Aaren Keisler

Name:Aaren Keisler
Profession:Necromancer/Elementalist (N/E)
Class:Warlock (multiclass Sorcerer)
Origin:Crystal Desert
Weight:191 lb.



AC:10+3 Armor+2 INT+1 Level = 16
Fort:10+2 CON+1 Level+1 Amulet+1 Racial= 15
Reflex:10+2 INT+1 Level+1 Amulet+1 Racial+1 Class=16
Will:10+4 CHA+1 Level+1 Amulet+1 Racial+1 Class=18

Healing Surges:8/8
Healing Surge Value:9

== Skills ==

Acrobatics(Dex) +2
*Arcana(Int) +7
Athletics(Str) +0
*Bluff(Cha) +9
Diplomacy(Cha) +5
Dungeoneering(Wis) +1
Endurance(Con) +3
Heal(Wis) +1
History(Int) +4
*Insight(Wis) +5
*Intimidate(Cha) +9
Nature(Wis) +1
Perception(Wis) +1
Religion(Int) +4
Stealth(Dex) +2
*Streetwise(Cha) +9
Thievery(Dex) +2

== Feats ==

1:Implement Expertise(Rods) (+1 to hit with Rods)
H:Dual-Implement Wielder(Add enhancement bonuses of implements for purposes of damage)
B:Soul of Sorcery(Resist 5 to Necrotic damage)
2:Reckless Curse(+1 to hit cursed targets, cursed targets get +1 to hit against me)

== Features ==

=== Racial ===

+1 to all non-AC defenses
Bonus trained skill
Bonus feat
Bonus at-will power
Languages: Common, Old Tyrian
May reroll Endurance rolls; take the second value
Fire Resist 4

=== Class ===
Darkspiral Aura: Add 1 to Darkspiral Aura pool (starts at 0). 1/round when enemy attacks self, use aura as interrupt, dealing 1d6 Necrotic/Psychic damage per value. If >12, aura goes to 1 and half damage is taken.
Prime Shot:+1 to ranged attacks against target that no allies are nearer to.
Shadow Walk: Move at least 3 squares, gain concealment
Warlock's Curse:Minor Action, place curse on target, target takes 1d6 extra damage from an attack. Extra damage dealt 1/round.
Soul Reaping: Once a battle, when a creature within 10 squares dies, gain 3+(target level) Temporary HP.
== Powers ==

=== At-Will: ===
Spiteful Glamer: Charisma v. Will, 1d8+CHA psychic damage, 1d12+CHA damage if target is at full HP. (1d8+6/1d12+6)
Eldritch Blast: Charisma v. Reflex, 1d10+CHA damage, ranged basic (1d10+6)
Eyebite: Charisma v. Will, 1d6+CHA psychic damage and invisible target until next turn (1d6+6)
=== Encounter: ===
Cursebite: Burst 20, Charisma v. Fort, 2d8+INT Necrotic damage. to all cursed targets (2d8+2)
Shared Agony: Charisma v. Will, 2d12+CHA Psychic damage, may reroll. If reroll, take 10 damage (if reroll and hit, take only 8) (2d12+6)
Ethereal Stride: Teleport 3 squares, gain +2 power bonus to all defenses until end of next turn.
=== Daily: ===
Contagion: Charisma v. Fort, Ongoing 10 poison damage on hit(Save Ends), on a failed save ongoing 5 poison damage moves to all enemies within 4 squares of the sufferer
== Equipment ==
+1 Pact Blade (Works as Warlock Focus)
+1 Rod of Corruption (When pact boon is triggered, instead transfers curse to all enemies within 5 squares)
+1 Leather of Resistance (Lightning) (AC 3, resist 5 Lightning)
+1 Amulet of Protection (+1 to non-AC defenses)
Adventurer's Pack
145 GP

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