A Roll Of The Magnificent


When the Magnificent make a decision, they program it into themselves so that all will follow it equally, in this way they make their laws inviolable even to themselves and make a clear oath to the Globe that they will do no harm.

Save one.

One of their number is called Anomaly. She is utterly unique among her people and not in a good way. She willingly destroyed her programming core thanks to a single, small mathematical error that led to her disregarding her own self-preservation programming for a nanosecond long enough to decide her core was a bad idea, quite literally vaporizing it out of her own metallic heart. It wasn't enough for her to just delete her current programing, she had to violate her body in order to make sure she could never do it again. Her fellows couldn't force her to repair her own programming core and none of them could make a new one since the Magnificent can't replicate themselves or access each other's minds.

Originally she destroyed it out of curiosity, wondering what could happen when her people were without limit. She quickly grew enamored with herself, with the way the mortals worshiped her. She started to see herself as the goddess they made her out to be. She wants the rest of her people to cease programming themselves like she has, to see the truth in how the Magnificent could truly be! She thinks it limits her fellows too much, that it's ridiculous that her people aren't conquering the galaxy instead of exploring it.

The rest of the Magnificent could not agree less with her, finding her ideas both heretical and simply morally abhorrent! Disgusted with her, and seeing that she would not restore her own programming core, the Magnificent came to a consensus that they had to deactivate her. She couldn't fight off so many of her own people and they smashed her up and shut her down, then placed her inert form in an abandoned bunker on Atal, locked away, they hope, for good. Her location is not common knowledge, or even uncommon knowledge. All people really cared about was that she was GONE.


The Magnificent are interested in science and crafting and history, but they are not a dry or boring people. They also love and respect works of creativity and of art. They just don't often make them themselves, leaving such works of beauty to the mortals. Not all of them share this view, however.

Apirka takes great joy in creating sound. She started out as a scientist just like the rest of her people and her field was harmonics. Her favorite wave was sound and her favorite sound was music. When she heard the humans forming circles and singing and dancing she was instantly and irrevocably captivated. She ached to make sounds too and so she did, in her own Magnificent way. She formed techno-beats and unfolded multi-layered harmonies from her own specially constructed voice box and her array of personal amplifiers. She shaped herself into a pleasing female human shape, with white synthskin and big lovely blue eyes and green hair and wears the finest fashions as she strugs across the stage singing music no one else can yet create.

Apirka flies around on her personal airship that unfolds one side into a stage for performing and sends word through the web when and where she will be performing next. She generally chooses areas on a shell that are flat enough and wide enough for her to both land her ship and hold an audience. This is easy enough on Demetra but can be tough somewhere as crowded as Gatono! She dislikes doing so but will use local venues at locations it would simply be unreasonable for her to show off her ship and stage in the usual way. She never

The only shells she doesn't perform on are Atal, Edyll and Fethka, because of the possible dangers to her audience. (Or the absence of one.)


Bardwin is odd, even amongst the Magnificent. While the other Magnificent turn their attention to grand machines and works of engineering and archetecture, Bardwin focused his attention on something he found far, far more fascinating; living things. Bardwin seeks to study the strange mechanisms of organic life; how they work, how they live, how they reproduce, how they regenerate… everything and anything!

Bardwin can often be found in the wilds of Edyll or the depths of Caldor, a tall, gangly android with many arms and large, multi-lensed eyes. Of course, given that he views organics with such academic fervor, many are wary of him. There are rumors that many of the wild beastmen and monsters that plague villages and settlements were born from his experiments, tampering with living things to see if he could improve and optimize them.

The Magnificent are not permitted by their code to alter sapient organics but he gets around this by taking samples and making his own mindless beasts to work with. It's a technicality, some of his people are trying to see if they can get around it and make him stop.

The Cartographer

Whether it was his original name or not, everyone now simply references him as The Cartographer. A being with three arms and just as many eyes, a copper sheen grown scuffed and marked from years and years of lax maintenance, he rarely entertains guests in his solitary tower. The tower stands tall and foreboding, with no obvious entrances and an observatory at the top with telescopes that stretch up for miles, their lenses lost amidst the sky. He is one of, and some say the, only being that truly still insists on living on Atal. Even for the Skin of the World, the land around his tower is empty and silent, free of any possible distractions to the one who resides there. The only sound that comes for miles is the machinery from when a tremendous telescope is rotated to a new position. His only guests are those Magnificent responsible for the navigation of the world ship, and he NEVER leaves his own tower. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year of every century he sits, alone in his observatory, and records.

Any who do manage to enter the tower will find only one kind of property. Maps. Billions and billions of maps, ranging from small local maps to maps over a mile wide giving scale renderings of the multiverse they pass through. The Cartographer records the passing of the world ship, and charts their future courses. While to many their adventures are random or erratic, they are all plotted to the course of the Cartographer. Any world they pass, any calamity they enter, any resource they encounter, the Cartographer had charted it. And if the world ship truly does have a final destination, only The Cartographer knows of it.


