Alex Kristoff

Alex Kristoff

Name: Alex Kristoff
Player: Sparda219
Concept: Clever Spy
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Virtue: Iron-Willed (Alex is composed, resolved and does not give up, even when it hurts and sometimes especially when it hurts. He regains willpower by pushing through and committing fully to something no matter how dangerous or harmful to himself it is.)
Vice: Subservient (Alex never feels as comfortable acting on his own initiative as he does others, when he takes the easy path and does as he is told he regains willpower.)


Aspiration: Establish the first link in his own network of contacts.
Aspiration: Complete a mission given by his mentor.
Aspiration: Prove himself physically by defeating an equally matched opponent.


Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3
Resolve: 4

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 2

Presence: 1
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 4


Academics: 3 (History)
Computer: 1
Investigation: 2 (Cryptography)
Occult: 3 (Myth and Legend)

Athletics: 3
Brawl: 3 (Martial Arts)
Firearms: 1
Larceny: 3 (Breaking and Entering)
Stealth: 3

Animal Ken:
Empathy: 2 (Reading People)
Socialize: 1
Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 2


Mentor (D-Ro): 4 (Resources, Brawl, Streetwise)
True Friend (D-Ro): 3
Status (Clan Mekhet): 2
Status (Ordo Dracul): 1


Health: 7 [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Speed: 11
Defense: 6

Willpower: 8 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Vitae: 6/10

Blood Potency: 2
Humanity: 7


Obfuscate: 2
Auspex: 2
Vigor: 2

Coil of the Beast: 1
Coil of Banes: 1


(All given to him by Dae-won.)

Android Smartphone
Wallet (Fake ID, Credit Card, Bank Card, Cash)


Alex was born an unwanted child. He knows it, his parents know it. It was never driven into his head with physical or emotional abuse, but rather was ground into his soul through years and years of emotional neglect and irresponsibility. His father blamed him for his backbreaking dead-end job and his mother blamed him for her waning looks. They simply didn't love him. The feeling was mutual, once Alex had realized no matter how much he loved them they would never return his affection. It was a family that had given up on itself.

Alex was one of those kids who liked being in school far more than being at home as a result. He was well-rounded and well liked. He never got in anyone's way, he was smart and applied himself, he was good at sports. If not for his horrible family life he honestly might have been a happy kid, but all of his accomplishments felt pretty empty once he went home to a house that ignored him. He always felt like an intruder in his own home. Alex learned not to talk about what he did, to just let his success wash off his back because succeeding didn't reward him anything. He allowed knowledge and skill to be their own rewards and in return he got less and less flak from his cold and distant parents.

He wasn't disliked but he also didn't have many friends. If any. He kept to himself, sat still, stayed quiet. He didn't make a target of himself or allow himself to raise opinions. Ironically this stoic mystery is part of what earned him what friends, or at least admirers, he had. He wasn't a bad looking guy, he just didn't know how to use it.

His home life had some odd side effects on him, or rather what he could do. Alex took to being a latchkey kid, he made a hobby out of wandering dangerous parts of the city and going unnoticed. He watched bad shit go down like a naturalist watching lions stalk zebra. He even worked out picking locks with a screwdriver and bites of wire to get into locked, derelict buildings just to explore.

By the time he graduated high school he was aching for college. He was kicked out of the house the moment his acceptance letter came and his scholarship cleared. It was pretty clear he was never going home again. He was ecstatic. College started well, his quiet air of mystery earned him a couple of new friends and he was honestly excited to begin a career in history.

Murphy's Law dictated that couldn't continue. Soon after turning 19 Alex was hit by a car, the driver speeding away in horror and leaving him a bleeding wreck. That's when he learned a truth he would carry with him forever: no matter how closely you look at the way things are linked together there are variables you can't take into account until everything comes together. Alex had always felt alone, but he had a friend he'd never met.

The year is 1938. South Korea under colonial Japanese rule. Dae-Won Ryong is one of many young Korean men who train day and night out of hatred of their oppressors, waiting for the day they might rise up, a day that seems to be drawing closer every year. Soviet sentiment grows in the north, drawing undue attention from other parts of the world, but just as many remain unswayed. Dae-Won was ready to give his life for his country, until his fearful parents packed up and ran, taking the dangerous trip to America. Dae had always cared more for his country than his parents, who were draconian at worst and cold at the least, but forcing him to run at age 15 to another country had been the last straw.

They settled in New York and Dae-Won fell into criminal elements, in and out of juvenile prison and a shame to his already disapproving parents who looked down on their thug of a son. One day Dae-Won was stabbed in an alley while trying to make off with counterfeit bills he'd tracked down with little more than his wit and fists. He is met by a friend he'd never met. Someone who came from a broken, neglectful home and understood, someone with much to teach him. Someone with a story of a friend she'd never met who met her when she was lying wasted and alone in a london back-alley dying of tuberculosis.

