutes.
(01/03/10 12:52:50) Silver_Wind: After finishing she looks over at Jacob. "Now, where's this angry one?"
(01/03/10 12:52:59) *Jacob_Goldforge** just fixes the black one with a gaze that says "Misbehave and I will -geld you-."
(01/03/10 12:53:39) Jacob_Goldforge: "Front of the caravan. Bites the ass of anything put in front of her. Figgured it'd be a good deterrant fer any jackles that got brave enough t'get into arrow range."
(01/03/10 12:53:44) *Jacob_Goldforge** hooks a thumb and nods at the word.
(01/03/10 12:53:46) Jacob_Goldforge: *work
(01/03/10 12:53:55) Jacob_Goldforge: "Earned yer pay fer the leg. Lesse if yez earn a contract."
(01/03/10 12:54:19) SpardaTalespinner: The soldier kind of blinks and shrugs. "Ehhh, well… I suppose if you have the experience for it you can pull it off, looked awful EASY to you though…" He shakes his head and goes to work. Luskily many of the other workers are also wearing bandannas or headbands, so that's not suspicious.
(01/03/10 12:54:57) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler: The girl, obviously a sensitive little harlot, makes a sound like a songbird being stepped on and dashes off, her footsteps staccato on the ground.
(01/03/10 12:56:35) *Auspicious_Lion** phews, and goes back to work. Without putting as much effort into it so it looks like it's harder.
(01/03/10 12:56:35) *Silver_Wind** smiles. "Bowl of gravy." She marches over to this angry horse and looks it over from a distance. She didn't even need magic to see what was wrong with this one. It was a captured horse, and it hadn't been properly broken.
(01/03/10 12:57:03) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler grunts, tapping his wooden stick out on the muddy ground again. "Why do people always assume that a blind man has nothing better to do with his time than amuse them." Cerano gave out a small screech and went about cleaning its wings. "No, circus freaks get paid more than I do."
(01/03/10 12:57:44) SpardaTalespinner: Cerano is very offended for you. >:>
(01/03/10 12:58:26) SpardaTalespinner: Yumita: The service is exquisite, the tea is better, and from what you can see up the stairs and into the rooms you'll be sleeping well tonight! Akaya is also pleased and seems to be making less trouble than usual, he's onyl been slapped by ONE waitress.
(01/03/10 12:59:01) SpardaTalespinner: Twice, but still!
(01/03/10 12:59:02) Silver_Wind: "Malfeas take those damn southern breeders," she mumbles under her breath. She looks around and sees a man easily tossing rocks and debris off the side of the road. Excellent. She walks over to the commander who's still barking orders innefectively.
(01/03/10 12:59:10) Silver_Wind: "Excuse me m'lord."
(01/03/10 12:59:47) SpardaTalespinner: "You there, that spot is obviously NOT level and- can I help you madam?" He bows to Silver Wind then salutes.
(01/03/10 13:00:06) *Jacob_Goldforge** was leaning against one of his caravan carts, still smoking like a chimney and watching McChucksarock with the same interest you give a highly poisonous insect. Oh what the -hell-.
(01/03/10 13:00:30) *Auspicious_Lion** doesn't seem to notice that the the "m'lord" Wind is speaking to is him at first. Then he stops, looks at the girl, and blinks. "Who, me? What'cha want?"
(01/03/10 13:01:44) *Silver_Wind** smiles politely. "I'm afraid I need that strapping young man you have over there for just a few moments. It seems one of my horses isn't properly broken and I need a strong hand to help me with him.
(01/03/10 13:01:49) *Silver_Wind** smiles politely. "I'm afraid I need that strapping young man you have over there for just a few moments. It seems one of my horses isn't properly broken and I need a strong hand to help me with him."
(01/03/10 13:02:26) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler: You can HEAR the heavy lifting going on, but Serano informs you that there's a guy who was flinging slabs of rock three times as big as himself around before he calmed down, seems he's been attracting attention.
(01/03/10 13:02:46) *Jacob_Goldforge** taps his pipe out on the cart and begins packing it again, picking up the words "horse" "broken" and "young man". Oh good. He was going to get to watch someone get thrown and trampled if he was lucky.
(01/03/10 13:03:23) *Iselsi_Yumita** sips at her tea, watching the show outside.
(01/03/10 13:03:36) SpardaTalespinner: "Well now I don't know madam, he's our finest hauler and I'm not sure if I can spare him just now." He nods. "So please, do wait for him to be free later, yes?"
(01/03/10 13:04:40) *Jacob_Goldforge** mutters. "Damn."
(01/03/10 13:05:02) *Silver_Wind** smiles at the expected response. "I know that sir, but look," She draped an arm over the other man's shoulder and turned him to look at the project before him. "This is probably going to take ALL day to do, and all i'm asking for is a few minutes." As she swept the project with one hand…
(01/03/10 13:05:42) Silver_Wind: …the hand over the soldier's shoulder turned up to reveal 25 dinars, enough to last the man a good time for the week.
(01/03/10 13:07:40) *Jacob_Goldforge** eyes the Dinars now. It was like a little radar in his head homed in on viable currency. That…was a lot to flaunt suddenly. Who was this lady?
(01/03/10 13:10:46) SpardaTalespinner: The dinars disappear and the man nods. "He's yours however long you need him. YOU THERE! Come help his fine, virtuous, upstanding woman!" The scalelord tromps over to Lion and gestures to Silver Wind.
(01/03/10 13:11:34) *Jacob_Goldforge** cackles loudly from the caravan and goes to gather up the smithing tools to their proper place in the toolbox
(01/03/10 13:12:36) *Auspicious_Lion** looks up, looks towards the commander, then nods, and walks over to Wind. "Sure thing! What'cha need?"
(01/03/10 13:14:05) *Silver_Wind** smiles sweetly at Lion. "You see that horse over there?" She points to the very angry looking horse. "I need someone to take him to the pen over there. I would myself but he's stubborn and mean." She started walking over to the pen, then stopped and looked back. "Try not to let him bite you hon."
