I don’t know why I was called back, of all people… But maybe THIS time I can make a difference…

Racial Traits

Average Height: As When Alive
Average Weight: As When Alive

Ability Scores: +2 Con, +2 Int or Wis
Size: Medium (Treated as Medium even if origin race was differently sized)
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Choice of Two Other Languages
Skill Bonuses: +2 History, +2 Endurance

Once-Beating Heart: Choose a race other than Afterwalker. You can take feats that have either Afterwalker or that race as a prerequisite as long as you meet any other requirements. You are not considered a member of that race for any other effects or applications.
Undead: You are considered undead for effects that relate to that keyword. You also have the following traits:
-You do not have to eat, breathe, drink or sleep, this does not prevent you from suffering any Effects. You never need to make checks to resist starvation, thirst or suffocation.
Restful Repose:You must still rest 4 hours to gain the benefits of an extended rest, allowing your undead flesh to recuperate spent necrotic power. During this time you must remain inactive but you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice events as normal.
Never Sleep Again: As long as you are bloodied you gain a +1 to all defenses.
Still Walking: You have the Still Walking power.

Still Walking
Afterwalker Racial Power
You died once. Your enemy will soon see that a second death is not forthcoming.
Daily ✦ Healing
Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: An attack or effect reduces you to 0 hit points or below.
Effect: Spend a healing surge but regain no hit points from it. Instead, you do not fall unconscious from the attack and retain a single hit point after all damage and effects are applied.

Walking the earth after their initial death, the Afterwalkers resilient, adaptable nature means they can fit in almost anywhere, if they can convince people to have them. Though unobtrusive and generally amiable, there is a strong stigma against the undead that permeates living society, a society the Afterwalkers must navigate.

Play an Afterwalker if you want…
• To be resilient and steadfast with the knowledge of multiple lifetimes.
• To belong to a race finding its place in a world that may not trust them.
• To play a member of a race that favors the Wizard, Warlock or Swordmage.

Physical Qualities:

Afterwalkers may look much like they did when alive, but the marks of death are obvious upon them. The energy that animates them stays the hand of decay and rot as well as the unpleasant side effects of such a state, including the smell, but they retain the cosmetic effects of any damage their body took when dead as well as the marks of the death that killed them. Those that starved may appear gaunt, those that were strangled must unlive with an eternally bruised throat, those that drowned may be pale blue or somewhat bloated. Their eyes almost always become black, white, orange, yellow or red orbs that luminesce softly.

Afterwalkers find, oddly, that after they've taken their Second Chance they lose some of what made them what they used to be, but not all. They all tend to even out as far as physical ability goes. Some races like Elves find themselves moving slower but becoming tougher, Small races find that their strength and agility have evened out and they are just as capable as their larger counterparts. These idiosyncrasies have come together to help the Afterwalkers identify as a single people. To them, now, the dead are dead. What they were isn't as important as what they've become, though many retain ties and memories to their former race, and none would forsake the skills their previous lives would have afforded them. Most of all they all tend to settle into their new walking dead forms and start drawing on the knowledge more than one existence can offer you as well as the toughness that such an inviolable body has to offer.

Afterwalker fashions tend to be as varied as the undead themselves. Some who band together into communities or even, rarely, small cities tend to begin dressing alike. Those who are forced to live in the gutter or on the run from the living tend to cling to the rags they awoke in. Some, after all, are buried in finery. Their undead forms mean that Afterwalker have no real scent and lose color to their flesh, so more than clothing it is cosmetics, colognes and perfumes that the undead covet. Some who live closer to nature take to rubbing herbs into their flesh to give them some semblance of a smell and crush berries and use roots and earth to paint their skin. Some antisocial Afterwalkers choose a scent that repulse the living (and sometimes so awful it even offends other Afterwalkers!)

Playing an Afterwalker:

Sometimes when people die, especially in an area close to the Shadowfell or saturated with negative energy, they rise again as an undead creature. Some as zombies, others as ghouls or ghosts. Afterwalkers, however, are special. Something about their will, their reason, their drive allowed them to rise from their grave not as a mindless beast or as a disembodied spectre, but as a semblance of their former selves, necrotic energy animating their own bodies as their souls tenaciously anchor onto it to move it once again. They call this phenomenon the Second Chance.

As if the mind were protecting itself from the unknown that lies beyond the veil, Afterwalkers often do not remember their own death. Those that do can become consumed with either vengeance for a murder or despair at the state they were left in before their first death. Afterwalkers find that their emotions and memories become strange things to them. The trauma of resurrection can make some drives stronger and others weaker, erase some memories and make others come to the fore. For some it offers perspective, they can look back on their life and decide to make their unlife different. They can make it better, become a better person than they were, or perhaps they allow themselves to fall into the depths of hatreds they suppressed and become the villain they never knew they wanted to be.

Afterwalkers find that though much of their memory remains intact the death of their body has blasted away many of the skills and spells they once may have known and they have a hard road to catching up to themselves. Afterwalkers fall into 2 basic camps: those that work hard to try and reintegrate themselves into the life that they once had and those that want to forget their past and move on to something entirely knew, taking their second life for all it is worth. It can be a truly heart-wrenching struggle for an undead to try and reclaim their place among the living and sadly most don't succeed, however even when they can't this doesn't mean that it is the end for them and many continue trying or move on altogether. All Afterwalkers shared some trait in them that made them struggle valiantly against death and cling to their slowly reanimating bodies so to find one that seeks death again is a rare, and often tragic, thing indeed.

