Aurora Dusk Rose

Theme Song "Truth"

Name: Aurora Dusk Rose (Auro for short. He thinks his name sounds like a girl's.)
Caste: Eclipse
Motivation: Halt the advance of the Bull of the North.
Anima: A halo of 7 interlocking rings shining behind him.

Intimacies: +His Kingdom (Extreme Sense of Duty), -The Bull of the North (Sees him as a tyrant), +Flowers of all kinds (Inspires), +Anyone who swears fealty to him (Obligation and Duty), +Friends (Wants what's best for them), +Allies (Loyalty and Trust), +Proving his competence (drive), +The less fortunate (charity)

Thrown Exceptional Knife Pool: 11 Dice, 5L base damage (With bracers), -1 DV, Speed 4

Soak: 8L/7B
DDV: 7 (8 in a cloak) PDV: 4 MDV: 6


STR: 1
DEX: 4
STA: 2

CHA: 4
MAN: 3
APP: 4

PER: 3
INT: 3
WIT: 3


Athletics: 1
Awareness: 1
*Bureaucracy: 4
Dodge: 4
Investigation: 1
*Integrity: 2
Larceny: 1
*Linguistics: 2
Lore: 2
Martial Arts:
Occult: 1
*Performance: 3
*Presence: 4
*Ride: 2
*Socialize: 4
Stealth: 2
*Thrown: 4
*War: 3


Thrown: Knives 2
Performance: Song


Manse: 5 (Stone of Loyalty) (For anyone under the bearer’s command or who has sworn an oath of loyalty to her, even thinking of betrayal requires a difficulty 5 Conviction roll. For friends and allies of the bearer, the difficulty of this roll drops to 3. Players of even casual acquaintances must succeed at a simple Conviction roll to betray or consider betraying or opposing the character. If the individual honestly considers the betrayal to be trivial, or done in the bearer’s best interests the difficulty of this roll drops by 1 to a minimum of 1. )

Artifact: 2 (Hearthstone Bracers) (Hearthstone mount, +3 to Dodge DV pool, +2 to Damage of all attacks)

Artifact: 1 (Orichalcum Chain Shirt)

Resources: 2 (What money, weapons and valuables he could grab on his way out of the Bull's territory.)

Merits and Flaws


First Presence
First Socialize
First Thrown
First War
Triple-Distance Attack
Cascade of Cutting Terror
Spirit Weapons
Majestic Radiant Presence
Wise-Eyed Courtier Method
Mastery of Small Manners


Essence: 3

Personal: 16/16
Peripheral: 32/32
Commited: 6 motes

Compassion: 3
Conviction: 3
Temperance: 2
Valor: 2

Willpower: 7


-0 []
-1 [] []
-2 [] []
-4 [] []
Inc []


Orichalcum Chain Shirt: +7L/+5B soak, 3L/3B Hardness

Many Exceptional Knives: Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +2L, Defense +0, Range: 25, Rate 3, Tags: T

History: In the northeast between Cherak and Port Marin, about 100 miles north of the coast there was once a gorgeous little jewel of a city-state called Windmane, the city situated atop a great hill, sprawling up and down the slope. For centuries the small, poor kingdom remained unmolested, despite the grandeur of its castle and the toil of its loyal, hard-working citizens. Prince Auro's life there was once so very idyllic. He was taught duty and compassion, was educated thoroughly, was shown how to govern with a fair and just hand and to always, always hear the voices of the people. These values were ingrained into him as he grew into a young man. Those years he still dreams about, taking tea and being tested on manners, etiquette and matters of state with his mother. Riding through the countryside with his father and their friends, being taught how to throw knives and hatchets for sport, as was the custom of the nobility in Windmane.

When the Bull of the North came rolling through their territory the tiny kingdom refused to back down, attempting to resolve the situation diplomatically and when the Bull would not just leave them alone they closed their borders. The Bull, not wanting to spend his resources on the small country, discovered a snow behemoth hibernating nearby and wrangled it, pointing it in the direction of Windmane. The charging monster destroyed their walls, trampled their city and smashed stately Windmane Hall to nothing. Only Dusk managed to escape and that was only with help from above.