(01/03/10 13:16:19) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler sniffed the air as he walked about, doing his best to avoid the food stands. He didn't want to take salt anywhere near someone who knew what grade they actually were.
(01/03/10 13:19:14) *Auspicious_Lion** looks over towards the horse. "Huh. Well, alright." He walks over to the horse, and looks it over, before grabbing it by the bridle and trying to lead it over to the pen.
(01/03/10 13:19:21) *Jacob_Goldforge** barked a few orders to the caravan, letting people go in shifts from the wagons to get food and entertainment, before hooking the claw hammer onto his belt and heading towards the food stands. He needed a bite. Doing nothing was hungry, fustrating work
(01/03/10 13:22:04) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler you deftly avoid that confounded goody-goody falafel merchant!
(01/03/10 13:22:36) SpardaTalespinner: Jacob spots a blind man with a car full of huge cloudy crystals.
(01/03/10 13:24:46) *Jacob_Goldforge** gets important things done first. Falael. Multiples go in mouth. This was better than nexus rice. You didn't taste the smelters upstream in this stuff for one.
(01/03/10 13:27:10) SpardaTalespinner: They're shiny, they're crystals, they must be valuable!
(01/03/10 13:30:40) SpardaTalespinner: Well… Kind of… They're salt. But hey, salt.
(01/03/10 13:30:51) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler leaned back against his cart, tapping his boot against the mud. Damn mud…the grass of his home would have soaked all the water up by now.
(01/03/10 13:31:18) *Jacob_Goldforge** could use some salt. The caravan had bought more chuck-wagon supplies in town, but Jacob -loved- salt, and a lage crystal of the stuff meant you could flake it into say, a soup. Lets get a piece of that….blind guys need money right?
(01/03/10 13:32:39) Jacob_Goldforge: "Howmucher fer saltbin there?"
(01/03/10 13:32:56) *Jacob_Goldforge** said in a deep, graveled void that said "Way too much room in the chest"
(01/03/10 13:33:39) SpardaTalespinner: Yumita, the worst has happened.
(01/03/10 13:33:47) SpardaTalespinner: YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE AKAYA IS.
(01/03/10 13:34:46) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler looked in the general direction of Jacob. "Depends. Are you here to actually trade, or do you intend to grope me looking for my money purse?"
(01/03/10 13:35:07) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Normally I wouldn't ask, but I can't exactly tell if there's more than one walking around."
(01/03/10 13:35:22) Iselsi_Yumita: Meh, he is probably trying to find a woman.
(01/03/10 13:35:52) *Auspicious_Lion** is still trying to lead the supposedly unruly horse to the pen Wind specified!
(01/03/10 13:36:09) Jacob_Goldforge: "I ain't boughtcha dinner yet, so m'hands are stayin put mate. I do have a chuck wagon that needs more salt in the works. How much fer a chunk of it? And make it quick, I got to go watch a guy get trampled by a pissed off horse."
(01/03/10 13:36:17) *Jacob_Goldforge** puffs a cloud of foul smoke while talking
(01/03/10 13:39:47) Iselsi_Yumita: On the other hand, he usually gets dragged back by now. Need to go looking for him.
(01/03/10 13:40:38) *Auspicious_Lion** promptly puts the horse in a headlock when it doesn't cooperate and is a little more insistent with it! >:|
(01/03/10 13:41:24) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler checks the man out. Doesn't seem the type who's needing purity crystals, but you never know… "Sir, unless you intend to make a stew which would cause demons to explode on contact, this isn't the right cooking salt for you."
(01/03/10 13:41:47) Kindler_The_Hermit: "These are Mystical Lunar Crystals of the Eastern Bordermarches, made to cause ghosts to ignite on contact."
(01/03/10 13:41:49) SpardaTalespinner: KINDLER: You not know hear the light footsteps, you heard them coming towards you at least around the block, you can visualise the owner's height, build and that it's a boy. You also clearly hear the air parting his hand as he reaches into your cart, thinking he can pull a fast one on the blind guy, hehehehehehehe.
(01/03/10 13:42:46) Jacob_Goldforge: "We're still talkin about salt right? Goes in soup an on meat?"
(01/03/10 13:42:55) *Jacob_Goldforge** doens't appear to follow the whole demon line.
(01/03/10 13:44:13) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Yes, but you should know that salt is quite effective when used properly. You come from…" He sniffs. "Nexus, and you don't know about salt lines? Seems slightly sad to m-" His hand flicks out lightning fast, the wooden stick smacking away the hand reaching into his cart, his fingers twirling the staff until it strikes him hard on the forehead.
(01/03/10 13:44:18) Kindler_The_Hermit: "…do not. touch. my merchandise."
(01/03/10 13:45:09) *Jacob_Goldforge** eyes the theif
(01/03/10 13:47:32) SpardaTalespinner: There is a pause after both strokes and then "MmrrrrEEEOOOOWWWRRRRR! THAT HURT YA OLD BASTARD!" Yumita easily hears this.
(01/03/10 13:48:10) *Silver_Wind** looks on like a general looking over her troops as Lion pulls and yanks the horse into the pen easily, closing it behind him. She locks eyes with the horse and gives it a smile that could be best described as predatory.
(01/03/10 13:49:15) Silver_Wind: Helping Lion out of the pen she nods. "Thank you for your help. I can take it from here, so you're free to go back to helping the Imperials. Unless you want to watch of course." With that said she easily vaults onto the fence, but does not hop in quite yet.
(01/03/10 13:50:29) Iselsi_Yumita: …Mela chained and spanked, what did he pull this time? "Excuse me, is my apprentice causing trouble again?"
(01/03/10 13:50:35) *Auspicious_Lion** grins. "Thanks. I think I'd rather keep away from them for a while. They're… well, they're Imperials. That about sums it up."
(01/03/10 13:51:09) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler doesn't turn his head, his boot pressed against the young man's chest to keep him on the ground. "He was attempting to rob me."
(01/03/10 13:51:17) Silver_Wind: She stares at the horse. "I'm going to give you one chance. Just one. Behave or I'm going to embarass you in front of all these other horses." The rumor that Marukans talked to horses was apparently true, at least in Silver Wind's case.
