Arcturus Guard Regiment

Warhammer 40k Only War Regiment: 1st Arcturus Void Stalkers

(Picture done by Tekka-Croe. Many thanks to him for permission to use)

Homeworld/Origin: Arcturus Void Station (Fortress 3pts)
Attributes: +3 Willpower, Toughness
Skills: Common Lore (war) Common Lore (Imperium) Common Lore (Imperial guard) Linguistics (low Gothic)
Hated Enemy: gain hatred (Traitors) talent
Combat Doctrine: Nerves Of Steel or Sprint
Bred for War: Challenging (+0) willpower test to go against rules/regs of imperial guard.

Commanding Officer: Phlegmatic
Starting Skills: Common Lore (imperial guard) Common Lore (War)

Regiment Type: Drop Troop (specialized) (3pts)
Characteristics: +3 agility -3 fellowship
Starting Skills: Operate (aeronautica)
Starting Talent: Catfall
Standard Kit:
One las carbine & 4 charge packs per player
One suit imperial guard flak armor per player.
One grav-chute Or Void suit per player depending on mission
One respirator
Two Frag grenades & Smoke grenades per player

Training Doctrine: Hardened Fighters
Characteristics: +2 weapon skill
Starting Talents: Street Fighter
Standard regimental Kit: One standard melee weapon with common (or lower) rating, or apply Mono upgrade to regiment knife.

Special Equipment Doctrine: Well Provisioned
Standard Regimental Kit:
Two additional clips for main weapon
Two extra week rations
One additional Frag and Smoke grenade.
+10 to logistic rolls for fuel and repair parts for vehicles.
Regimental Favored Weapons:
Basic: Meltagun
Heavy: Mortar

Standard Regimental Guardsman Kit:
1x Arcturian Pattern Lascarbine (Main Weapon) w/ 6x charge packs
1x Uniform
1x Set Poor weather gear
1x Mono Knife Or common level standard weapon
1x Rucksack/Slingbag
1x set of basic tools
1x Mess kit & Water Canteen
1x Blanket & Sleeping bag
1x Rechargeable lamp pack
1x Grooming kit
1x cognomen tags or Equivalent identification
1x instructional handbook
1x suit imperial flak armor
1x respirator
1x Void suit/Grav chute (depends on deployment)
3x Frag Grenades
3x Smoke grenades
Combat sustenance rations, (4 weeks worth)

(kit additions)
1x good quality photo-contacts
1x Grapnel
1x Microbead
1x chrono
1x Tea ration (one week)

Special Equipment:
Void suit: Good quality, resists punctures on a 6+, can be worn under armor.
Arcturian Pattern Las-Carbine: Class:Basic | Range: 50 | RoF: S/3/- | Dam: 1d10+2 E | Pen: 0 | Clip: 60 | Rld: Half | Special: Reliable, front mount grip (+5 attack bonus when used) | wt:2kg | Availability: Average (Weapon features folding stock, pistol grip, and shortened barrel)

Regimental History:
The First Arcturus Void Stalkers saw their creation in the first days of the Arcturus Rebellion in 936.M40. A group of planets in the Arcturus system at the far edge of imperial space declared themselves sovereign from the Imperium and began furiously attacking any imperial forces that entered their space. Their efforts were mostly effective but did not count on one of the planets PDF forces remaining loyal. These forces detached themselves from the traitors and staged guerrilla warfare through the system attempting to weaken them and buy time for Imperial forces to mass and retake the system.

This is where the Void Stalkers were first formed. Lacking proper boarding methods the soldiers found with work and training squads could be equipped with void suits and other equipment to make "dynamic entry points" into enemy ships and stations using demolition charges, crippling ships with minimal damage allowing them to be added to their own forces. These early troops were able to slip largely undetected towards larger ships and plant demolition and melta charges at key locations causing massive depressurization of the command deck, weapon decks, and other places rendering them useless before the main forces would jump into deal with the crippled ships.

Their rolls were expanded to more "conventional" uses after the capture of several Space stations allowing the Imperial Forces to gain a foothold with which to stage attacks on Traitor planets recapturing them. Equipped with Grav-Chutes the Void Stalkers were able to fast drop behind enemy lines working to sabotage enemy weapon emplacements, supply lines, and help with fast strike responses against the traitors leaders storming their very homes. By the time the Imperial forces had managed to arrive at the system already a third it had been recaptured, with a quarter total held uncontested.

The Void Stalkers were folded into the Imperial Guard officially at the end of the campaign and served through several theaters where their unique talents have helped end several rebellions quickly and relatively cleanly.