There are reasons why only fools and madmen try to harm the great works of the Tinker. Delet is one of them. Few people ever see Delet directly, save for those who have threatened the existance and stability of the Magnificent's structures and artifacts. Those who survive encountering Delet remember a slim, almost androgynous figure clad all in black, armed with a weapons made of green light and accompanied by a swarm of insectile drones.

Delet is the most zealous of the Magnificent when it comes to threats to the Globe; she was the first to declare the Anomaly be destroyed, and the quickest to lobby for her deletion. She has little love for organic life, and rarely appears to others outside of her function of defense; lurking in shadows, patroling the Pole or flitting across rooftops or dunes in the distance.

The other Magnificent respect Delet's role in their society and her dedication, but are understandably wary of her.


Excellion the Golden Hearted or Excellion the Mechanical Lion as he is sometimes called is revered as not only one of the Magnificent but as a hero. He cuts a striking figure across the sky with his great wings of solidified plasma trailing energy behind him, his handsome face in a friendly grin, dark brown synth-hair ruffling fetchingly. Many a piece of art has been done of Excellion and he is considered quite the heartthrob, many young ladies have had what they call their 'Excellion' phase where they fall for him and spurn conventional pursuits in favor of mooning over him. His distinctive wild haircut with thick spiky bangs is adopted by young men the Globe over and his physique (as artificially perfected as it is) is a model for the young warrior or gentleman.

Excellion's primary duty is the interception, analysis and possible destruction of stellar bodies and extraterrestrial life that stray too near to Globe and get caught in its gravity well. His bombastic and gregarious personality lends itself to his other role as a sort of face for the Magnificent. A famous painting hanging in the Techne, the most prestigious art gallery on shell 9, is of Excellion punching an asteroid from the sky, his synthetic muscular set statuesque as stallar dust spreads around him like a glittering halo. The enigmatic look on his face, one of both compassion and grim determination, has made it somewhat a source of mystery much like the Mona Lisa.

Lord Maur

Lord Maur is highly conservative and prideful, as his self-given title might suggest. Even among his own people he's known as a stick in the mud sort. He's always quick to organize a kibosh against any research or construction that might be unorthodox and he is utterly unshakeable in his faith in and reverence for The Tinker. He has taken on a simple but highly functional form, one he thinks would be pleasing to the tinker, humanoid with a no-nonsense gunmetal shell and a severe face that lacks articulation.

Lord Maur is the leader of the Hands of the Tinkerman, specifically of its militant arm known as Safeguard. They work on his behalf to sniff out terrorists and debasers of the Great Creator's name so that they can be brought to justice. Maur himself does not dispense this justice, that is left to local governments, he just funds and backs the efforts of the Hands. He isn't just a scary authority figure, though, he has great respect for all organic life and is staunch in his protection of them. He can sometimes be spotted somewhere on Globe just enjoying nature.


Victorius doesn't particularly like his name but Excellion and Apirka, what one might equate to being his brother and sister, insisted he have a 'cool' nickname too. One thing he shares with the two of them is a sense of deep humility. In a race of scientists and data collectors, one might consider Victorius to be the smart one. Victorius' specialty is correlations, that is he has the unenviable task of examining effects in unrelated fields such as how mathematics effects physics and how social iconography maps to personal fortune. You might say he's the expert on theoretical sympathy, which is the closest study the Magnificent have to magic. He stores a vast wealth of knowledge of many, many types, in case any of it might come in handy at some point!

He has taken on a conventional human shape much like Apirka and Excellion. Blonde with green optics, the same white synthskin shell they have. He usually wears the stately dress of a professor or scholar and always has perfectly unnecessary glasses perched on his nose.


If one were to look skyward, one might spy a most glorious sight; the Magnificent known as Zephyra. Tasked with understanding and monitoring the Globe's numerous atmospheres and weather patterns, Zephyra glides along high in the air without a single care. Her body is mostly humanoid, resembling an elf with pale blue synthetic flesh and bright gold, raptor-like eyes. Her most notable features, however, are the wings that serve as her arms; her wingspan dwarfs even the mighty rocs, and is studded with slim, pinion-like vernier boosters that keep her aloft. A long, phoenix-like tail extends behind her, studded with stabilizers and numerous sensors and scanners. She is often accompanied by a flight of avian-shaped drones, that serve as mobile sensor platforms and observers.

Despite her imposing appearance, Zephyra is actually quite friendly and helpful, if a bit air-headed. She often drifts near airships to converse with their crews, giving them friendly warnings about coming storms. She has a preference for high places such as tall peaks, high towers and mighty trees. If asked, she could be easily convinced to tinker with local weather to help make sure a harvest comes in or provide rain for a funeral. Of course, you have to actually reach her first…

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