(01/03/10 13:51:28) SpardaTalespinner: "Owwwwwwwwww, I thought I wouldn't get caught, honest!" Is his excuse to Yumita.
(01/03/10 13:52:01) Iselsi_Yumita: "Is that supposed to make it all better?" She asks rhetorically.
(01/03/10 13:52:04) *Jacob_Goldforge** 's attention went from theif, to horse breaking. Well. The muscle-sandwitch had gotten out without getting hurt. Darn. What about the girl. If that failed, he at least had the theif here for entertainment
(01/03/10 13:52:50) SpardaTalespinner: Akaya squirms. "Well… he hit me!" HE points at Kindler.
(01/03/10 13:53:02) SpardaTalespinner: "And I wasn't gonna STEAL it, just look at it!"
(01/03/10 13:53:21) Kindler_The_Hermit: The stick goes down to smack Akaya in the side of his chest along the ribs, not hard but enough to make a whip cracking sound.
(01/03/10 13:53:31) SpardaTalespinner: "EEEK!"
(01/03/10 13:53:36) Iselsi_Yumita: "If you were foolish enough to get caught, then you deserve it."
(01/03/10 13:54:41) Silver_Wind: After staring defiantly at each other for a moment, Silver Wind shrugs. "Fine, have it your way." She hops down into the pen and begins circling it, like a carrion bird over a carcass. After a moment or two of circling, she bolted forward, sidestepped as the horse attempted to boot her head in, and grabbed its mane and hauled herself onto its back with practiced ease.
(01/03/10 13:54:50) SpardaTalespinner: T___T "You're mean and I hate you."
(01/03/10 13:55:29) Iselsi_Yumita: "Yes, yes. Go back to the teahaus now."
(01/03/10 13:56:13) Silver_Wind: Immediatly it began to buck up and down, attempting to throw her against the fence, or onto the ground, or anything. But she stubbornly held on, even as it began to kick the fence with its hind legs as violently as possible. Still she held on, never even showing the slightest hint that this was hard.
(01/03/10 13:56:35) SpardaTalespinner: "I can't! This guy is standing on me!" He tries to move the man's foot to little avail.
(01/03/10 13:56:36) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler raises his boot, taking the pressure off of the would-be thief.
(01/03/10 13:56:42) *Jacob_Goldforge** wasn't interesting in the kid. Mom had shown up. The bronco breaking on the otherhand. This was good.
(01/03/10 13:56:58) SpardaTalespinner: He takes a breath and rolls away like a ruffled kitten, stalking back to the Goldenrod.
(01/03/10 13:57:10) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Just so you know, anything in my cart is my property. Next time I find your hand in there, I keep it."
(01/03/10 13:57:33) SpardaTalespinner: The kid comes back. "FINE, fine, I won't try it again, I'm not STUPID." He crosses his arms imperiously.
(01/03/10 13:58:11) *Auspicious_Lion** leans on the fence and watches Wind pretty much own that horse, giving an appreciative whistle.
(01/03/10 13:58:35) Silver_Wind: The horse gave another wild kick, actually breaking one of the logs that made up the pen, a violent jerk running through it. Finally, it fell onto its side and tried to roll Silver Wind over, but even before it had hit the ground she had moved onto its flank, and as it landed and rolled she moved with it, ending up on its back as it hauled itself back up.
(01/03/10 13:58:45) Jacob_Goldforge: "Empress's theighs, that woman's got some kick to her."
(01/03/10 13:58:51) *Jacob_Goldforge** whistled as the horse got it's wide ass kicked.
(01/03/10 13:59:20) SpardaTalespinner: The horse goes from being mean to being very afraid of the silver haired woman, it calms down. If horses could cry…
(01/03/10 13:59:26) Silver_Wind: Huffing with exertion, the horse finally gave up and stopped bucking, standing idle without the slightest hint it was annoyed with the woman on top of it.
(01/03/10 13:59:51) Iselsi_Yumita: "No, of course not."
(01/03/10 14:00:22) Silver_Wind: giving the horse a pat on its neck, she guided it to the gate at the pen and dismounted. Opening the pen, she led it back to the caravan.
(01/03/10 14:00:34) SpardaTalespinner: It's a very good horse now. It wants to be a good horse or else the silver haired woman wuold come for it again. It will tell it's children and they will tell their children of these tails. In a horsey way anyway.
(01/03/10 14:01:29) Jacob_Goldforge: "Ok. She's Marukan at the -least-. Got me a new horse-handler I think. Hells below, she probly will want the pay to go with it."
(01/03/10 14:01:36) *Jacob_Goldforge** muttered and took a hard draw of the pipe.
(01/03/10 14:02:17) SpardaTalespinner: And with that the stupid curly haired boy stomped off. Probably to tell a young lady a sob story.
(01/03/10 14:02:43) *Auspicious_Lion** follows after Wind over to the caravan wagon where everyone else seems to be gathering.
(01/03/10 14:03:47) Silver_Wind: Giving the now tamed horse back to the caravan people, she looked around and saw that almost everyone was looking at her. She gives an award-winning smile of victory, and then wanders over to Jacob. "Good enough?"
(01/03/10 14:04:40) Jacob_Goldforge: "Yeah yeah. You earn the damn contract and the leg pay. Hell, you just showed Ole Bitch her place so well I think there's a bonus in there for it."
(01/03/10 14:04:53) *Jacob_Goldforge** muttered the slow set of curses of a merchant getting their money worth and having to part honestly with it
(01/03/10 14:05:28) Silver_Wind: "Ah, actually I don't need the money. I like taking care of horses."
(01/03/10 14:09:08) Jacob_Goldforge: "Lucky I ain't gonna hold yez to that. Y'do good work. Yer gettin paid fer it."
(01/03/10 14:09:10) *Jacob_Goldforge** spits
(01/03/10 14:09:37) *Jacob_Goldforge** turns an eye back to Kindler
(01/03/10 14:09:49) *Silver_Wind** opens her mouth to protest, looks at Jacob, then quickly shuts it and shrugs.
(01/03/10 14:10:10) Jacob_Goldforge: "If it's holy salt m'not eatin it. Last thing I need is m'tounge curses."