The chain stretched on backwards, all people abandoned by their family and who were now all Mekhet. Gender, race, culture, sexuality, none of it matters to the sires of this unbroken chain as long as the recipient of the embrace has felt the same loneliness as they, and as long as they are worthy of the dark gift.

Dae-Won had been thinking of embracing for himself, of breaking the first law, and had been looking for someone just right. He found it in Alex, a boy local to him who had great accomplishments and massive potential. He nudged there and pulled a string here to help Alex get into a college his parents never would have given him a cent to get to. He burned with the same resentment and hatred that Alex had for the scum who bore him. Vampires have nothing but time, he was planning on waiting for the boy to be into his 20s, done with college, before offering him the embrace. He hadn't been expecting the hit and run. He rushed to help the boy, unable even to ask him before embracing him in order to save him before the last of his life left him.

Dae-Won, also known among his networks of criminal and thrillseeker contacts as D-Ro, brought the boy under his wing and found a student who wasn't resentful for being turned. Alex was excited, in fact. He didn't like life as a human, he didn't feel any attachments to it (though to be honest he would miss his college friends and going to school) but now he had more at his fingertips than he could imagine. Clan Mekhet and the Ordo Dracul had resources and knowledge he could only have dreamed of! Dae was a patient teacher who took joy in watching Alex learn anything he had to offer. He taught Alex how to fight, he taught him how to use those skill he learned as a latchkey kid, he taught him how everything affects everything else and that change is constant, inevitable and welcome.

Alex is now something of a spy, with his allegiances to Dae and the Ordo Dracul taking precedent over the principality of New York. He gathers, collates and connects information for he and his sire to leverage with or sell and generally is excellent at keeping tabs and learning things people want secret. He goes without notice fairly simply, partially because of his own learned lack of presence and because of the nature of being one of the vampire Shadows.

Dae-Won 'D-Ro' Ryong

(PB Kim Jong Kook)


Alex's sire is also his mentor and best friend. He's close to the Kogaion of New York and on top of being Sworn of the Axe and protecting the Ordo and their interests in the city he's also a secret hand in a lot of illegal but lucrative activity. Mostly he participates in and organizes drift racing events and illicit chop shops. He loves cars as much as Alex loves information, which is good because cars is something Alex simply doesn't do very well. This position also makes Dae privy to plenty of choice information on criminal activity, some of which he keeps secret, some of which he releases to the police when it suits his morals. He's become a wealthy man, which he readily shares with Alex.

Dae is a handsome Korean man, tall and muscular. He looks like someone who could have been a soldier or prizefighter thanks to the many years of training he did in his youth towards that end. Being turned only enhanced his physique with vitae-fueled abandon. More than that, he is charming, manipulative, savvy and knows how to network. He doesn't have the same head for academia and connecting the dots as his student does but he has his own circles of influence that he both benefits from and that would be nearly impossible to connect to him.

He and Alex have a very solid partnership on top of their mutual understanding and affection for each other. Alex provides Dae-Won with knowledge and information, Dae-Won can apply that to his mortal networks and vampiric connections.

Dae-Won has an odd mixture of pride, love and friendship for Alex. He flirts with him one moment and big-brothers him the next and under that there's always that undercurrent of mentor-pupil. They're not quite lovers, though they do fool around, and might be a little too close to really be together that way.

Personality and Appearance

Alex looks to be in his early 20s/late teens. He has a plain but cute sort of appearance, inherently nonthreatening and somewhat innocent. He doesn't really attract attention, it's only by really looking at him and spending time with him that his looks start to shine. He has pale skin, muddy green eyes and mousy brown hair. He's wiry and compact, average in height and looks fairly reedy when in clothes but under them he has a nicely proportioned musculature. He tends to wear loose clothing, cuffs of his pants and sleeves generally overlapping his hands and feet a bit, and it's all fairly unremarkable. He has no fashion sense to speak of, really, and doesn't buy for labels, but for comfort and ease. He generally only dresses up when Dae does it for him.

Alex is naturally inquisitive and quite flexible and adaptable. He is quiet, seldom laughing but often smiling, and while he's not uncomfortable in groups he tends to prefer to sit by and watch than get involved in conversation. Being a part of the Kindred world and the organizations that come with that have given him a greater appreciation for people, though, and he's been looking for more excuses to get thrown in with a group of people. (He looks for excuses to get swept up because he's far less likely to actually initiate such interactions himself.) Under his unassuming looks and quiet, retiring personality he has an absolutely iron will. He doesn't give up once he's started something and he doesn't let fear and hesitation cloud his judgement. He is Ordo through and through, he undertakes a task and watches its course from start to finish.

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