Alistair Faust

Name: Mister Alistair Faust
Age: 14
Grade: H1
Class: C
Likes: Classical music, fine dining, the recently deceased, Knowledge, afternoon tea.
Dislikes: Preachiness, bad tea, discomfort in any form, disregard for Knowledge.
Romantic Interests: A distinct lack of 'giggliness', interest in esoteric things and Knowledge, appreciation of tea.
Favorite Subject: Necromancy (what else?)
Worst Subject: Geography (too much travel)
Dream for the Future: Create a space of personal power, authority, and comfort that belongs to /him/ and him alone - and then /research/. Mwahaha.

Race: Demonborn (8 pts.)
Infernal Eyes (2) - 1/day - Demonborn can ignite their eyes with a blazing infernal aura, Terrifying a target creature for one minute. Creatures gain +5 to persuasion checks when attempting to intimidate a Terrified creature.
Hex (3) - 1/day - Target creature takes a -10 to all skill checks for the next hour.
Naturally Skilled (2) - Characters of your race gain an additional utility skill at character creation.
Magical Attunement (1) - Your race can use Perception to detect magic, though this does not let them decipher exactly what the magic does - that requires arcane knowledge.

Brawn 5
Precision 6
Knowledge 10
Sense 7


Expert Skill (+5): Arcana (Knowledge)
Trained Skills (+2): Persuasion (Sense), Acrobatics (Precision), Stealth (Precision), Perception (Sense)
Untrained Skills (+0): Athletics (Brawn), Endurance (Brawn), Mechanics (Precision), History (Knowledge), Heal (Knowledge), Streetwise (Sense)


Virtue: Versatile - Choose a Utility Talent. For the next five minutes you may use that Talent if you fit the prerequisites.

Utility Talents:
I've Read A Lot About It - You gain Training (+2) in two additional Skills. You may take this Talent multiple times. (Stealth/Perception)
Speak With The Dead - Magic - Preparation (1 hour) - You call the soul of a deceased creature back from the realms of death to speak with you. The deceased spirit must enter it's corpse, and it's corpse must be intact enough to be able to speak. You can compel the creature to answer one question truthfully and without distortion regarding experiences the creature had while alive. The spirit, whether willing or not, remains in the corpse for twenty minutes or until you dismiss it.
Magical Tricks - At Will - Prepatation (6 seconds) - You perform a minor magical trick (see Talent for examples). The Perception DC to see through any alteration effects is 20 + Your Level. Magical Tricks cannot duplicate the effects of any other Utility Talent.
Magecraft - At Will - Preparation (Variable) - Some spellcasters move beyond the memorization of a small selection of spells and minor magical tricks. These mages aspire to a deeper understanding of magic. It is said such mages can improvise unique magical effects through the use of their skill at Arcana - limited only by their skill and imagination. Become Sorcerer Supreme.
Cursefield - Magic - Preparation (5 seconds) - You summon misfortune to all those around you. For the next seven minutes, all creatures within 70 feet of you suffer from horribly bad luck. Treat any skill check attempted by any creature within 70 feet of you as an automatic critical failure. This ability does NOT affect the caster for his own checks.
Dirty Look - 1/day - Target creature suffers a -9 to it's next skill check.
He Did It! - 1/day - Make a Perception or Persuasion check with a +5 bonus. Target creature makes an opposing Perception or Persuasion check. If you beat their check, you convince that target that another creature is responsible for your recent actions. Bonuses or Penalties may be applied to these checks at the DM's discretion based on how outlandish the attempted lie is.

Combat Talents:
[+3] Deathwatch
[+3] Cut The Spirit (as Draw Blood)
[+2] Voices In Your Head (as Paranoia)
[+1] Kindle Pain
[+1] Grave Touch (as Syphon Life)
[-3] Voice Of The Damned (as Traitorous Confessions)
[-5] Conjure Dark Spectre
[-7] Death's Scythe

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