(01/03/10 14:10:28) Jacob_Goldforge: *cursed
(01/03/10 14:11:36) *Auspicious_Lion** hmms, and steps up to Jacob. "Excuse me, sir, would it be alright if I could hitch a ride along with your caravan? Once the road gets clear, that is. I can help protect the caravan in return. I'm pretty good with a sword, if I say so myself."
(01/03/10 14:12:56) Silver_Wind: "If nothing else he can help me with the horses," Silver Wind chimed in. She liked the large man for some reason. He seemed so…honest.
(01/03/10 14:14:14) *Jacob_Goldforge** mutters, palming his face before puffing a cloud of foul smoke and glaring out from within it
(01/03/10 14:14:33) Jacob_Goldforge: "Fine, but he's only gettin food. I'll pay iffin we need the extra support. Been handlin security m'self."
(01/03/10 14:14:51) Kindler_The_Hermit: "It doesn't curse food. It STOPS curses. Do you not know anything about the Occult?"
(01/03/10 14:15:44) SpardaTalespinner: There is a moment…
(01/03/10 14:15:58) SpardaTalespinner: Time seems to stop and you are all looking at each other, locked in the last thought you had…
(01/03/10 14:17:05) SpardaTalespinner: A green flash tears across the sky, not a crack of undisciplined light, but a ring, a perfect ring, that expands from somewhere and draws it's incomprehensible mark across the clouded ceiling of the world, and then it's quiet for a few, fleeting moments…
(01/03/10 14:17:38) Auspicious_Lion: "Oh, that's fine. I don't need money that much. I just help where I can. I'll take care of anything that tries to prey on your caravan! Bandits, barbarians, ravagers, fair folk, rogue gods… er, well, those last ones might be a bit much for me, though, of course! But I'll do what I can!"
(01/03/10 14:18:01) Auspicious_Lion: "Uh. Speaking of which."
(01/03/10 14:18:02) Iselsi_Yumita: "Mela chained and spanked, what was *that*?"
(01/03/10 14:18:19) Jacob_Goldforge: "You know so much about the occult old man, you tell me what -that- was."
(01/03/10 14:18:38) *Jacob_Goldforge** takes the pipe out of his mouth and points to the sky with it, ignoring the fact that Kindler is blind as a goddamn bat
(01/03/10 14:18:44) Kindler_The_Hermit: If Kindler knew how to glare, he would.
(01/03/10 14:19:02) Kindler_The_Hermit: "One. I'm only 29. Judging from the sound of your lungs, I'm younger than you."
(01/03/10 14:19:13) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Second, if you haven't noticed, I'M GODSDAMN BLIND."
(01/03/10 14:19:36) *Silver_Wind** jaw drops at the sky, and in her mind she screams for kheervis to get to her A.S.A.P.!!!
(01/03/10 14:19:37) SpardaTalespinner: There is a muffled cacophany of voices in the depts of your minds, for some it is louder, for others their Conviction guards their hearts from it's terrible clawing sonorousness.
(01/03/10 14:20:45) Silver_Wind: "AAAAAAHHHHH" Silver Wind screams as she clamps her hands over he ears, futily trying to stop the sounds.
(01/03/10 14:21:07) *Jacob_Goldforge** twitches slightly, twiddling a finger in his ear and squinting.
(01/03/10 14:21:25) *Auspicious_Lion** draws his sword as the voices start, and slides his shield off his back, looking around warily for the source of the unnatural voices.
(01/03/10 14:21:39) Jacob_Goldforge: "Ok, new plan. I'mma get to the caravan and get ready for trouble. Anyone who wants to follow? Fucking -great-"
(01/03/10 14:21:42) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler stopped and listened, letting Cerano describe the visuals of what had happened. He wasn't liking the voices in his head part. It was hard enough listening to all the people normally. Even harder when you can't tell what's real and what isn't.
(01/03/10 14:23:58) SpardaTalespinner: The sound breaks, like porcelain falling to the earth, replaced by the patter of rain that had been suspended in the air what felt like an hour. And then the sound resumes but this time it's not coming from any of your minds, it's quite CLEARLY coming from the city. It's a riot, a sudden, violent riot, Farmers lift their tools from where they'd been peacefully resting and begin attacking
(01/03/10 14:25:27) SpardaTalespinner: their neighbors. A woman CRASHES, screaming, blood streaming from her mouth, through the wall of the Goldenrod, brandishing a bloody copper teakettle that quickly smashes in the head of another man who is quite busy strangling his child. The child then takes up her father's rope and goes after the woman, screaming like a banshee.
(01/03/10 14:25:53) *Jacob_Goldforge** stops talking, the pipe hanging from his lip
(01/03/10 14:26:08) Iselsi_Yumita: "…Mela chained and spanked."
(01/03/10 14:26:14) SpardaTalespinner: YUMITA: You hear Akaya screaming.
(01/03/10 14:26:36) Iselsi_Yumita: "Shiiittt…" She takes off towards him.
(01/03/10 14:26:41) *Silver_Wind** cannot comprehend what is happening. He jaw is open in shock as people start killing each other for no reason
(01/03/10 14:26:42) *Auspicious_Lion** draws his sword as the villagers start going fucking nuts. See? YOZI CULTS I WARNED YOU ABOUT YOZI CULTS BRO
(01/03/10 14:26:55) SpardaTalespinner: Between the screams of rage and sadistic glee there are the screams of people who haven't been affected by whatever this was, running from their loved ones in fear and sorrow.
(01/03/10 14:27:53) Auspicious_Lion: "Ignis Divine, what's happening? Half the people here have gone insane!"
(01/03/10 14:27:54) Silver_Wind: "KHEERVIS!!" She screams into the bond of her horse, summoning him to her side as fast as the the Finest can manage.
(01/03/10 14:28:06) SpardaTalespinner: "AAAIIIEEEEEE!" The pigtailed girl who was rejected by Kindler earlier is assaulting Akaya who is attempting to pull his pants back up, his arms and bare chest covered in scratches.