The current Regimental Commanding Officer is Argabash Rinland, known for his actions at the Battle of the Glassy Wall, The Siege of Black Gusland, and the Bombardment of AchBenTur. Contemplative in nature he weighs his decisions before issuing commands making many criticize him for being afraid to commit soldiers to battle and having heavy losses, but his past record has shown no hesitation to send men to die where the need lies.

Alpha Company, 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad:

Sgt Eva Loraynne Kostuic
Squad Sergeant

Griff Cassmire
Storm Trooper

Castor Caelum Califax
Sanctioned Psyker

Enginseer First Class Simia Luxatio
Tech-Priest Enginseer

Barak Klansk-
Weapons Specialist: Designated Marksman (m36 Las-rifle)
Male, 35 years of age, Heroic Demeanor
Barak joined the Guard at a young age, emboldened by tales of the Guard on other worlds he one of the few rare true volunteers in the imperial guard, and despite being unlikely to rise to any great rank to this day remains enthusiastic about his work in the Imperial Guard. Minimal discipline mishaps on the battle field due to his over exuberance to join the battle quickly for He Who Sits On The Thrones glory, but otherwise clean record.
Appearance- Barak stands at about 5'9 and some 130lbs, slightly dull face pockmarked with small scars from shrapnel and knife cuts. Bald shaven with half his left ear missing in a messy manner, brown eyes keep scanning the area on watch for something to come anxiously and his chin sporting a short "manly" stubble just at the regulation maximum. His uniform hangs off his wiry frame patched and well worn, but honored, striking a stark contrast to his pale skin.

Gaida Omar-
Weapons Specialist: Anti-Armour (Melta-Gun)
Female, 30 years of age, Sarcastic Demeanor
Gaida joined the Arcturus 1st after her original squad (records listing them as the 405 Helios Magnums) was killed in action during a mission on Evandius XIVII where Archenemy units ambushed the unit. The sole survivor she is credited with 2 confirmed kills of enemy tanks. Transferred into A12 to help refill ranks after loss of original squad. Multiple reprimands for her stand-offish and sarcastic nature when out of battle is known for exemplary bravery on the field in taking the fight to enemy armor. Suspected of obtaining supplies and equipment outside of established lines, but no evidence found.
Appearance- Gaida stands at around 5'5 and 120lbs, wears a lopsided grin with a lho stick tucked between her lips at almost all times, uniform as disarrayed as possible most the time for freedom of movement, but pins and badges wear a gleam and shine from the day they were pressed. Prefers to wear regiment "make-up" (light camo paint) most the time with short bobbed red hair hanging just around her ears with bright eyes, one blue, one green, ticking about constantly. Bare arms show numerous light colored burn scars that contrast her deep tan skin, "love kisses" from her primary weapon she keeps at almost all times.

Jezail Korand
Heavy Weapons (Heavy Stubber)
Female 36 years of age, Superstitious demeanor
Jezail is a rarity in the A1, planet born rather then on one of the Star Forts. Her family minor nobility with ties to the Ecclesiarchy she ran away from home to join the guard rather then follow what her parents had planned for her. They currently have no contact with her. A devout follower she occasionally doubles as the squads unofficial priest listening to confessions and reporting to official priests when able, and is known to follow various minor superstitions picked up from other regiments.
Appearance- Jezial measures at about 5'3 and some 140lbs, uniform cleaned and pressed with devotional pins decorating it, and heavy muscle rippling under it. Fair haired and tan skinned one can almost see the noble breeding in her, which as been more merciful then most, Slate gray eyes looking upon those around her. Several rosaries line her wrists of different styles and with different boggles, but nothing that even comes close to violating Imperial standards.

Alexander Keter
Male, Appears 23 years of age, but rumored to have undergone Rejuve treatments, Steely Demeanor
Alexander to this day remains tight lipped as to his own personal history, but his service records speaks for itself. A no-nonsense sort of person he is known for making snap decisions on treatment and the priority of who receives it. One disciplinary action taken against him for the execution of a soldier who held him at gunpoint while demanding his friend receive treatment ahead of others. (Failure to follow protocol in allowing the Commissars to deal with the soldier)
Appearance- Keter stands some full 6 feet tall, maybe at best a hundred 110lbs, A creepy air around him as he rarely moves unless needed, almost always standing at attention. His face heavily modified, eyes and a portion of the bridge of his nose replaced with a cybernatic mask and implant, pale black unblinking orbs staring out from metal eye sockets, mouth frozen in a perpetual grimace, lips a deep full red clashing with his pale skin. Early(?) silver colored hair cut short around his head. His uniform bares no markings aside from his insignia as a medic.

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