Seeing the uncaring way the Bull set his beast on his people created an iron resolve in him, a righteous outrage that sparked an Exaltation. He spoke to the Sun, who told him in no uncertain terms that he should use this new power to build his OWN nation and Dusk agreed. He swore before Sol Invictus that he would build a nation counter to the Bull's war machine and tyranny, that through example and prosperity would attract other nations to conglomerate, to create a great alliance powerful enough to save creation and, perhaps, to return the Unconquered Sun's gaze upon it.

Fleeing his ruined nation which was quickly becoming infested by Icewalker hordes the young prince found himself stumbling through an ancient forest, seemingly pulled by forces he couldn't explain towards a first age manse that rested at its heart. He found himself attuned to it and received the hearthstone, an extremely powerful Stone of Loyalty. It was as if the ancient palace had been waiting for him, in its little forest where no forest on a map would be. He was alone there, though, and though the manse clearly had powerful defenses he didn't want to test them too long. He fled from the manse after telling the guardian of that place, who had greeted him like a son returned home, to make sure anyone trying to reach the manse found themselves lost until they were outside the woods again.

In his flight from the Manse all he really managed to pick up were the hearthstone bracers and an orichalcum chain shirt he'd found lying on a bed, as if someone had been planning to wear it but was never able to put it on. There may yet be other treasures in the mansion, waiting to be revealed. Auro wishes to return one day but feels the place is guarded well enough for now and instead flees towards Whitewall by way of a ship from Cherak up the coast. He hopes at the end of the holy road will be a sign as to what he should do next to fulfill the Sun's wish for him, or at least that he might find some allies. A prince can only go so far with some magical armor and a sack full of royal knicknacks.

Manse 5: The Diamond Soul Palace (Wood Aspect Manse)

Description: The Diamond Soul Palace is a gorgeous mansion of wood, plush carpeting, marble arches and diamond windows. It is 4 stories tall with a central foyer, great hall, ballroom and dining room and two expansive wings that spread out into the woods that surround the palace. many well-furnished rooms and thick, solid doors. The material for each room appears subtly different from the last, but are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing spectrum. There is no metal in the construction of the house, not even in nails or screws, everything is made of natural materials, wood, stone and green jade. The white stone walls are twined with ivy and jasmine that create beautiful abstract patterns and pillars of green jade reinforce the structure at regular intervals . The most prevalent feature of the palace, and the feature from which it gets its name, are the great semi-transparent windows of gorgeous kaleidoscopic diamond that line the great halls. Light passes through them and takes on the purest white hue, bathing the halls in an almost reverent radiance. The mansion itself is not the entire manse, however. The surrounding 4000 acres of forest are also, technically, the manse thanks to an extensive zone of influence.

Maintenance: 2 (Once every month the diamond windows must be examined for accumulated grime and cleaned until no light is blocked from passing through them. The manse's guardian has taken care of this duty for thousands of years.)

Password Control: 1 (The manse's doors and various powers are password-locked fairly extensively. The hearthstone-bearer may change the passwords whenever they like. Normally, the doors of the manse are password locked based on floor and wing with personal rooms and important storage areas given unique passwords. The magical functions of the manse are also password locked, with one password to call up control of the function and others to execute commands. The hearthstone-bearer always knows the passwords required and can give out or alter them.)

Zone of Influence: 3 (The manse's magical properties, senses and control extends for 2500 yards in every direction.)

Wood Dragon's Will: 3 (The Diamond Soul Palace extends a potent essence field throughout its entire zone of influence that gives it complete control over all plant life, insects and animals of essence 1 in its radius. Pests are kept out of this area while animals that are beneficial to the manse's operations or defense are influenced to stay and raise young. Friendly animals are controlled to do chores and minor cleaning tasks and whatever can be done without the benefit of opposable thumbs. The earth is eternally and extremely fertile, working with Subtle Breath to keep the dirt unfrozen and ready for planting and tilling. There is never a shortage of food of either the plant or animal kind because of this, creating a stable and abundant ecosystem. If the animal population becomes to large, then some are influenced to leave until things are more in balance again. Those who are permitted or know the passwords can control the growth and movement of trees, bushes and vines to create shelters for themselves, they are also given protection from the dangerous wildlife in the forest. Those who are hostile to the manse will find themselves hounded by beasts and herded along spiraling paths that only lead back out of the forest as landmarks are created and destroyed and trees, bushes and vines move and grow to prevent forward movement.)

Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis: 1 (Despite being in the frigid north the grounds of the manse are eternally temperate and comfortable for those that are welcome there, with simple passwords allowing the user to change their own personal atmospheric settings so that a tiny radius around them is exactly how they want it to be. Alternatively, those who are hostile to the manse and do not present the proper passwords are assailed by the awful chill that should be in the air in such a dark, wintery wood. This power works with Wood Dragon's Will to deter aggressors. Fires started within the radius of the manse's control are swiftly doused or snuffed out.)

Magical Conveniences: 1 (The offices and personal quarters have tablets that record and erase spoken dictation, then print it out on normal paper. Any flowers and vines on manse grounds can light up like heatless torches, automatically when entering a room or glade or on command. Green jade contraptions like large boxes on legs litter the mansion and grounds, acting like miniature kitchens: you put in material that can be made into food and it processes it into a meal complete with fine flatware and dishes. Large cylindrical machines in the back yard of the mansion act as alcohol distilleries, transforming any organic material capable of fermentation into an alcoholic beverage of like amount within 3 days. Finally, the many washrooms of the estate are stocked with strile and high quality first aid tools, medicine and anti-venom.)

Guardian: 3 (In the mansion's courtyard there is a great white ash tree as tall as the manse itself. Housed in this tree is the spirit of a powerful forest god who is tied to the geomancy of the manse and comes and goes across its 4000 acres as he pleases as a bound and loyal guardian. When not needed he slumbers in his tree-body, or projects himself into a plant so he can shape it into a temporary receptacle for his spirit, allowing him to tend to minor affairs and maintenance. When it is time for battle, however, he can possess a tree and transform it into a great living warstrider to beat back the tides of the enemy. He can possess smaller trees and take on a wood golem form as well, but when he's going to be fighting he usually goes for the biggest form he can muster! Oldfather Ash can place himself anywhere within the bounds of the manse's influence quickly by traveling along root systems and possessing a plant near where he wishes to manifest.)

Custom Charms

Villain-Shaming Defense
Cost: - ; Mins: Presence 5, Essence 3;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Social, Emotion
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite: Majestic Radiant Presence
Each Lawgiver holds within them a little bit of what makes Creation great and to remove one from existence is to make the world poorer for it. This charm forces those who can bring themselves to attack a Solar to feel the true shame and guilt of what he has attempted to do. This charm augments Majestic Radiant Presence. First, the roll to penetrate Majestic Radiant Presence may now be selected as a difficulty 2 Conviction roll. Second, any attack made by someone who successfully resists Majestic Radiant Presence through a successful roll suffers an internal penalty equal to the Solar's Essence on any attack rolls during that action as feelings of guilt and shame flood their heart. If Majestic Radiant Presence is ignored through willpower expenditure then the effects of this charm cannot be invoked.

Heart-Wrenching Purity Emanation
Cost: - (2m or 4m, 1w per invocation) ; Mins: Presence 5, Essence 4
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Social, Emotion
Duration: Reflexive
Prerequisite: Villain-Shaming Defense
There comes a time when evil raises its blade against something so beautiful and pure that even the most heartless and wretched blackguard must take pause and ask themselves how they allowed themselves to fall so very far. This charm may be invoked as a counterattack and non-charm action in step 9 of resolution after the Solar has been attacked socially or physically at a cost of 2 motes. The Solar rolls a social attack of Presence + Charisma. If this overcomes the attacker's MDV then one of two things happens: if they have a negative intimacy towards the Solar then the attack acts as a single scene of eroding that intimacy. If they have no negative intimacies towards the Solar then the social attack acts as a single scene of building a positive intimacy (usually of awe or respect) towards the Solar. If the solar was not the aggressor in the situation in which the charm is being used and is acting in self-defense then it becomes more potent as the logic of the situation enforces the magic of the charm. The social attack receives +(Essence) automatic successes, rather than eroding a negative intimacy it destroys a negative intimacy and rather than a single scene of building a positive intimacy it counts as two scenes(Usually of affection, in this case). If being used against a social or war unit this charm costs 4 motes and 1 point of willpower. The effects of this charm may be ignored for 2 willpower.

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