(01/03/10 14:28:34) *Iselsi_Yumita** pulls up short. "…"
(01/03/10 14:28:42) SpardaTalespinner: SW: Kheervis is afraid, the people who were watching the stable are gleefully gouging each other's eyes out, neither seems to notice that they're both already eyeless.
(01/03/10 14:28:46) SpardaTalespinner: He's running towards you.
(01/03/10 14:28:58) Jacob_Goldforge: "Half? Looks like almost -all- of them."
(01/03/10 14:29:15) *Jacob_Goldforge** loops the hammer off his belt and looks around for anything running at them, and possibly -sane-.
(01/03/10 14:29:51) Auspicious_Lion: "Whatever! I've got to stop them!" He pulls his shield off his back, and rushes in, turning his sword sideways to incapacitate rather than kill.
(01/03/10 14:30:15) SpardaTalespinner: "AAIIIEEE! AAAAAIIIIEEE!" She's just screaming scratching and clawing, her face contorted in an orgiastic mask of sadistic glee as she beats and claws poor Akaya, who is crying and trying to cover himself.
(01/03/10 14:30:42) Iselsi_Yumita: "…Fuck this." She grabs the girl by the back of her neck.
(01/03/10 14:31:31) SpardaTalespinner: The girl apparently has her target locked and keeps trying to reach for Akaya even though you have her in hand. Her eyes are WRONG. They are green like acid, with something spiralling within them, the pupil gone.
(01/03/10 14:32:34) Silver_Wind: As Kheervis runs up Silver Wind she grabs his saddle horn and is on him in an instant, the Finest never slowing down. She sends soothing energy through their bond as they run up to the nearest person trying to run from this insanity. (Spirit-Steadying Assurances 3 motes)
(01/03/10 14:32:37) Iselsi_Yumita: "Akaya. What is going on here?"
(01/03/10 14:32:45) *Jacob_Goldforge** has a sudden bad feeling and turns his attention to the Imperial road workers and soldiers.
(01/03/10 14:33:28) SpardaTalespinner: SW: The young scalelord from earlier is defending himself valiantly against his former troops who circle him and hang low to the ground like beasts, blades in hand, toying with him and taunting him.
(01/03/10 14:34:16) SpardaTalespinner: Yumita: "FUCK I don't know! I just, I was, you know, WITH her and then there was this flash and I heard voices and she started trying to kill me!"
(01/03/10 14:34:38) Silver_Wind: Running full gallop Silver Wind and Kheervis try and blow through the beastial soldiers and grab the scalelord, never slowing down as she hauls him onto the saddle with her.
(01/03/10 14:34:41) *Auspicious_Lion** sees the Imperial soldiers gone nuts, and decides they're the most dangerous, since they have weapons and stuff, and veers over to stop them first! "HEY! Control yourselves, or I'll do it for you!"
(01/03/10 14:35:21) Iselsi_Yumita: "All right. Grab her arms."
(01/03/10 14:36:45) *Jacob_Goldforge** moves after Lion, slapping the hammer into the palm of his free hand
(01/03/10 14:36:47) SpardaTalespinner: Silver Wind: The commander holds onto your waist and doesn't appear to have HIS right mind either but in a more mundane way of crying and pissing his armor.
(01/03/10 14:36:50) Jacob_Goldforge: "Time t'earn some pay kid."
(01/03/10 14:37:23) Auspicious_Lion: "Yeah! Wait, you said you weren't paying me."
(01/03/10 14:38:55) Jacob_Goldforge: "Will fer the fightin. If you avoid -killing- everyone with yer pigsticker."
(01/03/10 14:39:01) SpardaTalespinner: "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The soldiers all cry. At the same time. Exactly the same time, and charge forward, blades swinging wildly.
(01/03/10 14:39:12) Jacob_Goldforge: "Oh fer fucks sake."
(01/03/10 14:39:16) Auspicious_Lion: "Of course. It's not their fault."
(01/03/10 14:39:30) SpardaTalespinner: Yumita: Akaya gets his clothes back on and pins her arms to her sides.
(01/03/10 14:40:21) Iselsi_Yumita: "Good. Follow me, and bring her."
(01/03/10 14:40:38) SpardaTalespinner: "BRING HER? Ohhhh, DAMN it…" He starts to drag her along as best he can.
(01/03/10 14:41:04) Iselsi_Yumita: "Yes. Because I want to know that she's not sneaking up behind us to try again."
(01/03/10 14:42:32) Silver_Wind: Pulling Kheervis to a stop, Silver Wind looks around and curses herself for not having any fowling arrows. She looks back at the commander sniveling behind her. "Hey! Snap out of it already, you're a soldier aren't you? We need to help these people!"
(01/03/10 14:43:14) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler managed to close his eyes, mostly just a symbolic gesture. He set the wooden stick aside, reaching behind his back to slowly slide the gold staff from the leather wrap. He tapped it several times on the ground, large amounts of his personal essence draining into the ground and air as sound shimmers about and he takes it all in.
(01/03/10 14:43:52) SpardaTalespinner: He doesn't calm down very much at all.
(01/03/10 14:44:24) Iselsi_Yumita: "Damn it, where's that rope I saw…"
(01/03/10 14:44:33) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler, you can see the city and all of it's people as if you had the vision of a GOD, without seeing. You can even tell who's gone mad and who hasn't.
(01/03/10 14:45:01) Kindler_The_Hermit: He cannot see, but he can sense and hear everything. And right now, a lot of people were getting hurt. "Curse my bleeding heart." Cerano hopped up and into the air as Kindler goes running into the direction of the nearest screaming child.
(01/03/10 14:46:23) Silver_Wind: Growling, Silver Wind spins in the saddle, grabs the commander's head, and pulls it so she's looking him in the eye. "Mars damn us all, LISTEN TO ME! People are going to DIE if you don't pull yourself together!" She put magic into her words. (Presence Excellency, 6 motes.)
(01/03/10 14:48:24) SpardaTalespinner: The commander seems to finally come to his senses. "Right, right, a Scale Lord of the realm can't lose himself in a tight situation!"
