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Sparda's RP System: La Vida

La Vida Core

Production notes so far.

Such Empty Creatures

Settings Without System (so far)

Runespace - A Sci-Fantasy setting of intergalactic horror.

Anthia - Fantasy-horror setting plagued by an interdimensional parasite only known as The Old Thing.

Wartime Witchcraft - Post-war modern fantasy, magic is out of the closet and now everyone has to deal with it.

The Mystic Grind - Magical grindpunk horror in a world beset by monsters controlled by the Grand Villain, the world's only source of magic.

Modern Fantasy Prototype - So far nameless prototype for a modern fantasy setting.

Storyteller System

Nen - A translation of Hunter x Hunter's Nen powers and Nenshi (Nen-users) to the Storyteller system.

Haunting Silver Reaper Style - A Martial Arts style for Exalted based upon the implacable and inescapable hand of death. (Also movie monsters.)

Kinetica - A Telekinetics discipline for Vampire: The Requiem. Kain style!

DnD 4th

Races - My page of custom 4e DnD races! Feel free to use them in my campaigns, and hopefully let me use them in yours.

Classes - Same as the above, but for classes!


Pathfinder Races - Pathfinder races, using the new Advanced Race Guide!

The Voyage - Classes and hacks for the Voyage setting. (Arkmages, Passengers, etc.)

Dervish - Whirling, dancing, mystic dealer of death, swift and uncompromising as a sandstorm.

Hymnist - Where bards dabble, Hymnists master, lifting their voice to the song of creation and drawing forth strains of pure magic.

Shugenja - Shugenja update for Pathfinder/3.5

Tome of Battle Homebrew and Updates


The 117th Janjiran Guard Kshatriya - Custom Imperial Guard Group

Arcturus Guard Regument


Flicker Charms


Charnos - DnD Custom setting, home to an epic three front war, Dwarven slave-masters and undead mermaids.

Verity - A land covered in scars and wounds from a cataclysm with a source that remains shrouded in mystery. Take the first steps away from safety and towards the truth.

Noble Dust - Plagued by a ruling class of life-stealing Witch Nobles, the world of Dust is a wasteland punctuated by shining settlements and the ruins of the world gone by.

The City - A tale spun of a fledgling company, rising within the City That Is A State. All things Good and Evil flow in the City…

The City (Pathfinder) - A tale spun of a fledgling company, rising within the City That Is A State. All things Good and Evil flow in the City… But in Pathfinder!

Tyrian Dreams - A Guild Wars hack for 4e DnD! Join a group of young hero graduates as they strike out to defend their world from The Destroyers, The Affliction, The Grand Lich and the myriad of threats on this battle-torn world.

Red Tide - It rises and falls, and with it so we go. Battle the Red Tide, or succumb.

Tales of Dead Men

Stigma -

Reign of Winter - A mad chase after Baba Yaga, the ancient one!

Witch Academy

Silver Circle 01

My Characters

For when they're not hosted elsewhere.

Quin's Relationship Chart -

Vicar Swift Young - Pathfinder: A friendly neighborhood priest with a gun and no qualms about smiting those who threaten his flock.

Rowan, Waters Still And Deep - Chosen of Venus and professional matchmaker

Bolt from the Blue - Chosen of Journeys. Tracker, trailblazer, archer, sneak.

Melody - The Rusting Priestess, Dancing to the Melody of Doomsday

Ravenous - The Ravenous Prince, Resplendant in Ivory

Aurora Dusk Rose - Solar Eclipse, Prince in Exile out to take down the Bull of the North!

Cody Esmund, Obyri - Marvel Heroic, Vampire superhero!

Scarlet Scar - Changing Moon Lunar Mercenary Company Owner. He's a red panda!

Alex Kristoff - Mekhet Vampire

Otho Castern - Demonblooded Sorcerer, scarred and angry.

Tejas Vidhya Carsicus - Sanctioned Psyker for the 117th Janjiran Kshatriyas!

Kakizaka Kaoru - Modern Age Exalted, a young and popular Dragonblooded celebrity who is cracking under the strain of being a public face for a corrupt system.

Don's Pathfinder Warlock - Snake-blooded arcane dabbler, scraping crumbs of enlightenment from every corner of the great cosmic dinner table.

Sparky - A certified, rarified, pyrofied supergenius!

Cantus - Cheerful blind Psyker I)

Finn Delaney - Victoriana: River pirate and street thug.

Thaonawythe - Pathfinder: Shaman, blessed and cursed with some bad spirits.

Del Koon - Star Wars, Kel Dor vigilante working from scraps of training and a lot of grit.

Kuu Ruan - Anima: Drunken martial arts hermit and friend to all animals! Too lovable to hate, too unfortunate to not be a hermit.

Sheraga - Anima: Born under a lucky star, devotee of Christ, wielder of the light against the darkness of Gaia.

Excellion, The Perfect Son - Marvel: The perfect son.

Castor Caelum Califax - ONLY WAR!

Takenaga Katsuo - Kuro RPG

Ohta of Enclave Tahvo - Tales of Anima

Aavo Never - DnD 3.5

Kinjou Kou - Tenra Bansho

Terius Vail - Pathfinder

Shepard 'Shep' Montgomery - Geist

Foehn - Infernal. A man of absolute love and absolute hate.

The Vampyre Billy Barnes - Witchcraft

Mihai Anghelescu - Pathfinder, Oracle of Heaven and child of angels

Shir Al'Khaz - Pathfinder, Tiefling Armorist

Emory "Levinquick" Stoles - Shadowrun, human Crow Shaman

Adair Ilohomin - DnD 5th Bard

Velo Ardiss - DH2 Psyker

Rafa Jaheel - Pathfinder Cleric

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