Aidan O Sheahan


Name Aidan O'Sheahan Player GaelicNinja
Race Half-Orc Country Tavaini, Diamond Confederacy
Alignment Chaotic Good Background Soldier
Class Fighter (Eldritch Knight) Level 5
Experience 11,495/14,000

Core Statistics

Ability Ability Score Ability Bonus Save Proficiency
Strength 18 +4 Yes
Dexterity 12 +1 No
Constitution 15 +2 Yes
Intelligence 15 +2 No
Wisdom 10 +0 No
Charisma 9 -1 No
HP 47
AC 19
Proficiency +3
Initiative +1


Race Half-Orc Subrace None
Ability Score Bonus +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
Languages Common, Orc
Racial Property Darkvision
Racial Property Relentless Endurance
Racial Property Savage Attacks
Racial Property Menacing


Background Soldier
Bonus Skills Athletics, Intimidation
Bonus Tools Set of Bone Dice
Bonus Languages None
Benefit Military Rank
Ideal When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny
Bond I would still lay down my life for the people I served with
Trait I've lost too many friends, and I'm slow to make new ones
Trait I have a crude sense of humor
Flaw I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior


Class Fighter Level 5 Hit Die d10
Class Archetype Eldritch Knight
Weapon Proficiencies All Simple and Martial Weapons
Armor Proficiencies All Armor and Shields
Skill Proficiencies Perception, Survival
Tool Proficiencies None
Save Proficiencies Strength, Constitution
Class Feature Fighting Style (Great Weapon Fighting): I reroll 1s and 2s on damage dice.
Class Feature Second Wind: I can use a bonus action to gain 1d10+Fighter level once per long rest
Class Feature Spellcasting: I can cast wizard spells of the Abjuration or Evocation schools
Class Feature Weapon Bond: I can bond a weapon to myself; can no longer be disarmed and may summon the weapon to my hand instantly. Can have 2 bonds at a time
Class Feature Bonus Attack: Every time I take an Attack action, I can make a bonus attack


Skill Ability Bonus Proficient
Athletics Strength +4 Yes, +3
Acrobatics Dexterity +1 Yes, +3
Sleight of Hand Dexterity +1 No
Stealth Dexterity +1 No
Arcana Intelligence +2 No
History Intelligence +2 No
Investigation Intelligence +2 No
Nature Intelligence +2 No
Religion Intelligence +2 No
Animal Handling Wisdom +0 No
Insight Wisdom +0 No
Medicine Wisdom +0 No
Perception Wisdom +0 Yes, +3
Survival Wisdom +0 Yes, +3
Deception Charisma -1 No
Intimidation Charisma +1 Yes, +3
Performance Charisma -1 No
Persuasion Charisma -1 No


Feat Name Ability Score Bonus Effect
Heavy Armor Master +1 Strength I reduce all slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage by 3 as long as I am in armor.


Item Weight Properties/Description
+1 Plate Armor 65lb Disadvantage on Stealth
+1 Greatsword 6lb 2-handed, Heavy
Maul 10lb 2-handed, Heavy
Handaxe 2lb Light, thrown
Handaxe 2lb Light, thrown
Chainmail 55lb Disadvantage on Stealth
Dungeoneer's Pack 61.5 Contains adventure gear
Bone Dice Set Nothing None
Vial of Dragon Blood Nothing Arcane Focus
Net Weight 199.5 lbs
Carrying Capacity 255
Gold 10


School Name Components Range Duration Effect
Evoc. Firebolt V, S 120ft. Instant 1d10 fire damage
Abjur. Blade Ward V, S Self 1 Round Halve all Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing weapon damage
Level 1 Slots: 2
Evoc Chromatic Orb V, S, M 90ft Instant 3d8 damage of Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, or Thunder
Abjur. Shield V, S Self 1 round +5 to AC for 1 round, prevents damage from Magic Missile
Evoc. Burning Hands V, S Self (15 ft. Cone) Instant 3d6 Fire damage, save half (Dex), ignites flammable objects
Evoc. Thunderwave V,S Self (15 ft. Cube) Instant 2d8 Thunder damage, save half (Con), Stuns on failed save.
Save DC 13
Spell Attack +5

Quick Combat Reference

HP 34/47 STR Save +7 INT Save +2
AC 19 DEX Save +1 WIS Save +0
Initiative +1 CON Save +4 CHA Save -1
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
Maul +7 2d6+4
Handaxe +7 1d6+4
Handaxe +7 1d6+4
+1 Greatsword +8 2d6+5
Spell Save DC 13
Spell Attack +5


Aiden is ugly. There's no denying it. He's slope-browed, heavy-jawed, and he looks like an orc. A tall orc, hidden by his slouch. In fact, he's half orc, but he clearly favors the orcish half of his heritage in looks. He's big, strong, and tough, and his training as a Fighter for the Witchguard has only enhanced that. His reddish-tinged eyes, however, gleam with intelligence; something he tries to hide so that way he always has an ace up his particular (large) sleeves. Generally speaking, he prefers simple, hard-wearing clothing in dark tones, leather, and armor. He says it comforts him.


Aiden was found on the steps before a Diamond Confederacy training camp. Growing up in the camps has left it's mark on him; he packs lightly, loves having multi-use tools, and doesn't mind carrying a little extra weight if it's weapons, food, or water. A legacy of his early days is that he has lost many friends; other children who've washed out of the program, or graduated ahead of him, and so doesn't make friends too easily. Of course, those who he does call friends now have an imposing expert fighter who would die to defend them, so it works out all around. As he aged, he desired more and more to be a part of the elite Witchguard. He was accepted almost immediately; his brawn and intelligence proving too juicy a combination for the recruiters to pass up, and quickly made his mark. He was an excellent trainee, and it was with great sadness that the Witchguard eventually cast him out, for he was not able to bond with anyone. They gave him a token of membership (a phial of dragonsblood, with the mark of the Witchguard on it), for aside from the lack of a bond he'd been a model recruit, and sent him off into the world, allowing him to keep his arms and armor as well. Shouldering his pack and clutching a letter of introduction, he left his home behind him.

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