(01/03/10 14:49:21) Silver_Wind: "Now listen up, here's the plan. You stay here, away from the worst stuff. I'm going back in, going to grab as many people as possible and bring them back here. You try and get them calm and organized as best you can, and KEEP THEM SAFE. Understood?!"
(01/03/10 14:50:08) SpardaTalespinner: "Yes ma'am!" He salutes.
(01/03/10 14:50:49) Silver_Wind: Turning Kheervis back towards the town, her magic calming him even as her own stomach does flips, Silver Wind rushes back into town.
(01/03/10 14:53:25) *Jacob_Goldforge** wades into the midst of the incoming soldiers, bringing the broad headed hammer around to impact hard into a man's solar plexus. No killing. The crazy -might- not be their fault. Just bring down the ones with the weapons first. Lets see if this works
(01/03/10 14:54:43) *Silver_Wind** runs around trying her best to save people being assaulted by the mad, magic fueling her actions. (1st Ride Excellency, 6 motes)
(01/03/10 14:56:30) *Auspicious_Lion** blocks the first oncoming soldier with his shield, batting a second out of the way with his sword, before… sheathing it? But then he pushes them both back with his shield, and yanks his scabbard off of his belt, blade still in it, and starts pummeling the soldiers with it.
(01/03/10 14:56:52) SpardaTalespinner: Silver Wind is like a valkyrie on the back of Kheervis, snatching people from the claws of certain doom at their mad neighbors. People cry and Exalt her name! No pun intended.
(01/03/10 14:57:02) *Kindler_The_Hermit** moves quickly and gracefully throughout the town, his combo giving him such an intuitive sense of the village that he knew the location of every hole, every branch, and every rock. Brandishing the lion's head of his wrackstaff he struck the crazies down in his wake, his flurries golden lightning as he knocked them unconscious and lead out the victims. Some were hesitant about following a…
(01/03/10 14:57:05) *Kindler_The_Hermit** …blind man, but when Cerano clawed at the eyes of what seemed to be a blacksmith, they followed along.
(01/03/10 14:59:46) SpardaTalespinner: Lion, you do well enough beating the soldiers unconscious enough to keep them from doing any harm! Yay!
(01/03/10 15:00:27) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler you are a lightning bolt traveling across the field, bouncing from place to place using your superhuman acuity to know precisely where there are people to save and where they're too busy tear each other's throats out with their teeth.
(01/03/10 15:04:38) *Auspicious_Lion** soundly trounces the Imperial legionnaires with a sheathed sword alongside Jacob despite the fact that they're trained soldiers and we're just a farmboy and a blacksmith. THERE IS NOTHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT THIS.
(01/03/10 15:05:25) SpardaTalespinner: OF COURSE NOT.
(01/03/10 15:06:25) *Jacob_Goldforge** is NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL, not even as he slams the smithing hammer into another oncoming soldier's head with an arcing crack.
(01/03/10 15:07:39) SpardaTalespinner: It it grueling, grim work but half an hour later the town has gone eerily quiet, people unconscious, tied, stored away, imprisoned, the survivors but a handful of shaking townspeople. MAny more were unaffected but died in the ensuing chaos, some in ways better not recounted…
(01/03/10 15:09:48) SpardaTalespinner: There are people crying and bowing, pledging their life savings to Kindler and Silver Wind, by the by.
(01/03/10 15:10:23) *Auspicious_Lion** catches his breath, and puts his scabbard back on his belt. "I think that's the last of them."
(01/03/10 15:11:42) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler: You can sense more of the mad people still… But they're in hiding, just kind of quivering and seizing in place… And then they stop. A lot of the tied up crazies start to act similarly, jerking in their bonds but not AGAINST their bonds, foaming at the mouths.
(01/03/10 15:12:15) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler waves it off. "I have no use for money. Keep it. Though were you to have any contacts in other towns, please pass along the name of Kindler the Hermi-" He looked about. "Hrrrm…they've settled down."
(01/03/10 15:13:31) *Silver_Wind** shakes her head at the praise people are giving her. "Don't thank me for doing waht I did. It needed to be done." She looked down at the blind man next to her, a large golden staff in his hand. "So is it safe to go back in?"
(01/03/10 15:14:57) Kindler_The_Hermit: Cerano rested lightly on Kindler's shoulders, the hawk cleaning its wings of blood, the feathers glinting like the edge of a blade. "Safe as can be. The ones we missed suddenly went quiet. Either it's over, or they're dead."
(01/03/10 15:15:12) *Jacob_Goldforge** scratches his head, eyeing the surrounding area.
(01/03/10 15:15:26) Jacob_Goldforge: "Let's say we find out then? You able to point to one of the quiet ones?"
(01/03/10 15:16:20) SpardaTalespinner: Their jittering and seizing begins to intensify and they all start to jerk in their bonds towards the nearest person, growling and howling like animals, teeth gnashing.
(01/03/10 15:16:53) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Take your pick. They've all gone quiet. Though there are groups who went into hiding in a few of the houses."
(01/03/10 15:17:22) *Silver_Wind** listens to the sounds out of the town. "sure doesn't sound like they've gone quite."
(01/03/10 15:17:27) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Also." He uses his staff to slowly push back one of the angry ones squirming on the ground. "We should put these in an animal pen until they settle down."
(01/03/10 15:17:36) *Jacob_Goldforge** grunts and moves to pack his pipe full of Nexus weed again before sparking it and heading for a house with the hammer in hand
(01/03/10 15:17:46) Jacob_Goldforge: "You do that. I'mma see just how crazy they are or arn't.
(01/03/10 15:18:53) SpardaTalespinner: In tandem, the crazies all arch up and begin to emit a piercing scream, the acidic green light lifting from their eyes… Hanging in the air like ghost flames…
(01/03/10 15:18:56) *Silver_Wind** follows Jacob, her new "employer" might need a fast escape.
(01/03/10 15:19:19) Kindler_The_Hermit: "SHIT!" Kindler grabs at his head, doing his best to cover his ears.