In communities (which are universally quite small if they exist) they are a pragmatic, practical bunch. They don't feel much of a need for luxuries with the exception of the aforementioned scents and with visual art. Many Afterwalker abodes do away with things such as beds, chairs, couches and kitchens to have more room for storage and personal effects. It is, of course, then considered rude to invite living friends over to one's place, at least without informing them that you can't feed them or offer them a seat. Of course it is rare to find a city that is willing to house a population of sentient undead, but those places that DO are often rewarded by a hard-working, clever class of people. It is getting past the initial prejudice that is the most difficult part.

In parties they can be a contentious issue. Many don't trust undeath in any form, after all, and even the most well-meaning Afterwalker can not escape the conditions of their rebirth. There is nothing stopping them from being productive, valuable and loved parts of any group other than the prejudices of others. The energies of the Shadowfell might power their bodies but their souls remain untainted. The call to Adventure pulls at Afterwalkers who do not wish to rejoin their former life particularly strongly and often puts them on very personal paths for remembrance, glory or riches.

Afterwalker Characteristics: Steadfast, Lost, Intelligent, Tragic, Curious, Enduring, Eternal, Practical, Reserved.

Male Dead-Names: Walks-Again, Sage-Breath, Suture, Knives, Once-Handsome, Black-Feet, Bone-Finger, Sinew, Venge, Rattle.

Female Dead-Names: Blackrose, Refrain, Spider-Locks, Rusalka, Silver-Voice, Once-Lovely, Poison, Stitches, Ghost-Dancer, Ivory.

Afterwalker Adventurers

Rusalka is a vestige-pact warlock with memories of her own murder tugging at her heart. These memories keep her from moving on from her former life and she drifts from party to party, hoping one day to recognize the faces of the men who did such horrible things to her and bring them swift vengeance using the powers she has gained from making compacts with beings just as dead and faded as she.

Walks-Again is a swordmage who did terrible things before he died. He knows that he deserved to die. But he also knows that the Second Chance means he can make up for all of the awful things that he knows he once did, and he is determined to do so, using his newly learned mystical martial arts to protect his friends and do as much good as possible wherever it is needed.

Once-Lovely is a wizard who does not mourn the loss of her face or that she must now wear a veil constantly to not frighten her co-workers. To her, the pursuit of knowledge is and always will be her driving force and in undeath there is nothing to stop her from making it her one true goal. She travels from place to place with her allies, collecting and disseminating knowledge in hopes of being the ultimate teacher and sage.


Deadlight Gaze
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: You gain darkvision.

Still Hungry… [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: Afterwalkers do not need to eat to survive, but you've discovered a hunger of a less savory sort. Once per day you can devour the flesh of a corpse in order to regain 1 healing surge per tier.

I Didn't Need That [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: For every Mortified feat you possess you gain 2 additional HP.

Clever Hands [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: One of your hands can remain animate after being detached from your body! You gain the use of the Wizard at-will power Mage Hand but cannot use the hand in question for wielding a shield, weapon or implement while sustaining the power.

Dooming Familiarity
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: Whenever you deal damage with a Fear or Necrotic power you deal +2 damage. This bonus increases to +3 at level 11 and +4 at level 21.

Mr./Mrs. Nobody [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: You have a masklike or malleable facial structure, making you easy to forget or hard to recognize. You gain a +5 bonus to Bluff checks when attempting to pass off disguises or cause diversions to hide.

Already Necrotized
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: You gain Necrotic resistance equal to 5 + half your level. If you already have Necrotic resistance instead increase that by 5.

A Little Bit Deader [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker
Benefit: You've settled further into your undead state, and now the diseases and poisons that may have threatened even your undead metabolism are merely annoyances. You now gain a +4 to checks against disease and a +4 to saving throws against poison.

Paragon Tier

Unstoppable Lurch
Prerequisite: Afterwalker, 11th level
Benefit: You ignore the first square of difficult terrain you encounter on any Move action.

Sharp Gnashing Teeth [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker, 11th level
Benefit: Any time you successfully initiate or sustain a grapple, you may bite the grappled target and deal 1d6+constitution modifier damage.

Loosened Soulgrip
Prerequisite: Afterwalker, 11th level
Benefit: Your flesh is truly a vessel and you can project your animating spirit for a short period of time. Once per encounter you may designate a square within 10 squares of you and until the start of your next turn you are considered to occupy that square for the purposes of flanking, line of sight or using any powers or weapons you possess. This apparition cannot be attacked but it also cannot block enemy line of sight, movement or provide cover.

Epic Tier

Unsettling Presence [Mortified]
Prerequisite: Afterwalker, 21st level
Benefit: You exude an unnatural aura that is a bane to your foes but a boon to you and your allies. Any flanking bonuses you receive or grant are increased by 2. Similarly, any time you receive an attack bonus from Combat Advantage increase it by 2.

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