Name: Ariella Chenlyeya
Player: Pele Cindertind
Caste: Night
Concept: Disguise master
Age: 18 (usually)
Motivation: find the perfect identity
Anima: A unicorn rears over her head, shimmering like a borealis

XP: —

Intimacies: costumes


Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 3

Charisma 4
Manipulation 3
Appearance 4

Perception 3
Intelligence 3
Wits 3

Abilities (* denotes Caste or Favored abilities)


*Martial Arts 3


Integrity 2
*Presence 3
*Performance 3
Survival 3


Investigation: 1
*Lore: 3


*Athletics 3 (Acrobatics 2)
*Awareness 3
*Dodge 3
*Larceny 4 (Disguises 2)
*Stealth 1


Ride 1
Linguistics 2 (Riverspeak, Foresttongue, Low Realm)
*Socialize 3


Mastery of Small Manners: 1m
First Larceny Excellency: 1m per die
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise: 7m
Graceful Crane Stance: 1m
Flawless Pickpocketing technique: 3m
Second Performance Excellency: 2m per success
Second Presence Excellency: 2m per success
False Shell Emollient Attack: 1+m (SoM, 51)
Veins of Wood: 2m 1wp (SoM, 51)
Attractive Floor Greasing Posture: 1+m (SoM, 51)

COntacts 2: People who remember Ariella fromt her time with her family and the troope
Resouces 2: Items she has stolen for her own survival
Artifacts 2: Her traveling costume trunk
Mentor 1: The hermit Wood Aspect, Verbena Eternal


Ambidextrious: does not necessary suffer a penalty for switching hands during a fight.


Vice: Observes people around her to collect information for new characters to play

Willpower -
Permanent: 7


Permanent 3

Personal 16/16
Peripheral 38/38


Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valor 2

Virtue Flaw: Deliberate Cruelty

Limit: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Health Levels

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ] [ ]
-2 [ ] [ ]
-4 [ ]
Inc [ ]

Defense Values
Pair of tongas: speed: 5 Acc: 0 Damage: 4L Defense: 2 Rate 3

Soak: 3/1

Dodge DV: 4

Parry DV: 3

Mental Dodge DV: 7


Move: 3
Sprint: 9
Leap (V): 4
Leap (H): 8
Join Battle: 5

Pair of tongas
Rope (50 feet)
traveling clothes
5 complete costumes:
Meena: A flirty out going saloon girl who turns just about anything
into an induendo rather shamelessly. Outfit is red and black with an
overbust corset, a skirt that's short in the front and long in the
back, black fishnet tights, and high heels. Her hair is bright brassy
blonde in large sausage curls, her eyes are bright green.

Negeen: A quiet, slightly morbid priestess of Sijan. She speaks barely
above a whisper behind the black veil that hides her face from the
nose down. The long black robes hide her ebony hair, leaving only
piercing black eyes and her pale hands visible.

Jem: an adolescent street urchin who speaks with an uneducated twang
and begs for just a few jade from likily passers by. Dressed in ragged
dirty shirt and pants that are a size or two too large, her auburn
hair is ratty, but her brown eyes are large an innocent.

Sanaa: very tall Eastern trader with deep green hair and bark brown
skin. She rarely speaks in anything but Forest Tongue, and dresses in
traditional Eastern clothing. She is rough and doesn't like taking no
for an answer.

T'visha: A slave or servant from the Blessed Isle, her olive skin and
blue-black hair are a little dirty. Her simple blue dress is worn, but
not threadbare. She speaks Low Realm, hesitating to use another
language, and is very nervous. She likely lost her former masters in a
recent upheval, and is looking for a way to hide with her fellow


Ariella herself is a rather lithe creature, with toned muscles, particularly in her legs and arms from her life as an acrobat. She has waist length pale blonde hair that reflects the light like an opal, and bright purple eyes. She has a sweet round face, full lips, and and peaches and cream skin. Unfortunatly, Ariella likes her made up selves much more than her regular one, so few have the chance to actually see the real her.

Born and raised in a traveling thatre troope, Ariella was the third child in a set of sextuplets. With two sisters in front of her, and two sisters and a brother behind her, she was truely a middle child. Thrilled at the identicalness of their children, her parents encouraged the children to act like each other, developing a flawless improve act when the children were five. This act was popular until the children began to grow and the single boy stood out more and more. After that the act was changed to a daring acrobatic display that was before and at intermissions of shows.
While her siblings developed fetishes for shoes or jewelry or clothes, Ariella developed a fetish for personalities. She had enjoyed the improve show more than her siblings and she had been the best. Now no longer able to perform, she started learning the personalities of those around her, inviting herself new people to play at being. As she learned about costumes, make-up, and wigs, she began to flesh out her characters, learning to be coy and flirtacious to flesh out a southern saloon girl character, stealthy and fast to become a better pickpocket, and shy and reserved to be a serving maid. Each of those personalities was real to her.
She exalted during a performance as she backflipped off the pyrimad of her siblings. The audience thought it was special effects, her siblings thought she had found a clever way to upstage them. Only the leader of the troope, an old man known by everyone as Grandpa, knew what had really happened. It did not take much convincing to get her to leave the troope under cover of night. The only help he could offer was a few supplies, a set of tongas, and a map to an old friend of his that had also turned away from the Realm. It took Ariella a while to find him, but eventually she found the hermit, Verbena Eternal, a wood aspect Ill Lily master. Amused by the plucky teenaged girl who seemed to never stay the same, he agreed to take her in and teach her. Ill Lily is not the prettiest of styles, but it suited her love of stealth and her dislike of real battle. Ariella learned quickly, but she was never meant to be stuck in a hut in the middle of no where. Knowing this, Verbena Eternal lied to his student and told her there was nothing left that he could teach her before she truely applied herself. He gave her a parting gift, a trunk he had taken from an anathema he had killed in a Wyld Hunt. She took it gladly and left her mentor, knowing perfectly well that his door would be open to her again.

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