(01/03/10 15:19:36) SpardaTalespinner: It's the exact same color as the flash across the sy earlier, trailing the same alien runes…
(01/03/10 15:20:31) *Jacob_Goldforge** winces and grabs at his ears instinctivly, stopping short of the door Kindler pointed to
(01/03/10 15:20:39) Jacob_Goldforge: "What in the HELLS is going on?"
(01/03/10 15:22:23) SpardaTalespinner: The screaming abruptly stops, and the victims all fall dead before those motes of light begin to slam together, forming a ring like the one you'd all seen earlier, this time though it's small, only about a foot and a half across, slowly rotating in the air. The whispers you all heard earlier are coming from it…
(01/03/10 15:23:24) *Silver_Wind** pulls her bow out as the green light makes a circle and moves Kheervis away from it in a slow trot
(01/03/10 15:23:58) *Iselsi_Yumita** pulls out a cigarette, lighting up as she returns to the main square.
(01/03/10 15:24:04) *Auspicious_Lion** stares in shock as the victims suddenly die, and the ring forms in the air. "…I'm going to go get my good sword." This is no time for subtlety.
(01/03/10 15:24:26) *Jacob_Goldforge** shudders and nods
(01/03/10 15:24:52) SpardaTalespinner: icannotfindegresstoosmaltoolittletoofewdeathsneedmoresacrifices 'Yes. Yes of course, I understand, I was a fool to choose this place, next time I'll do better, I'll go somewhere with more people, I swear it to you…'
(01/03/10 15:25:39) Jacob_Goldforge: "Anyone else hearing that?"
(01/03/10 15:26:00) Iselsi_Yumita: "No. Of course not."
(01/03/10 15:26:07) *Silver_Wind** nods and pulls and broadhead arrow out and strings it on her bow, pointed at the circle
(01/03/10 15:26:09) SpardaTalespinner: You hear, from the ring, these voice, above a whisper now. One whisper too wrong for you to focus on properly, the other a human voice for certain, pulsing from the ring.
(01/03/10 15:26:27) SpardaTalespinner: Whoever is speaking doesn't seem to realize they can be heard.
(01/03/10 15:27:19) SpardaTalespinner: itshallnotgotowasteitshallhinderthegoldenones "Golden ones? Master, please, do you m-" The ring shoots outwards, flying towards the Scale Lord's head!
(01/03/10 15:27:19) Auspicious_Lion: "Yeah… it sounds like somebody talking. Whoever it was that caused this…" He scowls, and heads to the wagon he had been travelling in before, and begins removing his breastplate and donning his golden lamellar and retrieving Varan's Triumph.
(01/03/10 15:29:46) Silver_Wind: Silver Wind scowls and aims her arrow to cut through the circle, magic beginning to shimmer on her forehead, all pretenses gone now in favor of saving the people around her. (1st Archery, 6 motes)
(01/03/10 15:33:03) SpardaTalespinner: Silver Wind's arrow, imbued with her solar magics, streaks through the flying ring. It isn't destroyed, but it seems to steal some of that green radiance as it is shot through and the arrow is consumed. The ring flies around the commander's head and it seems to "catch" on him, spinning into position like a halo…
(01/03/10 15:37:33) *Jacob_Goldforge** flexes a hand around his smithing hammer, eyeing the ring. The man. The -problem-.
(01/03/10 15:38:39) SpardaTalespinner: The commander tears off his helmet with a screech, grasping at his head but he can't grab the halo, his hands pass right through it. Then the transformation begins. His limbs elongate, his skin pales into a sickly green, he seems to draw in on himself as if some vacuum were pulling towards his gut, tightening his skin across his body to his bones. His hair falls out in feathery clumps, eyes
(01/03/10 15:39:59) SpardaTalespinner: rolling up into his head until all you can see are the white-turned-red and green of them. His back bursts and ribbons of muscle stretch out like profane wings and his clothing seems to burst off of him in a wave of sickly emerald energy, leaving behind a perfectly sexless, hairless creature, hands folded in prayer, suspended limply by it's wings, staring up at you all.
(01/03/10 15:40:37) *Jacob_Goldforge** drops the hammer and sprints for the caravan. Given enough time, he's getting the BIG hammer out. The one that -matters-.
(01/03/10 15:41:09) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler could hear the sound of bones cracking and shifting, but not enough to really feel what it looks like. Cerano's descriptions weren't helping.
(01/03/10 15:43:00) SpardaTalespinner: "Transformation complete. Connection Made." The voice is like listening to a washed out painting viewed from far away, quieter than it could possibly be given it's proximity and volume. "Now is the end of Conviction, that which steels the mind."
(01/03/10 15:43:33) Iselsi_Yumita: "…Mela chained and spanked, that sounds bad."
(01/03/10 15:54:16) Kindler_The_Hermit: "Very well…the lion wishes to face you." The golden staff spins effortlessly in Kindler's hands, making a loud whistling sound as he draws attention to himself while Cerano flaps off his shoulder and into the air. He paces back and forth until Cerano gets in the proper position and gives out a loud cry, signaling to Kindler where to strike.
(01/03/10 16:02:20) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler's mind is steel against the assault and he knows his staff strikes true!
(01/03/10 16:10:07) SpardaTalespinner: The hermit's golden staf slams into the creature's side and it's body distends in a disturbing away as if spreading out the force of the blow. It makes no sound, only stares into Kindler's sightless eyes as he makes his attack.
(01/03/10 16:20:07) SpardaTalespinner: The creature's eyes pulse with silckly green light and there's a sort of wind that ruffles past Kindler… It takes a moment, but then you are HIT. Blood runs down your nostrils and there's the momentary flash of utter confusion and being lost, not knowing who you are… You take 2 lethal damage.
(01/03/10 16:21:06) SpardaTalespinner: *REWIND*
(01/03/10 16:21:33) *Iselsi_Yumita** darts to the attack, naginata whirling as she leaps into the air, before somersaulting and plunging downwards, blade hitting the creature's head as the Dynast tucks herself into a roll away, then backflips to face the creature.
(01/03/10 16:21:48) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler's mind proves itself to be just as steely and powerful a second time and he feels not a breath of the attack.
(01/03/10 16:24:21) SpardaTalespinner: Yumita's naginata finds it's mark and she is VICTORIOUS! But the creature's blood is staining the blade and crawling up her arms, crawlign to her neck, to her head, expanding into a halo and she can FEEL the hair falling off of her head, her limbs elongating, her eyes rolling up as madness and pain and fear overwhelm her, steal her very identity, she can see herself rounding on Akaya first and
(01/03/10 16:24:40) SpardaTalespinner: Yumita just attacked nothing!
(01/03/10 16:25:57) Auspicious_Lion: Suddenly, the door of a nearby wagon flings open, and a flash of red and gold shoots out of it. It's Auspicious Lion, glad in armor made of impossibly brilliant gold bands and wielding a sword and shield of the same shining metal. His headband has been removed, revealing a glimmering golden brand on his brow in the shape of a sunburst.
(01/03/10 16:25:57) *Auspicious_Lion** soars dozens of feet into the air, and arcs down from the sky towards the monstrous angel, his sword leading the way and his red cape trailing behind him as he channels his righteous fury into the attack!
(01/03/10 16:30:46) SpardaTalespinner: The mad angel is righteously smited by the attack, bubbling green ichor spilling from a gash across it's bulging ribcage! It's starting to look worse for the wear.
(01/03/10 16:33:49) *Jacob_Goldforge** steps out from behind the caravan, hauling a massive, golden grand goremaul flowing trails of essence. The smith charges, whorls of essence-fire flaring from his body as the hammer seems to split into four separate furious arcs of unyielding pain and meteoric flame.
(01/03/10 16:36:27) SpardaTalespinner: Jacob, you find yourself crushing the beast, victorious! But… Why stop there? There are more, you could crush the CHILD and the BLIND MAN and the silver haired woman and just keep CRUSHING and CRUSHING, they're all in the way somehow, if they were all gone you could do WHATEVER you wanted!
(01/03/10 16:36:42) SpardaTalespinner: You have attacked… to the left of the monster, and it's mind brushed yours. CLOSELY.
(01/03/10 16:39:02) *Silver_Wind** looks out at the beast, so close to defeat and yet that defeat seems to give it desperation, causing those who attacked it (was that orichalcum? Solars?!) to miss completely. In no time the monster may just decide to attack them, or worse the helpless townfolks. Silver Wind couldn't let that happen. She Won't!
(01/03/10 16:49:45) Silver_Wind: Even as she felt the THING try and warp her mind she pushed back and reached down into her soul, ripping the magic therein and channeling it into her arms. Reaching down she pulled out four broadhead arrows, three between the knuckles of her fingers and the 4th strung already. Glaring down at the creature she let each fly in quick succession.
(01/03/10 16:51:27) Silver_Wind: As they flew through the air the arrows seem to be enveloped in a golden shield, one which matched the golden aura suddenly springing around her. They flew with unnering accuracy, guided by her desire and magic.
(01/03/10 16:57:12) SpardaTalespinner: Silver Wind's first three arrows snap and crumple and fall to the ground before they reach the thing, the last one just seems to ricochet off it's hands.
(01/03/10 16:59:33) SpardaTalespinner: The creature is now in front of Silver Wind.
(01/03/10 17:02:24) SpardaTalespinner: Silver Wind is creeped out by it's stare but it is unable to penetrate her mind!
(01/03/10 17:06:23) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler's blank eyes staring ahead of himself, Cerano flapping about as its wings glint like a sword. It bobs and weaves, darting around the strange creature like a leaf on the wind. Finally, at right the same time, Cerano let out a screech and the golden staff struck out in a thrust, the lion head striking against the halo.
(01/03/10 17:12:08) SpardaTalespinner: Kindler's Staff meets it's mark again and the halo SHATTERS, the creature convulsing and SCREECHING as it seems to melt into green ichor, splattering Silver Wind with it's death throes, its corpse slowly morphing back to that of the young commander, covered in green ichor, face contorted in fear and agony and very much dead.
(01/03/10 17:14:12) *Silver_Wind** looks down at the…the….stuff splattered over her, her bug eyes and horrified look makes it look like she is very close to freaking the fuck out. Nevermind that she's billowing with a filmy gold silver light and the Brand of her station on her forehead
(01/03/10 17:14:36) SpardaTalespinner: Her anima clears the nastiness fairly quickly!
(01/03/10 17:14:47) Silver_Wind: still almost freaking out
(01/03/10 17:14:58) SpardaTalespinner: But clean! :3
(01/03/10 17:15:19) Silver_Wind: Her eyes are locked down on the glassy stare of the man she failed to save.
(01/03/10 17:15:27) *Jacob_Goldforge** rears up from where his Goremaul impacted the ground, flickers of red and gold flame from his anima flicking around his blaring caste-mark. He breathes heavily, resisting the urge to pick up the massive weapon and continue the carnage….
(01/03/10 17:15:44) Jacob_Goldforge: "Well. This. Isn't. Good. Yeah?"
(01/03/10 17:16:30) SpardaTalespinner: On the bright side… all is quiet now?
(01/03/10 17:16:43) *Auspicious_Lion** lowers his daiklave, then sheathes it on his back, hanging up his shield as well. He sighs. "What the hell was that thing?"
(01/03/10 17:18:08) Jacob_Goldforge: "Going to go by the urge to pulp everyone in sight that that was a demon."
(01/03/10 17:18:23) *Jacob_Goldforge** shakes his head violently, causing a blur of light from his forehead
(01/03/10 17:25:06) SpardaTalespinner: The mortals have run away for the most part, minus a few who were still so starstruck by the heroism from earlier that they stayed, just cowered.
(01/03/10 17:25:06) *Jacob_Goldforge** leans heavily on the haft of his weapon, shutting his eyes and opening them slowly
(01/03/10 17:25:06) *Silver_Wind** quivered for a second, then lowered her face into Kheervis' mane as she guided him back away from the…mortal-turned-abomination-turned mortal, hiding her face as her failure overwhelmed her.
(01/03/10 17:25:06) Kindler_The_Hermit: Kindler rolls his neck, loosening his muscles as he twirls the staff back into the long leather holder, Cerano flapping down to rest on his shoulder.

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